Meringue indoor grow report by BebopStar

BebopStar is an experienced quality-focussed cannabis grower who posts on the Cannaweed forums. In this grow review, BebopStar grew a photoperiod Meringue feminised cannabis seed indoors in a 20 litre container of Plagron Promix (peat based) soil. The resulting harvest produced some of the frostiest and best looking Meringue buds the Dutch Passion team have recently seen. BebopStar was highly impressed and we think you will be too!

Meringue indoor grow review by BebopStar

A 1m x 1m x 2m indoor grow tent was used along with a 320W LED grow light. The Meringue plant was grown initially in a 1 litre container, then vegged in a 5-litre container and finally bloomed in a 20-litre container of peat-based soil. Cannabis nutrients came from Plagron.

The Meringue plant was progressively topped (meaning that the growing apex was cut off) to produce a bushy multi-stemmed plant. The plant received some low stress training and was tied down to create a level canopy. A SCROG screen was later added for maximum canopy control.

Throughout the grow, BebopStar demonstrated top-class training of the Meringue plant, careful nutrient control, and excellent environmental oversight. Like all serious indoor cannabis growers, BebopStar used LED grow lights for maximised THC levels and an optimised terpene content.

During late bloom, the plant showed an exceptionally dense trichome frosting, a penetrating/pungent aroma and some beautiful autumnal hues as dark purple/blue hues formed on the sticky buds and resin-drenched sugar leaves.

Grow Tent Black Silver 100 x100 x 200cm
Grow Medium Plagron Promix & Clay balls
Nutrients Full Plagron Range: Power Roots, Vita Race, Alga Grow, Sugar Royal, Alga Bloom, Grow Sensation
Container size 1 litre (seedling), 5 litre (day 29), 20 litre (bloom)
Grow light 320W Radeau from LED Fury
Climate Management Prima Klima fans & filter

Meringue in veg with 4 topping sessions

The Meringue cannabis seed was germinated in a 1 litre container of Plagron Promix soil. After 22 days of vegetative growth the Meringue seedling had reached her 5th internode.

She was repotted into a 5-litre container after 29 days. The peat-based soil allowed solid growth and a fast-growing root ball. The abundant white roots were a good sign of plant health and vigour.

The growing tip (sometimes called the plant ‘apex’) was cut repeatedly to produce a bushier ‘topped’ plant. Instead of one dominant bloom surrounded by a ring of smaller blooms, a plant structure had been created which would produce numerous blooms. This required extra veg time, but the result was worth it!

By day-38, the Meringue plant had undergone 2 of her 4 topping sessions. The LED lights were around 45cm from the level plant canopy at this stage and the plants received 18 hours of daily LED light at 60% LED power setting.

By day 44, still in veg growth, the final 2 toppings had been completed and the Meringue now had 8 growth points. Around day-50 she was put in her final 20 litre container of Promix soil with a layer of clay pebbles at the bottom (a technique thought to improve root aeration/health by preventing the lower roots sitting in water-logged soil).

The SCROG screen was added and BebopStar was ideally positioned to watch his Meringue produce a beautiful, frosty bloom phase.

The cannabis vegetative stage, how-to guide

Meringue 12/12 flowering stage

During bloom the lights were set on a 12/12 cannabis light cycle (12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness in each 24-hour daily period) at 100% LED power setting, using the full 320W of power. The distance from the level plant canopy to the lights was 45cm with Relative Humidity (‘%RH’) between 35-50%. During flowering, when blooms are thick and heavy, growers tend to aim for lower %RH levels to minimise chances of mold/bud rot.

Meringue is a hybrid cannabis strain with average stretch and a bloom period of typically 8-9 weeks. She is noted for some of the highest THC levels in the Dutch Passion cannabis seed collection.

THC levels can hit and even exceed 25% in optimised conditions, quality levels possessed by only the finest professionally-bred and expertly-stabilised cannabis strains.

The dense, sticky buds are complemented by an exceptionally sweet, fruity taste/aroma. BebopStar was suitably impressed and made the following comments.

The cannabis flowering stage, how-to guide

Meringue capsizes the hearts of sensitive souls. There are notes of Caramel, Mangoes, berries. Sweet as it can be, it leaves a funny paradox – to mix acidity and bitterness. A gem.

Meringue 84,6g final dry-harvest

The final harvest was around 85g (3 ounces), not a bad result for such extreme potency levels in a medium-sized tent. After 11 days of drying, the buds were cured for 2 weeks.

After eleven dry days, the Meringue was manicured, weighed and then put in a jar. Curing begins. Once a day for fifteen days, open the jars for fifteen minutes. Then patience.

Connoisseur-quality cannabis strains boast the highest THC levels alongside XL harvests and a tongue-tingling terpene profile. Meringue delivers well in all these important areas, BebopStar was particularly impressed with the sweet rich and fruity taste.

The pictures of the buds speak for themselves. Trichome frosting simply doesn’t get much denser and more pleasing to admire than this. The buds are thickly coated in cannabinoid/terpene-rich resin glands to an extent rarely seen. The Meringue plants were grown under the best conditions and were patiently grown and trained by a skilled grower who demonstrated the experience & control to push these pro-grade cannabis seeds to their limit. These were some of the best-looking customer-grown Meringue buds seen for some time. Congratulations to BebopStar on some professional-quality results!

The cheekiness of the omnipresent flavour from the first taste says a lot about Meringue. Of absolute complexity, an aroma of mango stands out accompanied by a festival of bouquets of honey and wild berries. Cheeky!

Dutch Passion’s feedback

Meringue cannabis seeds use some of the finest genetics ever seen by the Dutch Passion team. She is one of the few truly elite strains which qualify for the High THC cannabis seed collection, home only to those truly killer genetics that can hit and exceed 25% THC with brain-numbing regularity.

As such, Meringue is particularly recommended to experienced growers aiming to cultivate the most potent buds under stable, optimised conditions. LED grow lights and supplemental UVA/UVB lights are recommended to bring out the full genetic potential of Meringue.

The Meringue parent genetics come from the USA cannabis legends Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies. Meringue is part of the USA Special cannabis seed collection – strains with elite original USA genetics, loud flavours, pungent aromas, heavy yields and no-nonsense banging effects.

Meringue smoke review by BebopStar

The final comment goes to BebopStar who rates his Meringue buds as some of the very finest he has grown. Anyone looking to buy maximum potency cannabis seeds for their next grow should take note.

The strongest in my collection. Meringue knows no moderation. She must be reserved for times that do not require alertness. A must have.

Growers looking to upgrade to some of the best cannabis genetics currently available should consider adding some Meringue cannabis seeds to their collection.

If you are keen to see more expert-level Meringue grow reviews, check out the links below and remember Meringue is perhaps Dutch Passion’s top cannabis seed recommendation for those seeking maximum potency and Grade-A jar appeal without sacrificing yield.


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