Orange Hill Special Grow Review

Orange Hill Special Grow Review

Dutch Passion Orange Hill Special is an exceptional new orange skunk selection for 2014.  This is a new photoperiod (not autoflowering) member of the Dutch Passion ‘Orange’ family, a hybrid of our legendary Orange Bud and the old-school favourite Californian Orange.

Orange Hill Special was created using carefully selected genetics from the parent Orange Bud/Californian Orange and then stabilised over six generations.  The resulting seed are available in both regular and feminized traditional photoperiod forms. 

Orange Hill Special is a 50/50 Sativa/Indica, this is a seriously strong Orange Skunk which produces large harvests after around 9 weeks of bloom.  The plants tend to be bushy, resinous and around 1m in hight.  This is Dutch Passion’s first new member of the Orange family since the 1980’s and comes with our highest recommendations.

Orange Hill Special Grow Review
Orange Hill Special blooms

Above, Dutch Passion Orange Hill Special.  Bushy, heavy yielding and VERY strong

Grow diary Orange Hill Special

This weeks blog features a grow diary of Orange Hill Special using airpots, Plagron Light soil from ‘Tang’ who is a highly experienced Dutch Passion grower who specialises in growing with LED’s from Grow Northern (Dutch Passions LED technology partner).  The original grow diary is courtesy of

heavy blooms and lots of them

“I had plenty of room at the start of this grow so the Orange Hill Special was started in a 15L Airpot filled with Plagron light mix soil. I had decided before the grow I was going to do multiple toppings to keep her as short and bushy as possible (this means cutting through the main growing stem of the plant).”

“The first topping of the main cola was made at two weeks,that’s when her diet of Advanced Nutrients started too. Then after another week she was topped again along with some of the side branches. Topping didn’t slow the veg growth down and I was able to switch the light cycle to 12/12 (flowering) after 30 days of veg growth.”

Grow Northern lights

“The lighting used for this grow was 2 Grow-Northern MS0006 LED lights. These units had 6 LED modules each, and two of these modules were upgraded to the new ultra-bright ‘Rebel’ LED modules. Because I had 2 lights, I was able to angle them to give maximum coverage over the Orange Hill Special.”

Orange Hill Special rich and resinous
a long and sticky orange hill special bloom

Above, resin covered Orange Hill Special Blooms seen in natural light and under LED

“During bloom the plants stayed nice and short at about 70cm tall, she flowered for 69 days she was harvested 99 days after seed germination.  The structure/appearance of this plant was very similar to the Blue Velvets I grew last year”

Many main colas

“Because of the topping I ended up with lots of main colas that had very long blooms indeed. The trichome coverage was good and the aroma while growing was very citrusy as you would expect, with the pungency strengthening through the flower phase.”

“The Orange Hill Special was a easy to chop/harvest with a low leaf to calyx ratio. After a week in paper bags she was jarred and the pre cure weight was just over 8 ounces (230 grams).”

close up of a bud

Subtle flavours

“The pungency of the flowers has mellowed a bit in the jars which is a good thing because you can now taste more of the subtle flavours in there,the strongest flavour is orange zest. But there is lots more going on with pepper, skunk and liquorice. It’s a very more-ish vapour”

“The buzz is powerful,a strong body stone that lasts a good 3 hours,definitely one for the evening. I’ve never grown Californian Orange or Orange bud before but I have smoked Cali orange in the past and the ‘Orange Hill Special’ smell and taste brought back the memory’s from the early 90s.”

lots of blooms on the LED-grown Orange Hill Special
main cola as long as your arm

The shape after topping

“The buzz from the Orange Hill Special hits pretty fast -it’s not a ‘creeper stone’.  I’ve found this with a few other DP strains the Blue Velvet and Auto White Widow also have this effect.  I think the thing that stood out most from this grow was the shape I got from the plant after the topping,I’ve never had a plant with so many main blooms”. 

“If I could offer any tips for future growers they would be

a) don’t be afraid to feed as she likes a reasonably high strength (I was watering daily at around EC 2.2 in bloom) and …

b) topping,training and/or SCROGing should benefit yield. Overall this is an easy strain to grow with top quality buds at the end.”


true resin dripping blooms
another look at a special new variety

First Onrange Hill Special diary

That was a pretty special first diary for Orange Hill Special!  Congratulations to Tang for showing what he, his LED’s, and Orange Hill Special are capable of.  And thanks for some delicious photography too! 

Orange Hill Special is available in feminized and regular seeds, we hope she allows a new generation of home-growers to experience the delights of a top quality orange skunk bred from the best original Dutch genetics.  

Dutch Joe

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a cured nugget of orange hill special

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