Auto Colorado Cookies week by week flowering

Auto Colorado Cookies week by week flowering

Colorado Cookies is a reliably excellent genetic line, favoured by serious growers for the consistently powerful indica buds. This Auto Colorado Cookies grow review shows you what to expect from the autoflower version with week-by-week pictures and a time lapse video. Typical time from autoflower seed to harvest is 11 weeks.

Plants can stretch a little around weeks 5-7 but in general remain medium height and famously easy to grow under a range of conditions. THC levels are very high, up-to and around 20%. Yields are truly XL as you would expect from the multiple cannabis cup winning genetic lineage. Best of all is the ease and speed of growth on these premium quality autoflower genetics. Read on to see the results.

Auto Colorado Cookies time-lapse grow video

Autoflower seed to harvest in under 2 minutes with this Auto Colorado Cookies time-lapse review! This single specimen was grown under a 200W LED in a 30 litre airpot of coco/light mix. The total final dry yield was 115g, produced in just 11 weeks under 20 hours of daily indoor LED light. The grower commented that this was one of his easiest grows ever!

Auto Colorado Cookies® – Timelapse by Dutch Passion from Dutch Passion on Vimeo.

Auto Colorado Cookies week-by-week grow pictures

Here’s a look at another indoor Auto Colorado Cookies grow with week by week pictures. Details of the grow room set-up are shown below:

Grow conditions:

Grow room typeIndoor grow tent, Growtent Q120
Grow room size120cm x 120cm
Plant containers12 plants in standard air pots.
Grow mediumCoco fibre
NutrientsGHE Coco A& B line
Grow systemWatered by hand
Grow techniqueNatural grow, no techniques used
Grow lightSPYDRx (340W)
Light distance to canopy10-40cm
Auto Colorado Cookies full grow report

Auto Colorado Cookies in veg

Auto Colorado Cookies flowering pictures (Week 1 to Week 4)

Growth is slow but steady for the first two weeks. In week 3 you will start to see leaves grow with increased urgency. Below ground, these genetics produce vigorous root growth and will thrive in aerated grow containers, such as the air-pots used here.

Around week 4 you will often start to see the first real signs of the plant preparing for the bloom which will arrive shortly after. Leaves are often wide with broad fingers, ideal for gathering light and fuelling photosynthesis.

Auto Colorado Cookies early flowering

Auto Colorado Cookies flowering pictures (Week 5 to Week 6)

Weeks 5 & 6 are often characterised by some impressive stretch. As with most Dutch Passion autoflower genetics you will see a dominant central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly shorter blooms. All will yield heavily and the grower is advised to use powerful LED lights for optimised results under high PPFD light levels.

At this stage the early blooms are still in their infancy. Aroma is starting to intensify, the grower noted a light but sweet and fruity cookie dough aroma. Good cookie genetics tempt the grower with deliciously sweet aromas and this is no exception. This particular genetic ‘Cookies’ line came from Colorado and is famed for a particularly smooth but powerful effect.

Auto Colorado Cookies in bloom

Auto Colorado Cookies flowering pictures (Week 7 to Week 10)

In week 7 the Auto Colorado Cookies finished the bulk of the remaining stretch. From this point onwards the plant focussed her reserves on fattening up the blooms and adding a thick resin layer on the buds.

In week 8 you can see the blooms getting broader as the buds swell. This continues to intensify in weeks 9 & 10. The grower noticed the sweet and fruity aroma was becoming increasingly pungent and enticing. Hints of sweet Blueberry were evident too – Auto Blueberry was used in the breeding process.

THC levels are reassuringly high and deliver a powerful and sedating effect. It’s a joyful and calming experience, perfect for kicking back after a busy day. As any Cookies aficionado will tell you it’s more than just the THC levels. The mouth-watering array of sweet and skunky flavours adds to the experience.

Auto Colorado Cookies ready to harvest

Week 11 and harvest is here! Auto Colorado Cookies is part of the USA Special family cannabis seeds. These stand for loud flavours and XL harvests, Auto Colorado cookies is no exception.

If you want some rock-solid, stable and powerful autoflower genetics with heavy yields and special jar-appeal then this is a perfect selection. The grower noted how heavily the blooms fattened up for an 11-week grow and how pungent the grow room was right before harvest.

The grower commented how simple the grow was from start to finish, the plants thriving under the well-proven combination of LED, airpots and autoflower seeds! Not only that but the buds cured with a delicious aroma, almost gelato-like, and delivered a very powerful effect which could be felt the entire evening.

Auto Colorado Cookies is one of the most consistent indica autoflower strains available, made from cannabis cup winning parents. Dutch Passion regard it as one of the easiest indica autoflower seeds in their collection with such a high-THC rating and XL yields. If you’re looking for a uniquely flavoursome and hard-hitting indica then look no further than Auto Colorado Cookies, there are few finer. If you have some impressive pictures of a Dutch Passion grow be sure to find and tell us on social media, we may feature your grow one day!

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