Mokum’s Tulip grown indoors under HPS lights

Mokum's Tulip grown indoors under HPS lights

Mokum’s Tulip grow review by Bawzs

In this grow review, the grower used a 250W Lumatek HID light for initial vegetative growth of the seedlings. During bloom, a 400W Lumatek HPS was used. The Mokum’s Tulip seeds grew into a highly resinous plant which also produced some fantastic looking autumnal dark blue/purple hues in the buds and leaves. If you love potent buds with a great appearance and aroma this is the strain for you!

A perfect hybrid of Gelato and Sherbet

Mokum’s Tulip combines the best USA Gelato and classic Sherbet genetics into an exceptional indica-leaning hybrid. With THC levels around, or even just above, 20% this is a powerful variety which won multiple cannabis cups in the first year of release. The yields are heavy, taking just 8 weeks to produce XL harvests of rock hard, potent buds.

This makes Mokum’s Tulip seeds a good choice for any grower keen on a fast harvest but not wanting to compromise quality. This variety is a proud member of Dutch Passion’s Very high THC seed collection.

Perhaps the most appreciated aspect of Mokum’s Tulip from the numerous repeat growers is the remarkable and quite unique terpene profile. This variety is unusual in that she tastes exactly the same as she smells. This delicious strain tastes just like a sweet bowl of ice cream!

Mokum's Tulip grows in just 8 weeks and produces XL harvests of rock hard, potent buds.

Mokum’s Tulip smoke review

Mokum’s Tulip is a perfect feminised seed variety for anyone that wants to grow a genuine premium quality strain. There may be heavier yielding strains, but few can match such a potency and flowering speed. Not many indica leaning hybrids can match the exquisite, delicious, mouth-watering connoisseur aroma and taste of this special Gelato-Sherbet blend. It’s one of the best tasting indica-leaning hybrids seen by Dutch Passion in many years.

THC rich buds full of flavour

The grower, Bawzs, makes the following summary and conclusion after growing and smoking Mokum’s Tulip.

Man this stuff is fire, Smells like some really dank cookies / gelato. Great bag appeal with frosty covered nugs that have this dark green with some purple hue’s throughout the buds. And then the taste. You can taste the flower through the joint. It has this strong cookies/ gelato taste with a more earthy background and it make’s for a great product. I would put this one as my number 1 for this run!

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Mokum's Tulip is of the best tasting indica-leaning hybrids seen by Dutch Passion in many years.

Mokum’s Tulip, USA genetics with an 8 week bloom and a delicious ice cream taste!

Mokum’s Tulip is another THC rich modern hybrid. We can thank the best of the USA breeders for these fine and fast genetics. The legal USA cannabis industry has seen millions of seeds grown in recent years.

The high-tech and highly competitive USA cannabis industry spend a great deal on lab analysis to identify the very finest individual mother plants with the richest terpene profile, strong cannabinoid presence and fast bloom times. These elite genetics really are worth the effort of finding.

With over 3 decades in the cannabis seed business, Dutch Passion have got to know a network of competent and experienced cannabis professionals with access to some of the world’s best new and emerging cannabis genetics. The appetite for high quality cannabis strains with an exceptional terpene profile continues to increase.

Mokum’s Tulip is one of the best new strains to come from all this effort, combining mind-numbing potency with speed and Grade-A bud quality. It’s always a solid combination for any home grower, especially when strains are as easy to grow as Mokum’s Tulip.

Mokum’s Tulip, another THC rich modern hybrid.

Mokum’s Tulip, a feminised cannabis seed with solid all-round appeal

Mokum’s Tulip is a potent hybrid cannabis strain which delivers a strong and powerful high with a long-lasting effect. This variety is a genuinely special smoke with a happy, stress-busting, relaxing high.

You will also note a pronounced body stone/effect thanks to the indica genetics. A perfect strain to enjoy at the end of a busy day, you unwind in an instant! It’s a powerful and euphoric effect with an all-conquering feel good high. The Mokum’s Tulip jar is the one you will want to reach for again and again!

We hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of this great looking variety. Trust us, she smokes even better than she looks!

Mokum's Tulip is a potent hybrid cannabis strain which delivers a strong and powerful high with a long-lasting effect

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