StarRyder strain review best seller

StarRyder strain review best seller

StarRyder best seller

When Dutch Passion and the Joint Doctor collaborated together for the first time to create StarRyder it was a good moment for our customers.  StarRyder became a top-5 Auto best seller, a strong smelling and heavy hitting variety that has lots of repeat buyers, some claiming it is the best all-round variety in our collection.

StarRyder grows with chunky flowers, she yields well and in this weeks customer review four StarRyders grown in coco fibre produced 390g of frosty buds.  This strain often has a stocky main bloom surrounded by a ring of secondary colas, and with StarRyder these can be very heavy and may need supporting in the final weeks.  

Mature starryder with autumn colours

Above, StarRyder at harvest showing some frost along with great colours.

Below, Satisfyingly large buds with a sticky finish.

StarRyder strain dutch passion

StarRyder Intensive bud producer

StarRyder is an intensive bud producer, and the buds often come with a light blue and occasionally pink hue.  Trichomes cover the buds and contribute to an unusually deep and penetrating odour in the jars, if you open the jars the aroma can fill in a room in seconds. 

Even in a vaporiser, a bowl seems to give off quite an unexpectedly strong ‘coffee shop’ smell.  The high arrives in a peaceful yet still powerful fashion, this will satisfy the experienced cannabis connoisseur looking for a quality variety which hits the spot. 

Strong smell similar to Mazar

In some ways the strong smell is similar to Mazar, but the high may remind you of Blueberry, its a strong high yet relaxing, dissolving stress and lasting a long time.  Hours later you can still feel it tickling your mind and relaxing your body. 

Take another session on your vaporiser too soon after the first and you will be raiding the fridge and then wanting a comfortable place to relax.

StarRyder strain review best seller
StarRyder strain closeup dutch passion

Highly rated by our customers

This strain is highly rated by our customers, we get lots of great feedback from many growers that love her just for the type of high she produces, the yields and ease-of-growth are bonuses.  In terms of strength and quality its right up there with the best photoperiod varieties. 

She grows easily in any medium from soil to coco to hydro.  She often starts to bloom 3-4 weeks after germination and does well under a cycle of 20 hours of daily light from start to finish. 

Typically she is ready to harvest after 10-11 weeks but some growers recommend leaving her an extra few days to boost yields and add an extra kick to the effects of the cannabis.   

StarRyder strain review best seller

Above, the plant under pink LED light.

Below, Close up view of the resin production.

StarRyder strain review best seller frost baby

Fruit aroma

StarRyder often carries fruit aroma, the pineapple scents on some individual plants are quite distinctive, blueberry and citrus can also be found.  The grow ‘Mike’ on this grow noted that the plants all looked a little different to each other. 

The four plants were grown under 350W of LED.  At the centre of the plants was a vertical system of 300W of compact fluorescent lights, a total of 650W which produced 390g of buds. 

The plants were hand watered every morning, and the light cycle was 20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of darkness from start to finish.

StarRyder strain review best seller harvest time

Above, harvest

If you are looking for a variety which you can depend on for good yields of strong hashy cannabis then StarRyder is a great choice.  

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