THC-Victory grow report by Mr José

Dutch Passion asked the renowned cannabis guru and author ‘Mr José’ to make an independent grow review of Dutch Passion’s THCV rich cannabis seed variety THC-Victory. This article summarises the grow, showing future growers what to expect.

Mr José is a grower, lecturer and author of two books and nearly 200 articles about cannabis growing. He works in a in legal cannabis research facility, cooperating with several companies as consultant. He started to grow outdoors in early 90s. Since 1997 he has grown mostly indoors.

THC-Victory feminised seed harvest report

Dutch Passion have pioneered the creation of novel cannabis strains rich in new cannabinoids. One of these is THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin, also known as ‘THV’). In 2020 Dutch Passion became the world’s first cannabis seed company to release feminised THCV seeds in the form of THC-Victory. This is a feminised photoperiod strain with sativa genetics. Plants produce around 6-8% THCV and the same amount of THC. Bloom time is around 11 weeks. The measurements published throughout this report are from Mr José himself.

Plant IDPlant
Fresh plant weight Fresh bud weightDry bud
THCV06160cm1108g352g 99,15g
THCV04160cm 990g 370g87,55g
THCV08165cm 926g310g74,82g


Apart from one plant, THV27072009 with just 19g, yields were between 72g and 115g. Apart from the outlier, that shows reasonable levels of consistency in the yields of THC-Victory. Averages of around 80g per plant for a new cannabinoid variety rich in THCV seems like a reasonable result, especially considering that these are the world’s first feminised THCV cannabis seeds.

Plant heights ranged from 130cm to 180cm. The sativa genetics tended to produce medium-tall plants, though with manageable levels of stretch. Any cannabis growers looking to cultivate some THCV rich weed will find that the SCROG method suits THC-Victory well. The plants were bloomed for 10-11 weeks.

CBG-Force grow review by Mr José

THC-Victory feminised seeds indoor grow setup

With many years of cannabis cultivation experience, Mr José uses top class grow conditions. He uses AutoPots, which gravity-feed nutrient solution when the plant container are just starting to dry out. The highly recommended BioTabs nutrients are slow release and organic, they were mixed in with the Plagron Light Mix soil.

BioTabs make growing very easy since most of the time you only need to ‘feed’ the plants with water. It’s only during the last few weeks where you may wish to supplement with a general purpose bloom mix when the plants get hungrier. Biotabs Orgatrex and PK Booster are a good choice in this regard.

Room size2,4 m2
Number of plants9 CBG-Force + 9 THC-Victory
Pots type / sizeAutoPot 15 liters
MediumPlagron LightMix
Avg. temperature25,8
Avg. humidity62,2
Lighting800 PPFD

Conditions were consistently good throughout the grow. In his 2.4 m² room Mr José grew 9 THC-Victory (around 6% THCV & 6% THC) plants. He also grew 9 Dutch Passion CBG-Force plants (up to 15% CBG with THC below 0.15%).  A separate grow review will be written about the CBG-Force (Cannabigerol) seeds.

Light levels were reasonably high, around 800PPFD. With such light intensities, the yields should be near maximum, assuming that other grow room variables are also controlled at  optimum levels.

THC-Victory feminised seeds germination

Many professional growers start off with more seeds than they need and so does Mr José. In his initial germination test he got 100% germination from 24 seeds. He selected 9 of those (with only 2.4m2 to grow in) and discarded the rest.

Total seedsThe grower attempted to germinate 24 THC-Victory feminised seeds.
Germination rate100% of these seeds germinated. The best 9 were selected for bloom.
Germination details30 % plants show lower vigor after growing above the ground.

Achieving 100% germination rates is always a sign of high quality cannabis seeds. Often the best growers have fine tuned their seed germination methods over the years and get over 90% germination rates. The best germination method yet found by Dutch Passion is where seeds are germinated between moist (but never soaked!) cotton pads.

Cotton pad germination video tutorial
Watch our cotton pad germination video tutorial

Note that Mr José also reports that around 30% of the seedlings show lower growth vigour than the rest. That’s something that Dutch Passion hope to see improved. It may be over-ambitious to expect radical new genetics such as these to have the same consistency as e.g. skunks, which have benefited from decades of inbreeding and stabilisation.

Remember that THC-Victory is the world’s first commercial THCV rich feminised cannabis seed variety with around 6-8% THCV. Before THC-Victory, THCV was only present in trace quantities in many strains (0.2% or below). Achieving THCV levels of 6-8% took a great deal of careful and patient breeding over several years.

THC-Victory feminised indoor veg growth

The THC-Victory plants were given 14 days of vegetative growth using 18 hours of daily indoor light.

Duration14 days
FeedbackPlants showed strong and active growth with average number of side branches.

No significant observations recorded during veg growth. The THC-Victory plants grew in a typical way with no unusual observations.

THC-Victory feminised indoor flowering stage

With sativa genetics used for the creation of THC-Victory an 11-12 week bloom time is required.

Duration11-12 weeks bloom
FeedbackAverage number of side branches. 3 plants seemed to grow slowly.

Mr José remarked that during some plants showed unusual curly leaves at the start of bloom with some general yellowing and yellow/brown spots on the leaves. It wasn’t entirely clear why that happened though it didn’t appear to affect yields/bloom too much.

In terms of THC-Victory bud appearance and smell, Mr José gave ratings of 3-4 (out of 5). He also remarked that “most of (the) grown plants showed nice potential and uniformity”.

Breeding cannabis strains for THCV

Releasing new cannabis strains rich in exotic new cannabinoids remains one of Dutch Passion’s   most important missions in the coming years. With their own unique gene bank of rare original cannabis genetics from the 1970’s and before, Dutch Passion have some great foundation genetics to build on.

Already Dutch Passion have been first to release feminised THCV seeds and feminised/auto CBG seeds. More special cannabinoids are in the pipeline, including Auto CBD-Victory which is high in CBDV (cannabidivarin).

Going back a few years Dutch Passion (alongside the CBD Crew) were the first to release seeds rich in CBD. Special cannabinoids are a now an area of core-competence for the Dutch Passion geneticists.

New perspectives for medical cannabis

So far Dutch Passion have learned that there is a huge appetite for new cannabinoids, international medical interest has simply never been higher from private growers, licensed growers and large pharmaceutical companies. Dutch Passion has also learned that it takes time, typically several years, before the benefits and medical potential for these cannabinoids can even start to be understood.

But now that feminised THCV seeds are released it gives the pharmaceutical companies chance to kick-start their own research. For those growers that want to learn more about new cannabinoids such as THCV for themselves, feminised THCV seeds are now publicly available for anyone to buy and grow.

If you want to know more about THCV and THC-Victory seeds then the following article may be useful reading. It contains a THCV vape report with some very unusual properties reported by the reviewer.

THCV vs THC. What does THCV feel like?

One THCV breeding option for the future would be a THCV strain which doesn’t contain any THC. This would allow medical THCV users the chance to have a THC-free experience. In the meantime, Dutch Passion will remain highly focussed on the creation and release of more cannabis strains rich in exotic new cannabinoids.

Although Dutch Passion may be most fondly remembered for giving the world feminised cannabis seeds in the 1990’s, perhaps in the longer term the pioneering work on new cannabinoids will be seen as even more significant. Expect to see more groundbreaking cannabis breeding and new special cannabinoid strains soon!

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