Dutch Passion Masterkush and Dutch Cheese

Dutch Passion Masterkush and Dutch Cheese

Dutch Passion Masterkush and Dutch Cheese

Dutch Passion Masterkush and Dutch Cheese are two of our most popular photoperiod traditional feminized varieties. Dutch Cheese has won several recent awards and has become a favourite with many repeat growers.

  South American growers are especially fond of Dutch Cheese, during 2013 she has won cannabis cups in Argentina and Brazil.

Dutch Passion Masterkush and Dutch Cheese

Above, two Dutch Passion Masterkush (right) and two Dutch Cheese (on left) and growing under LED

Old-school knock-out

Dutch Passion Masterkush is the original Afghani Kush indica taken from the Hindu Kush region in the 1980’s after a great deal of careful searching in the days when the region was considerably safer to explore. 

Masterkush is a variety popular with those home growers looking for an old-school knock-out couchlock narcotic body stone, it is a 100% indica variety and is one of the oldest remaining original Kush varieties, a variety that many of our customers have been growing long before the more recent Kush varieties became trendy. 

This weeks blog comes from experienced LED/compost/air-pot grower Tang and the original grow diary is courtesy of Autoflower.net. – all the images used in this blog came from his grow.  Masterkush is also popular with medical growers for the strong body stone, but be warned, this is very strong and not a daytime smoke. 

tasty Master Kush bud

Above, Dutch Passion Masterkush, the original Kush with a super strong body stone

Dutch Passion masterkush and Dutch Cheese

Tang grew two Dutch Passion Masterkush and two Dutch Cheese and plants in 6 litre airpots and averaged just over 100g of cannabis from each plant.  The plants were flowered under two Grow Northern LED panels, Grow Northern are Dutch Passion’s LED technology partners and their 6-module LED is technically identical to the 190 Watt Dutch Passion High-Lite

These days more and more home growers are discovering that LED does a great job for the home grower.  Whilst LED is more expensive initially, LED growers prefer them for the lower electricity usage and lower heat generation. 

Air pots have also seen a dramatic rise in popularity in the last 2 years, they deliver improved root development which results in larger plants and better yields.  We see many of our customers switching permanently from traditional plant pots to the new Air-pots. 

Dutch Cheese

Above, Dutch Cheese.  Say ‘cheese’ and smile for hours and hours

Tang describes the early stage of the grow

“I started 2 of each strain from seed with no germination problems. Growth from both strains was similar all the way through with 30 days of vegative growth and 68 days in flower, they did stretch more than I wanted but that was purely down to small pot size.”

“In early bloom the 2 Masterkush were quite low odour compared to the dankness of the Dutch Cheese but later on in flower the sweetness became a lot stronger.”

hash from Masterkush

Above, Hash made from Dutch Passion Masterkush.

Bloom with 6-module LED

During bloom Tang introduced a 6-module LED which had been modified; 2 of the standard LED modules were replaced with the Rebel upgrades.  The Rebel upgrade modules are special edition LED modules, they cost £100 per module and they are fitted with the brightest and most efficient Philips Luxeon Rebel LED’s. 

The Rebel upgrades are expensive, but they are popular with growers looking for the ultimate LED technology.  Eventually we hope to see them become affordable for mainstream use.

Dutch Cheese

Above, Dutch Cheese grown in 6-litre airpots using Plagron Lightmix compost

Tang explained that the 6 litre airpots were the smallest realistic container, even so his plants went on to perform well and yield some good quality pot at the end. 

Tang summarized his grow

“The 4 plants were grown in 6L Airpots (I would recommend at least 10L) in Plagron Light soil with Advanced Nutrients.”

“The Lighting was a GN MS0006 for veg then a second MS0006 with Rebel Upgrades was added for bloom. Overall both varieties were very easy to grow with quality weed at the end.”

masterkush blooms

Above, Dutch Passion Masterkush, long blooms and good yields of top quality cannabis

Regular blog readers will notice that the Masterkush and Dutch Cheese plants grown by Tang produce a smaller number of blooms than our automatics, but the blooms grew long and produced plenty of buds. 

Automatics and phoperiod varieties

Autoflowers tend to have a slightly different growth structure, Dutch Passion automatics typically display a single main bloom surrounded by a symmetrical ring of 15+ smaller blooms.  Here at Dutch Passion we would say that photoperiod varieties and auto’s are proving equally popular with our customers. 

Quality and quantity available from both types of cannabis are the same.  We leave it to our customers to select the seeds that suit their own tastes and grow preferences.  Tang, like many Dutch Passion self-sufficient growers, has grown our traditional and our automatics. 

He finds each type of seed offers something good for the home grower. 

growtent of pot

Above.  Dutch Cheese and Masterkush. 

Final remarks from Tang

“The yields were reasonable with the 2 Cheeses at 232g and the 2 Kush at 214g. It’s the quality of the flower that’s the big thing for me with both these strains…the Masterkush is pure indica power, a very heavy stone.  One of the strongest Dutch Passion strains I’ve grown and a definite evening vape. After cure the Kush has a strong lime citrus taste and smell very sweet but with earthy tones too….delicious.” 

“The Dutch Cheese is more of a daytime vape quite heady but you can focus and get things done (unlike the Kush lol). After cure the flavours are complex and very appealing.  It tastes and smells more skunky than cheesy it’s quite dank and spicy on the exhale. I would also recommend this strain for pain relief.”

“The only thing different I would do is grow them in bigger pots and I would advise anyone growing them use 10L at a minimum.  The cheese is very strong smelling so if you’re thinking about growing it make sure you have a good carbon filter or no neighbors”


Congratulations to Tang on yet another successful Dutch Passion grow. 

Dutch Joe

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