StarRyder grow review by Cannabis King

StarRyder grow review by Cannabis King

StarRyder grow review

Dutch Passion StarRyder is an AutoFem collaboration between Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor. The Joint Doctor was the original breeder behind the evolution of Autoflowering cannabis so we were keen to produce a top quality AutoFem with him.

StarRyder is the result; it grows from seed to harvest in around 10 weeks and produces heavy yields of resinous, strong cannabis. Like other AutoFem’s StarRyder performs well under a system of ‘lights-on’ for 20 hours followed by 4 hours of darkness.

This grow followed Dutch Passion customer Cannabis King as he produced 680 grams (24 ounces) of top quality pot from two 600W HPS lights with soil-grown plants. The full grow diary is here on the UK420 growers forum. 

The pictures, opinions and comments are from Cannabis King himself.  The 13 plants were all harvested 10 weeks after germinating the seeds, apart from one pineapple-scented, sativa-style StarRyder which was allowed 12 weeks.


Comments from Cannabis King

“I can’t say enough good about this plant! I am a photoperiod (traditional variety) grower at heart, but I was looking for a good auto to compair. I have tried lots of different autos to compair with a photoperiod plant in terms of quality yield and high. I found it with the StarRyder, it really is a quality variety and DP teaming up with the Joint Doctor was a very smart move!”

StarRyder grow review by Cannabis King

“I think this plant would suit any grower as it is very easy to grow, I’ve found Autos to be quite fussy/light feeders but StarRyder likes a good feed going up to 5ml bloom (I used Hesi soil bloom) so don’t be afraid to push her.”

“Also, watching other grows I noticed her size is totally dependant on the size of the pot, I used 14l pots and she grew to 130cm! The key I think is to get her in the final pot as soon as possible to give plenty of time for the root mass to establish ready for bloom.”

Three different phenotypes

“There are three different phenotypes and all smell totally different, one is licorice/aniseed another is a hazy fuel smell and the last is a fruity pineapple and they all taste very nice indeed. It’s a strong taste but isn’t overpowering and the high is of top quality”

“I call this a “creeper” in terms of high as it takes a little time to get going, firstly it starts as an uplifting high, very sociable and happy. Then after around an hour it affects the whole body and is very relaxing, it really is a top smoke!”

StarRyder grow review by Cannabis King

Some advice

“I would advise anyone that has not considered Autoflowering varieties to give this a go as it really is the best I’ve come across so far and if you have already grown Autos you have to try StarRyder as this will really impress you.”

“My mates loved it, we had a good time with the StarRyder, it is quite a social smoke and smells amazing, one of my mates said “where did you get this super pineapple from I love it” heh heh.”

StarRyder dutch passion in a grinder

13 StarRyders

“I grew 13 StarRyders in my room and found one special phenotype that needed more than the 10 weeks advertised so after I cropped the rest I left her in another two weeks and the buds doubled in size showing that there is a lot of Sativa in that plant and gave me my biggest yield at just under 3oz of dried buds, that one was the pineapple pheno so although she took longer than the rest turned out to be the best plant!”

“I am REALLY impressed with this variety and can’t recommend it enough, try it you WILL love it!”


“Congratulations to Cannabis King on a superb finish to one of our StarRyder preview diaries, a diary which began before public seed sales had even started. If anyone is looking for a future AutoFem variety that will guarantee them heavy harvests of top quality pot just 70 days after germinating the seeds then be sure to give StarRyder a try.”

Dutch Joe

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Summary of StarRyder grow

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