Preparing your grow location for outdoor cannabis

 Preparing your grow location

Preparing your grow location

Each year thousands of people try growing cannabis outdoors for the first time, and many succeed. One of first things to do is choose en preparing your grow location.

First-time outdoor growers surprise themselves in two ways.  Firstly, the amount of cannabis they can harvest from an outdoor plants can be much, much more than the ‘typical’ 100-200g average for keen indoor growers. 

The second surprise for outdoor growers is just how easy and simple it is to get a big harvest with no need for grow tents, electricity or complicated feed schedules.  Many outdoor growers feel that outdoor growing has several serious advantages over indoor growing:

  • No paranoia. For family or social reasons not everyone can grow cannabis indoors.  If you find a safe and sunny outdoor grow location you can grow as much as you want and no-one will ever know.
  • No equipment needed.  Many indoor growers have a dedicated ‘cannabis room’ with tent, fan, filter, nutrients and drying area.  Outdoor growers have their cannabis growing done outdoors – there are no initial ‘set-up’ costs.
  • Outdoor growing is easier – no need to understand the different vegetive/bloom nutrients.  Just let the cannabis roots grow into the ground and take whatever they need from mother earth.
  • Serious harvests are possible.  If you choose the right seed genetics the plants will reach 3+ metres tall and can yield well over 500g per plant.
Frisian Duck

Choose your outdoor grow location

If you select your outdoor grow plot carefully it will give you years of service.  If you can grow safely on your own land it makes life really easy, a few autos can be hidden in the corner of your garden or an old greenhouse and no-one will ever know.  But if you don’t have your own land to grow on there are thousands of alternatives. 

River banks are always a good place to find spare areas  where you can hide a plant or two.  Some growers look for brambles and nettles and will place a cannabis plant or two in the centre where they are unlikely to be discovered by e.g. dog walkers.  Corners of fields, forests, hillsides, old railway lines, old industrial estates, unused land – just about anywhere can be used.

Frisian Dew
Frisian Duck

Preparing your grow location outdoors

Improving the quality of the soil is one way that you can help your outdoor cannabis plants really thrive.  Supermarket compost and fertilisers are easy to buy and transport to your outdoor grow locations.  If the soil quality can be improved it could double the yield of your plant. 

You will also need to protect your cannabis plants from animals and slugs/snails.  So scatter slug pellets around the base of your plants.  A small circular fence of chicken wire will help stop the rabbits, goats and deer from eating your plant.  You may need to visit the plants occasionally, if necessary chop down the surrounding vegetation (weeds, plants, bushes) so that the cannabis plants gets plenty of sunlight. 

If you need to take water to the plants it may be useful to have a stream nearby.  Once the plants are established in the ground you just have to keep them safe until harvest.  Don’t visit the plants too often, you don’t want to leave a trail to the cannabis plants.

Preparing your grow location Blueberry

Choose your seeds

Photoperiod varieties take 5-6 months from seed to harvest.  Autoflowering varieties take around 3 months.  New stealth cannabis varieties like Frisian Duck grow with weird shaped leaves making it easier to grow cannabis without it being recognised.

Growing outdoors is satisfying, rewarding and easy.  Why not treat yourself to a pack of outdoor seeds and try it this year!

Preparing your grow location AutoFrisian Dew

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