Auto Oh My Gusher cannabis cup-winning grow report

Auto Oh My Gusher - second best Indica-dominant variety at the Autoflower World Cup 2024

Dutch Passion are proud to see Auto Oh My Gusher take 2nd Prize in the ‘Indica Dominant’ auto category at the 2024 Autoflower World Cup (‘AWC’). The AWC is highly competitive and brings together some of the world’s top auto growers alongside the top breeders. The samples are rated by a team of independent judges.

The Dutch Passion Auto Oh My Gusher entry was submitted by master growers Val & Maë, you can find out more about them on Instagram @weedydi_bobbidi_boo. Auto Oh My Gusher is an exceptionally resinous indica autoflower seed variety. She literally gushes resin and is popular with concentrate makers as a result. As one of the highest-THC auto strains seen by Dutch Passion she was a natural choice for the 2024 AWC contest.

Dutch Passion pass their sincere thanks and respect to @weedydi_bobbidi_boo for their efforts cultivating such a fine specimen and taking 2nd place!

Auto Oh My Gusher grow diary from seed to harvest by @weedydi_bobbidi_boo

Auto Oh My Gusher seed to harvest report by weedydi_bobbidi_boo
Cannabis strain Auto Oh My Gusher
Type of seeds Autoflower cannabis seeds
Harvested plant(s) 1
Grow Light 480w Full Spectrum Florastar LED Ti Panel
Light cycle 20 hours of daily light (’20/4 light cycle’) from autoflower seed to harvest. Harvested at the end of the 12th week. Plant kept 1m below lights at the start and at a 50cm distance in bloom
Grow techniques No growth techniques, plant grown naturally. Final plant height 47cm
Grow medium Biobizz LightMix
Nutrients Plagron Alga Grow & Alga Bloom; Additives Plagron Power Roots, Plagron Power Buds, Plagron Green Sensation, Hydropassion Prime Sugar, Atami Bloombastic, Atami Rokzbastic
Containers AirRAP Pot 15L
Dry yield 80g (2.8 oz)

The AWC judges loved the powerful indica effects and the anti-anxiety high. Auto Oh My Gusher narrowly missed out on 1st Prize but impressed the team with the glittering sticky old-school indica buds and the numbing, powerful stone.

@weedydi_bobbidi_boo are seasoned cannabis cup winners with the experience to push elite cannabis genetics to the max. They gave Auto Oh My Gusher a score of 4.5/5. Describing the grow experience simply as “One of the best autoflowers we have been lucky enough to grow.”

Auto Oh My Gusher independent lab-test analysis

Germination stage

Auto Oh My Gusher by @weedydi_bobbidi_boo (germination stage)

The Auto Oh My Gusher seed took 3 days to germinate. @weedydi_bobbidi_boo noted that initial growth was slow, though this is not too unusual with indica dominant autoflower genetics.

Vegetative stage

Auto Oh My Gusher by @weedydi_bobbidi_boo (vegetative stage)

Auto Oh My Gusher started by growing slowly for the first 2 weeks, probably due to the lower temperatures we had in the tent at this time of the year. She caught up a bit during the 3rd week, then started stretching during the 4th week.

@weedydi_bobbidi_boo felt the plant was in veg growth for 37 days, under a 20/4 light cycle (which was used from autoflower seed to harvest).

Flowering stage

Auto Oh My Gusher by @weedydi_bobbidi_boo (flowering stage)

During week 5, the young flowers were already covered with trichomes. She stretched until week 6 and remained pretty compact. She had a nice shape with 2 large side blooms and few other small branches. The flowers had nice calyxes growing/building – looking like some soft-serve ice creams. We used a digital microscope to check the trichome status, they were looking perfectly ready at the end of the 12th week. At harvest the plant was 47cm tall and easy to trim. The start was slow but it was worth not stressing this lady as she produced some crazy trichomes and an amazing result.

@weedydi_bobbidi_boo felt Auto Oh My Gusher was in the cannabis bloom phase for 46 days with only limited stretch. A harvest of 80g (just under 3oz) in 12 weeks is around average for a soil grow in a 15-litre felt sack. But this grow was all about the quality of the final harvest, with maximum marks for potency from both the judges as well as @weedydi_bobbidi_boo.

Top-10 tips for bigger autoflower harvests

Auto Oh My Gusher harvest report & ratings

@weedydi_bobbidi_boo executed a great grow and were rewarded with sticky, dank buds of the highest calibre. They only just missed out on 1st Place. It’s great to see experienced growers manage an array of nutrients so well throughout the grow. Like all serious growers, @weedydi_bobbidi_boo grow with LED and were able to manage the light intensity well during all stages of the grow.

Felt grow sacks allow much higher levels of oxygen to penetrate, and benefit, the root mass compared to traditional all-plastic bucket containers. @weedydi_bobbidi_boo used the highly aerated grow-sack containers to good effect. Air pots, which work on a similar oxygen-enriching principle, are also recommended to growers of both feminised cannabis seeds and autoflower seeds.

@weedydi_bobbidi_boo gave Auto Oh My Gusher the following rating:

Aroma (4/5): Great aroma when vaping, a little bit less strong in joint.

Taste (4/5): Perfect Skunk-Gelato Açai Berry taste.

Effect (5/5): Feeling good, really high but not stoned to bed, great to enjoy daytime activities.

Bag appeal (5/5): The buds were completely white and pouring trichomes all over the place.

Overall rating (4.5/5): One of the best autoflowers we have been lucky enough to grow.

Bonus information, tips and recommendations

Auto Oh My Gusher cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion

The Dutch Passion team were especially impressed with the exceptional quality results and send their congratulations to @weedydi_bobbidi_boo! Tasty skunk-gelato berry flavours were complemented by the usual 20%+ THC levels making this a great example of the quality levels on offer from the very best modern autoflower seed bangers such as Auto Oh My Gusher.

Use of aerated grow containers (felt sacks, air pots etc) alongside LED and precise nutrient control from cannabis seed to harvest ensured premium potency buds.Dutch Passion also recommend use of larger containers when seeking the heaviest harvests – up to 30/40 litres (6-8 gallons) give great results for autoflowers.

When growing feminised cannabis seeds container sizes of 50-100 litres (10-20 gallons) can be combined with long periods of vegetative growth to produce huge plants with massive yield potential.

For those growers that see occasional over feeding & under-feeding issues, slow release organic nutrients are now a proven mainstream option and a great way to keep your plants in the nutrient sweet-spot throughout the grow. BioTabs are market leaders and thoroughly recommended.

UVA/UVB supplemental lighting is also recommended (normally 2-4 hours per day for the last 2-3 weeks of bloom) to fully max-out terps and cannabinoid levels.

Expert tips when growing autoflower seeds

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