Think Different Autoflower seeds

Think Different Autoflower seeds

Easy to grow with XL harvests

This weeks blog features a productive Think Different Autoflower seeds grown indoors in a 20 litre bucket using deep water culture (DWC) hydroponics by ‘Billy Wu’. The Think Different Autoflower seed was germinated and grown under 20 hours of daily light from a 250W HPS in a small home grow. Advanced Nutrients were used, a small amount of CalMag alongside Grow A+B during veg. Later, Bloom A+B, Hammerhead and CalMag were used during flowering. Additionally a mycorrhizal fungi inoculate was used in the reservoir to promote good root health.

Think Different Autoflower seeds grown under 250W HPS

Despite a relatively small grow space and just a 250W HPS the Think Different managed to grow into a medium sized plant with a generous harvest of sticky buds. Think Different autoflower seeds are easy to grow, Dutch Passion frequently recommend them to first time cannabis growers. It’s a variety that really delivers incredible yields for experienced growers who use powerful lights in their growrooms. But Think Different is also a variety that still delivers excellent yields even for smaller growers with less powerful grow lights.

From feminized autoflower seed to high THC weed.

Billy is an experienced Dutch Passion grower and Think Different is one of his preferred varieties. It has a strong sativa high with a pleasing feel-good high. It’s great for anti-anxiety, relaxation and appreciating life. But despite the great harvest, the grow had some technical problems with the hydroponics. Billy explains more:

“This one was quite special. About 1-2 weeks into the grow, the seals on my air stone broke and caused big air bubbles rather than a nice steady flow of smaller bubbles spread evenly over the full  surface area. Basically this meant that the Think Different roots were oxygen starved for a few weeks. This left the Think Different small and stunted. When the air-stone was fixed growth resumed, 2-3 weeks later it had grown pretty well. Initially I had intended to scrap this plant and start over, but it kept growing!”

“So, after I saw that the Think Different had recovered a bit, I thought I’d give it a chance and see how it went. I thought “I might get at least an ounce (28g) off it so it’s worth keeping”, so I made a fresh reservoir and decided that this grow would be a good experiment to see how well it would recover. As you can see by the photos, it was a good choice to keep it! Even when it wasn’t even half the size of the plants I normally grow, it still turned out to be a big yielder and it seriously surprised me.”

Growing autoflower seeds easily.

One advantage of feminized autoflower seeds is that they grow under 20 hours of daily light. So if things go wrong at the start of the grow, they still have plenty of time left to recover. And with 20 hours of daily light, autoflowers can recover quickly. New leaves and branches can be grown in a week or two, and growers with powerful grow lights will notice that Think Different grows particularly vigorously with plenty of side blooms. One tip for Think Different growers is to supplement their grow room with extra light at the end if possible. During the last month of growth Think Different can exhibit explosive bud growth. The main central bloom is usually the heaviest, but the side blooms can also be very heavy in high light levels.

Think Different feminized autoflower seeds for THC rich cannabis.

Think Different is usually grown under 20 hours of daily light, and takes around 75 days from seed to harvest. Occasionally she can take an extra couple of weeks in bloom, but will repay the grower with genuine XL yields of THC rich buds. The combination of heavy harvests and a high THC content makes this a popular autoflowering variety with makers of cannabis concentrates such as shatter, BHO, cannabis oil and hash. Indoors, Think Different is easy to grow. Just steadily increase nutrient concentration as the plant ages, she is not a fussy feeder. This Think Different grow review shows a grower that used Tomato Grow nutrients and still got a good harvest. Usually Think Different reaches around a metre tall. When grown outdoors, Think Different can take around 95 days to grow from seed to harvest.

 Anyone looking for an easy autoflowering seed variety should grow Think Different, you can buy the seeds online here Think Different has been in Dutch Passion’s top three autoflower seed varieties for many years with lots of repeat growers. You can expect consistently good yields, a great smoke quality and an easy variety to grow. What more could you want!

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