Glueberry OG organic indoor grow and smoke review

Glueberry OG grown indoors under led grow lights

Glueberry OG is a heavy yielding, resin-rich feminised cup winning strain. It’s a special 3-way cross of Gorilla Glue #4, Blueberry and OG Kush. With 3 stable, cannabis cup winning parents you can expect some Grade-A buds!  The seeds are part of the award winning USA Special cannabis seed collection. These USA strains stand for heavy yields, loud flavours and in-your-face potency levels. In this weeks grow, Glueberry OG was grown indoors under LED grow lights by Miss Mary of the Urban Growers Collective, with pictures from Antonio.

Glueberry OG grow report by Miss Mary

Grow Details

VarietyGlueberry OG
Cannabis seed typePhotoperiod feminised cannabis seeds
Number of seeds5
Date of germinationDecember 2016
Germination rate100%
Days required for germination3-4 days
Veg grow period9 weeks of 18/6 light
Length of bloom period9 weeks (58-63 days)
Stretch during bloomMedium stretch, 100-150%
Glueberry OG ledgrowlights sanlight S4W organic cannabis bending supercropping

Basic grow information

Grow room typeHomebox R120
Grow room size120cm x 90cm
Plant containers5 plants in a 20 litre airpots
Grow mediumCoco fibre:Light mix soil in a 1:4 ratio
NutrientsBioTabs and BAC nutrients
Grow systemWatered by hand
Grow techniqueNatural grow with super cropping and bending
Grow lightLED growlight, a GN ‘HS1’ (75W) for the pre-growth period and 2x HS1 for the VEG period. SANLight S4W x 3 – total of 420watts for the flowering period.
Light distance to canopyBetween 20-40cm in bloom depending on the spot in the growroom.

Glueberry OG, straightforward in germination and vegetative growth

Remarks during germination:

Nothing special to mention here, 5 seeds were germinated and had a 100% germination rate. All 5 seeds were transferred into a 0.25L pot and grown for about 3 weeks in these pots under a HS1 LED grow light, with 75W of power consumption.

Glueberry OG cannabis seedlings veg phase small containers

Remarks during vegetative phase – VEG (18/6) :

After these 3 weeks, four of the plants were transplanted into 1L airpots and 1 was kept in a 1L normal square pot (since there were no remaining airpots). All 5 of them were kept in these 1L pots for an additional 4 weeks to keep them in vegetative growth before the room was done where they would be flowering.

This is in general a very long period for a plant to stay in a 1L pot but with the right amount of light and enough water they are still able to grow pretty big. All of 5 of them were repotted into 20L Airpots in which they stayed in VEG for another 2 weeks so their root system could develop and the plants would finally fill up the 1m2 grow room.

Glueberry OG feminised pregrown plants right before transplanting

Some of them grew vertically during this time so we used height restriction techniques, like bending, cropping and supercropping to slow down vertical growth. Up until this point, only 2 HS1 LED growlights (75W each) had been lighting up the grow room for 18hours per day. Plants in VEG need lower light levels than plants in flowering.

That’s why you can use less power during VEG and save on power usage. You can also hang your lights higher when you don’t have the option to either use a lower wattage light, remove a light or use a dimmer. High light levels in VEG can cause damage to the plants so best to avoid giving them too much light.

Glueberry OG feminized seeds veg plants growthphase big plants indoor airpots ledgrown

It is always cool to see the plants reacting almost instantly to techniques like supercropping. It sometimes has the same effect on the plants as topping. Because the supercropped branch ends up lower than the other branches you often see those side branches ‘competing’ to take the spot to become the head cola.

This is a form of height restriction without losing the main bud. But remember not all strains are suited to this technique. With some varieties the stems just break, no matter how careful you are.

Glueberry OG supercropping technique big stem strong sturdy branch

Glueberry OG had a beautiful vivid green colour and tough stems. We supercropped a lot of branches during the vegetative stage and you could see thick knots forming on these parts of the stems. What we have often seen, but it’s just a theory and we are not completely sure if it is true, is that on the branches that are the supercropped the thickest flowers form. I always wondered if that had to with more plant juice/nutrition flowing through those knots.

Glueberry OG ledgrow organic nutrients supercropped grown by antonio

Glueberry OG in bloom

The plants all showed a medium stretch after switching the clock to 12/12. I think the most stretch came in their first week of flowering and went well into the second week.

In the third week the plants came to a standstill and the flower development was progressing at a rapid pace. At that time all 5 plants were growing pretty vigorously, and the canopy got so thick we had to strip away a lot of leaves.

The plants recovered well after that and you could see they were loving the increased amount of light shining at all the bud sites.

The flowers got a really round shape and were filled with long white hairs. I had a feeling these could become pretty big and dense once flowering was over. Some of the buds had light bleach (white tips).

This was one of the first times using the S4W’s of SANlight and we had to figure out the right distance to the light distance. We hanged them a little higher to about 40cm as this seemed to stop the light burn on the plants.

During the following weeks the plants seemed to mature pretty quickly. The pistils were turning orange rather fast and the sheer amount of trichomes was increasing at a rapid pace too.

Glueberry OG field of green early flowering buds

There were definitely a few different phenotypes, but all of them had a very good amount of resin on the flowers and leaves and became pretty dense too. Some looked very potent, with thick white layer of trichomes on the leaves surrounding the flower. These felt super sticky and had an almost velvet-like feel to them.

The plant in the back at the right side had probably the most white and sticky buds, this plant became my favourite one from the 5. This was also the biggest plant that was supercropped pretty heavily. Her main stem had been supercropped several times because she was growing too fast for the rest to catch up.

Even though the stem looked slightly abused she didn’t seem to care at all. And even though the branch had several markings of the supercropping technique it was still standing upwards.

Some other plants were sagging a bit under the weight of the buds, mostly on the sides of the plants with the smaller branches. The thicker branches that were either bent/supercropped did not seem to have any issues. The fastest phenotypes seemed to be ready in just under 8 weeks, while the other took one more week to finish.

Some phenotypes were showing bananas in the flowers at the end of the flowering period. This could have happened because of the lightstress the plants/buds had to endure during the first/middle part of the flowering period. We had to play with the new lights a bit in order to get to the right distance.

We were glad the bananas didn’t cause any seeds in the buds though, probably because they appeared at the end of flowering while the buds were already ripe or the bananas were simply not fertile.

In total we gave them about 9 weeks of flowering for all the different phenotypes.

Glueberry OG indoor grow airpots flowering weeks big buds sticky weed

One thing all the plants shared was a very compact bud structure. The flowers were really rock-hard and it was difficult to squeeze them. It made the trimming part a lot faster and easier though. There were a few plants that were showing some colourations on the leaves and in the flowers, these ladies looked really stunning. These pheno’s had a sweeter and fruitier aroma, probably due to the Blueberry genetics that were more dominant in them.

The plants that were more traditional green seemed to be the most potent ones. Trichomes on the leaves were pretty abundant and these 2 plants were also very sticky, I loved the aroma and the pungent character of the buds. These were more sour, chemical and piney and if I had to guess these were displaying more of the Gorilla Glue parent.

Glueberry OG potent sticky frosty resinous strong weed

Harvest report for Glueberry OG

Final Height in cm

Most plants reached around 65-70cm with 2 of the of the biggest ones reaching around 80-85cm. All had been bent and supercropped several times, so I guess without this they would have easily gone past the 100cm mark. It is a vigorous strain that likes to grow but doesn’t grow uncontrollably. With the right use of several growing techniques it isn’t hard to control her height.

Glueberry OG big plant harvest day compact dense hybrid strain

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no)

Yes, the trim was pretty easy mostly due to the density of the buds. When the buds are so compact it is a lot faster to manicure them. They are also pretty round shaped and there weren’t the so-called foxtails, which always makes trimming a lot more time consuming and difficult. It’s not like she doesn’t have any leaves in the buds, you still need to put some work in, but it went rather quickly.

Glueberry OG colourful cannabis flower indoor harvest

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

Very nice boutique quality, the flowers look pretty homogenous, a nice combination of a Indica/Sativa hybrid looking flower. The density and the sheer amount of trichomes makes these buds have a nice bag appeal. Some phenotypes of the Glueberry OG had some darker, purple collocations in the buds, which added to the bag appeal.

She has fiery orange hairs and the buds have an overall light green colour. 2 of my favourite phenotypes had a very pungent aroma, with sour, pine, sweet and chemical tones.

These were the light-green pheno’s which were completely covered in resin and super sticky. The aroma of the other phenotypes ranged from sweet, floral, woody to more herbal with tones of lavender and earth.

We checked the trichomes with a microscope and there were quite some amber trichomes to be seen in the flowers. This is always a good sign that it is time to harvest. Most resin glands were still cloudy though.

Glueberry OG amber trichomes ripe cannabis flowers resin glands pistils

Impressions on Glueberry OG buds

Yield :

All 5 plants yielded just under 400g of buds with 420watts of LED light. With an 8 to 9 week flowering time we were pretty happy with the result. The two biggest plants yielded 80-85g of dried buds, the smallest plant around 65 and the other two somewhere in between. Really not bad for such a fast flowering strain that was grown simply by bending and supercropping in order to keep an even canopy. In total the yield came close to the 1 gram/watt mark which is pretty nice to achieve with a strain you grow for the first time.

Glueberry OG resin monster macroshot indoor grown trichomes

Remarks after curing :

The buds smell pretty pungent, with a more sour, floral and sweet aroma. Some phenotypes lean a bit more to the piney/woody and herbal tones.  The taste is quite nice as well, little fruity, with more sweet and sour undertones. I personally didn’t like the taste of the piney phenotypes, a bit too harsh/woody for my cup of tea.

Overall rating (out of 5): 4

A strong combination of potency with a good bag appeal and an interesting aroma and taste. It is a shame we didn’t have any OG Kush pheno’s, I think this might have improved our rating for the aroma and the taste.

Aroma★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Taste★★★½ (3.5 stars)
Effect★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Bag appeal★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Overall rating★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Glueberry OG hundred grams nugs nugshot cured flowers trimmed manicured

Special Remarks on Glueberry OG

Unique observations or tips for this strain:

Glueberry OG was definitely fun to grow. It seems she is pretty easy when it comes to nutrients, none of them were showing any issues and they made it until the end looking very healthy and vivid.

It is a vigorous strain with strong big stems and big flowers. The flowers tend to get really chunky and heavy. This is something you should keep in mind for the latter part of the flowering phase. I think it would be wise to give them some support with a net or with ropes, so they won’t fall over.

She seems a bit sensitive for intense light though, we had some spots with lightburn in the flowers that were situated closest to the lights. She also threw some bananas at the end of flowering, so that might be sign she doesn’t like to be stressed. She can handle growing techniques like bending and supercropping very well and it is recommended to take away some leaves during the start and middle of the flowering phase. This will help improve the airflow and the distribution of oxygen across your canopy.

All in all, a very tasty flower with a high potency level. A small bud definitely goes a long way, the high hits quickly and will keep you medicated for a long period of time.

Her aroma & taste can best be described as sour, sweet, floral and piney. Her aroma is pretty pungent and once lit you can smell the aroma from miles away! Definitely a cool new hybrid cannabis strain.

Glueberry OG very resinous cannabis flower nugshot

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