Frisian Dew grown in a conservatory by JaramnieJazz

Frisian Dew produce generous yields in spite of the conversatory restrictions

Three Frisian Dew plants were grown in a conservatory by JaramnieJazz in Germany in 15 litre containers of soil & coco fibre. Frisian Dew is normally grown outdoors – she is perhaps the toughest and most trusted photoperiod strain in the Dutch Passion Dutch Outdoor cannabis seeds collection.

Frisian Dew conservatory seed to harvest diary

Cannabis strain Frisian Dew
Type of seeds Feminised cannabis seeds
Harvested plant(s) 3
Light cycle Natural sunlight
Grow techniques 3 x Frisian Dew plants were grown greenhouse-style behind glass in a domestic conservatory.
Grow medium Mix of soil/coco fibre.
Nutrients BioBizz & Advanced Nutrients grow & bloom nutrients
Containers Initially in 3.5 litres, final containers were 15 litres.
Dry yield Not given, but appears to be in the region of around 30-50g per plant (1-2 ounces)
Frisian Dew early flowering stage in a conservatory

The final result was three medium-sized plants with long blooms. One of the Frisian Dew plants showed beautiful blue/purple hues which offer Grade-A+ jar appeal.

The main feedback was the 10/10 strain rating given to Frisian Dew after harvest. She is known for her tough, resilient growth even in adverse weather conditions. Yields are normally heavy.

Frisian Dew has a huge number of repeat growers that enjoy the powerful buds, the great taste and her bullet-proof genetics which have been optimised over several years of outdoor selective breeding.


No issues were noted during cannabis seed germination. Growers seeking a rock-solid germination method, should note that the damp cotton pad germination method is especially reliable.

Seedling stage

All three Frisian Dew plants were trained with the LST and HST methods

The Frisian Dew cannabis seeds were germinated in 3.5 litre containers before being transplanted into 7 litres pots and eventually into their final 15 litre containers.

The plants were trained using cannabis low stress training (LST), this uses wire/string to tie branches into a structure that allows more light penetration and improves yields. Cannabis high stress training (HST) was also used, removing the growing tip to create a bushier structure.

Flowering stage

Frisian Dew grown in a conservatory (phenotype #2)

The 3 Frisian Dew plants reached around 1.3m tall by the end of the cannabis bloom phase. They were placed on the floor of the indoor conservatory and were kept out of view of neighbours thanks to waist-high interior wall and other shrubs on the windowsills. As harvest approached, day-time temperatures reached a maximum of around 17°C (62F).

Frisian Dew harvest report: 10/10 rating!

Frisian Dew grown in a conservatory approaching harvest

Frisian Dew received an impressive 10/10 rating after the grow and harvest were complete. JaramnieJazz gave the following thoughts on each of the three plants harvested.

Frisian Dew #3 offers really nice relaxation – a little bit trippy like in a dream, a very nice high. Besides being the least sticky plant, the cure worked good (hay/lemony scents) and the high is doing its job. That’s how I like my bud.

Frisian Dew #2 had the biggest buds but with some mould and a very sticky feel. In terms of high, it’s like phenotype #3, and with more crystals on the bud it means you have to use less. The cure brings out a very fruity smell…

Frisian Dew #1 the purple phenotype – a very nice smoke I would say it has the most ‘head high’. She is the most sticky plant from the pack of 3 and smells like sweet herbs/lemony … everyone went crazy for her when they saw the colour.

Three phenotypes of Frisian Dew grown in a conservatory

Bonus information, tips and recommendations

Frisian Dew sticky, shiny bud with head high effects

Growing Frisian Dew, or any other variety of outdoor cannabis seeds, in an indoor sun-lit room is possible. But growers should note that their plants may not get quite the same levels of intense sunlight compared to a greenhouse where non-stop light can drive photosynthesis from dawn till dusk.

In an indoor grow, your plants may only get a few hours of direct light each day. This inevitably restricts final yield compared to plants grown with all-day sunlight in e.g. a greenhouse or in a guerrilla grow.

With unrestricted sunlight and root-space, Frisian Dew can reach 3-4m tall and just as wide with multi-Kg dry harvests, as shown in the following insane grow review from a professional greenhouse.

Despite the challenges of growing cannabis in an indoor room behind windows, JaramnieJazz got all 3 Frisian Dew plants over the line with chunky blooms and something in the region of 30-50g (1-2 oz) of cured, quality buds from each plant. Bud quality looked impressive and got top marks with the 10/10 rating.

Growing in an indoor, sunny room has does have some advantages over guerrilla/outdoor growing. Your plants are protected from the worst of the wind/rain. They are also protected from cold temperatures and unexpected frosts. However, one issue with cannabis cultivation in a conservatory is the fact that the amount of direct light is usually limited. Another issue is dealing with the indoor odour produced during bloom.

Cannabis Guerrilla growing 10-step strategic plan

Top-tips include giving consideration to light supplementation with a quality LED grow light, especially during bloom where additional daytime light can result in substantially improved yields. Of course, attention should be given to security concerns. Those growing in ‘illegal’ countries/states don’t want to draw attention to their grow with a blindingly powerful supplemental LED grow light near a rear window.

Other tips include the use of highly aerated grow containers such as airpots or felt sacks. Slow-release organic reduce the need for regular mineral nutrient feeding. This can make over/under feeding issues a thing of the past and make growing significantly easier for growers of all abilities.

Whether you grow her indoors, or in her recommended outdoor/greenhouse setting, Frisian Dew is a solid cannabis cup winning performer. She grows well outdoors in countries as far north as the UK & Denmark. In a greenhouse or in slightly warmer outdoor climates she can produce massive 4m plants with huge yields.

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