Strawberry Cough & White Widow Grow Review


Strawberry Cough and White Widow

This week’s blog features Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough and White Widow grown by ‘A4’. A4 was particularly impressed by the unique high from Strawberry Cough, a variety which has developed a large number of repeat growers that adore the luxuriously relaxing effect.  A4 used a 600W HPS light supplemented by a 270W LED at the end. 

Three Strawberry Cough’s yielded 423g, and two White Widows yielded 367g.  It was a great exhibition of self-sufficient home growing, The original grow diary is courtesy of and all the images used in the blog come from the grow.

strawberry cough with heavy bloom

Above Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough. Expertly grown by ‘A4’ with branches bowing down at the end of flowering.

Strawberry Cough customer favourite

Strawberry Cough has always been a firm customer favourite and our White Widow has been a best seller ever since she was released in the 1980’s.  The main feedback we have on Strawberry Cough is that this is a very special sativa that gives a relaxed feel-good high which seems to be quite specific to this variety. 

It’s a popular choice with growers who want a strong yet pleasant high which dissolves stress with a notable anti-anxiety effect.  We think it is a unique variety.

white widow collapsing under her own weight

Above Dutch Passion White Widow, heavy yields of championship quality pot.  Expertly grown by ‘A4’, this plant is collapsing under the weight of her own blooms.  A home growers dream come true

White widow legendary variety

White Widow is another of our legendary varieties dating back to the 1990’s.  It has won countless awards and is still a coffeeshop favourite.  Dutch Passion White Widow combines heavy yields with top quality, dense, resinous buds.  For some home-growers White Widow still remains one of the best varieties available and we have some customers that grow nothing else!

strawberry cough beautiful bud shot

Above and below, Strawberry Cough buds.  Rich resin coverage combined with stacked calyx’s.  The buds grow stacked one upon the other to create a beautiful display.  Some growers refer to this as ‘foxtailing’. 

more cough showing stacked calyx's

Grown in Promix BX

A4 grew his plants in Promix BX, which is a based on Canadian sphagnum peat moss growing medium which allows great root aeration.  This was combined with the GH flora 3-part nutrients (micro, grow and bloom).  No additional boosters or pK additives were used, this shows that a good grower can achieve great results without needing to use a complicated nutrient regime. 

You just need some good genetics and patience! The 3 Strawberry Coughs and 2 White Widows were grown in a standard sized tent, 1m x 1m x 1.8m and flowering took 9 weeks under 12 hours of daily light for White Widow, and 11 weeks for Strawberry Cough.

white widow blooms

Above, White Widow.  Very strong and intense pot, still a coffeeshop favourite today and one of our best selling varieties.  Easy to grow in soil, coco or hydro.

The quotes below from A4

“I really liked the Strawberry Cough high, I would rank it in my top 5 smokes of all time. I am in my 40’s so I have smoked quite a lot of bud over the years. Strawberry Cough really does stand out as a very “unique” high. Words really can’t do it justice, you have to experience it!”

cured cough nugget

Above, a cured nugget of Strawberry Cough.  A great anxiety-relieving variety

“This is one I had never grown nor smoked before so I was running blind with them. I had always wanted to try the Strawberry Cough but could never find anyone growing it so I decided to grow my own. The grow was quite easy with no deficiencies and a steady pH, you just have to be careful not to overfeed them. I had read in so many places that the harvest wasn’t that great from this strain but I was extremely pleased with the outcome! I was expecting under 100 grams per plant but the result was well over that.”

“When I first chopped them the smell wasn’t all that potent. After one month cure I was still pretty unhappy. Two months in, I opened the jars thinking I was going to be very unhappy, boy was I wrong. They had taken on an excellent strawberry smell. Just like fresh picked strawberry from the patch.”

“A wonderful aroma you won’t soon forget. Pretty smooth smoke, there were flushed for 2 weeks so it goes down well but good lord watch out for the expansion. A little too much inhale and you will be coughing for about 30 minutes. The high is excellent, anti anxiety, generally happy with the world feeling. Very mind clearing and able to focus on daily tasks with ease.”

heavy white widow blooms

Above, harvested Dutch Passion White Widow.  Generously sized blooms, with a ‘white’ frosting of resin, a little goes a long way. 

Comments on the White Widow

“This is one of my old school favorite smokes so I am quite biased. I grew up in the 80’s & 90’s when WW was really hitting the scene and quite honestly it is still hard to top as far as high goes. I have had some that was harvested late that hits you like a baseball bat and has you melting into the couch but this was harvested with almost no amber at all and gives a very intense euphoric high.”

I cannot overstate, very intense. This is one that should be handled with caution for the beginner because a few too many hits and paranoia will set in. It is intense. The taste is fair to average to be completely honest. It really doesn’t have the taste of a lot of the strains out in the market today but there again, this strain is 20+ years old.

The others have had a lot of time to improve. The smell is quite potent though. It doesn’t have the fruity or diesel smell of the newer strains but it has that old school top shelf smell. “

cured nugget of White Widow

Above, a cured nugget of Dutch Passion White Widow

“Nice size dense buds covered in trichomes. Not a lot of colors but this one doesn’t need to look like a Cadillac, it is a Porsche in the pipe!

“Growth is excellent. Stretch is pretty strong during flowering, probably close to tripling in size. Nutrient sensitivity was excellent, went pretty heavy on the nutrients and never had a problem, a good sign for the beginning grower. No deficiencies at all during the grow. pH was stable and very easy to keep consistent.”

“ The high is outstanding. A few jars of this will last you months, literally. You really don’t need a lot. The high isn’t as long as many I have smoked. So you will have to partake a little more regularly but the intensity is still there every time.”

another white widow collapsing under her own weight

Above, Dutch Passion White Widow.  This variety needs support during flowering due to the weight of the resin-soaked blooms


Congratulations to A4 on a great harvest.  This was a superb example of a highly-skilled home-grower producing a heavy harvest from two of our best sellers.  Many self-sufficient home-growers like to have a couple of varieties to choose from and they don’t get much better than Strawberry Cough and White Widow.

Dutch Joe

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