Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow Grow Review

Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow

Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow

Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow is the automatic version of our famous award winning original White Widow.  It’s a variety which delivers a tremendously intense high whether you grow the automatic or traditional version.  When Dutch Passion recently released our AutoWhite Widow we realised that is was a very special auto.  A number of our regular customers even think this could be our most potent auto.

This weeks blog features an AutoWhite Widow grow from Tang, a skilled European grower who specialises in growing 100g++ automatics using his preferred system of Plagron-Light compost, air pots and LED.  Nutrients came from Advanced Nutrients. 

Grow northern lights

In this grow Tang uses LED from Grow Northern, these are Dutch Passion’s technology partner for our own LED systems.  Tang grew 2 AutoWhite Widows, one produced 149g and the other produced 103g. 

Tang has previously grown Dutch Passion Think Different, AutoXtreme, Blue AutoMazar and Blue Velvet, what makes this grow special is that he feels that AutoWhite Widow could be the strongest and most potent of all our automatics. 

Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow at harvest
Frosty autowhite widow

Above, Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow.  Frosty and heavy crops of top strength cannabis

Selecting the seeds

The original grow diary is courtesy of Autoflower.net.  Tang germinated 4 seeds before selecting the two best looking seedlings to grow through to maturity.  These days many serious home-growers tend to germinate a few extra seeds at the start of a grow.  Good quality seeds are inexpensive compared to the value of the pot they produce, and often the home-grower spends much more on electricity than they do on their seeds. 

Air pots are becoming more and more popular with soil growers, they allow great root oxygenation and we have seen some top quality results from them.  The AutoWhite Widows were grown under 24-hour light for the first few weeks and then the lighting regime was switched to 18 hours (light)/6 hours (dark) for the remainder of the grow. 

Auto growers often have their own preferred growing system which works well for them.  Some auto growers even grow the plants under 24-hour light from start to finish, Dutch Passion automatics are stable enough to grow perfectly well even if they never experience darkness. 

Good yields on the auto white widow
Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow

Experimental next-generation LED’s

The other interesting part of this grow is that Tang used some experimental next-generation LED’s.  These are the Philips Luxeon Rebel LED’s, at the moment they are expensive, but they output 50+% more light-per-watt than many of todays standard LED’s. 

The Dutch Passion team saw a demonstration of the Luxeon Rebel LED’s and they were so bright that we had to look away when they were switched on.  Each year the LED industry produces LED’s which produce more light than last years version. 

The continuous improvements in price, performance and efficiency is the reason that Dutch Passion have got involved in LED lights.  LED is starting to become an affordable and realistic option for the home grower, LED produces great quality results, dense hard buds and strong growth.

Dutch Passion AutoWhite Widow

Comments from Tang

“Growing from seed usually throws out a few variations but the buds on these AWW are identical. I started 4 plants with 100% germination but had to remove 1 after a few days because of a leaf mutation. A second plant was removed a little later on so I could focus on the 2 plants with the most potential.”

“The growth both in veg and flower was outstanding with a light schedule of 24/0 for 35 days then 18/6 in bloom.”

“They were grown in 15L Airpots in Plagron Light soil and fed with Advanced Nutrients. The plants dry bud weight was 252g from both plants in 74 days and they were grown under a Grownorthern MS0006 with 1w Philips Rebel upgrades.”

luxeon rebel LED image
more pics of the rebel LED

Above, the Philips Luxeon Rebel LED’s.  A glimpse of the future LED technology trends

Strongest most resin covered autoflower

“This is hands down the strongest most resin covered autoflower I have grown. The smell is very intense both when growing and even more so with a cure. At times my grow room smelt like a bag of Skittles.”

“The taste is lovely and sweet with hints of vanilla and lemon there is also a sharp spicyness. The high is just killer strong with a nice head stone leaving you feeling euphoric and creative for a good 3 hours. Overall this is quick and easy to grow for amazing connoisseur-quality results.”

“I took a couple of buds off 5 days ago and I’m sampling there delights today,it’s a delicious fruity creamy flavour that stays on the pallet and the stone even before cure is knockout.”

“Pre cure weight is in at a total of 252 grams of first class bud., 103g and 149g.”

Heavy and mature LED


Great crop of 250g

This was a special grow for Dutch Passion and Tang.  For Dutch Passion this was one of the first public grows of AutoWhite Widow.  We often launch new varieties with live public grow diaries on the internet, as a seedbank this shows our confidence in our seeds, we don’t think we can be any more transparent than that. 

For Tang this was a great crop of 250g of quality pot from just 170W of LED in 74 days from seed to harvest.  And it is a glimpse into the future of LED technology.

Dutch Joe

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