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Why grow weed outdoors

Some growers love growing weed indoors, but for others you can’t beat to grow weed outdoors under the sun.  There are lots of advantages to grow weed outdoors and when it is done well you can produce several hundred grams of top quality cannabis from a single plant. 

This guide explains the best way to grow outdoors successfully.

Step 1 Choose where you will grow

Choose your grow location carefully.  You need a sunny spot with good quality soil, perhaps with a water source nearby.  Perhaps most importantly of all your grow location should be private, allowing your plants to grow safely.  For some growers this is a greenhouse in their back garden, for others it is a private spot in the countryside.  Good grow locations get lots of sun and may have some shelter from the wind. 

Step 2 Prepare your grow location

The most successful outdoor growers prepare the soil well before they plant.  This can begin a few months before the grow begins.  The soil can be dug over to improve oxygen levels in the soil, and fertilizers such as manure, bat guano and chicken pellets can be added. 

The best outdoor growers produce plants which can grow 2 metres or more, so a little bit of time spent optimising the soil quality can be time well spent.

Frisian Dew Dutch Passion

Step 3 Choose your seeds

Not all varieties can be grown in all countries.  In a sunny Mediterranean climate you may be able to grow lots of varieties outdoors.  But in colder north European climates you will have fewer varieties able to cope with the conditions.  In cool climates varieties such as Frisian Dew, Passion #1, Hollands Hope, Durban Poison, Shaman and Trance are the toughest and produce top quality weed. 

Do not waste 6 months growing a variety to find that will not ripen, or produces poor quality weed.  Choose your seeds with care and choose a seedbank which has a long-standing reputation for outdoor varieties.  Most outdoor growers choose feminized varieties; these are the most convenient especially for first-time outdoor growers. 

You can also choose a good autoflowering variety such as AutoFrisian Dew, this has been developed to be a tough outdoor auto which can be ready to harvest just 10-11 weeks after germinating

Step 4 Germinate the seeds!

Most outdoor growers start their seedlings growing in small plant pots at home.  This allows the grower to get strong, established plants which can be planted outdoors later.  Not many growers plant their seeds directly outdoors.   Many growers will grow their seedlings indoors into small plants and then plant them outside when the weather is warm enough.  Mediterranean growers will be able to plant their outdoor crop in April, growers in northern Europe may prefer to wait until mid-May before planting outside.

Step 5 Take your plants to your final grow location

The plants will need to be initially well watered at the final grow location.  Many growers will protect the plants with a tube of garden wire, this can be kept in position with a few tent pegs.  Rabbits, deers and slugs are 3 of the main threats to cannabis plants.  Rabbits can be kept away with chicken/garden wire. 

Slug pellets are a good way to keep slugs and snails away from your plants.  Some growers choose their grow location carefully to keep animals away.  Thorny bushes can be planted nearby to keep your plants private.

Outdoor crop dutch passion

Step 6  Wait !

Some growers will visit their plants regularly to check them, water and feed them.  Whereas other growers will never return to the grow until harvest day, they prefer to avoid leaving a trail which could be followed to the plants. 

If the plants are grown in a hot country then it may be necessary to water them frequently.  In good conditions outdoor plants can become large and bushy with enormous yields.  The best Dutch Passion outdoor growers regularly achieve 500g from a well grown plant. 

You will be consuming the buds, so use organic fertilizers and avoid chemicals.

Step 7 Harvest the plants in early autumn

All you need to do is chop the leaves off, chop the plant down, and dry the buds for 7-10 days.  You will be smoking the buds, so throw away the leaves.  The buds are dry when you can bend the stems and hear them ‘snap’.  Try storing the dried buds in glass jars for a few weeks, this will allow the buds to ‘cure’ and develop better taste and flavour.

Outdoor growing costs very little.  All you need is a pack of seeds and a safe spot to grow with good soil.  The sun will do the rest.  For many growers a feminized 10-pack of their preferred variety will produce their annual cannabis needs.  Outdoor growing is also a great hobby.  Get a proven outdoor variety from an established seedbank and you too can grow your own top quality cannabis

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