Skywalker Haze indoor autumnal colours show

A perfect 10/10 strain rating was awarded to Dutch Passion Skywalker Haze by Fonzi after growing her, making a smoke review and documenting the grow online at the GrowDiaries forum. Find out why Fonzi says “She’s among the best I’ve grown in 8 years” in the review below and check out some truly beautiful chocolate hues on the Skywalker Haze at harvest.

Skywalker Haze indoor grow report by Fonzi

Overall rating

Seed to harvest
17 weeks

One plant

Dry yield

SANlight EVO 4-80 (250W)

Growing techniques
Defoliation, LST

Skywalker Haze is one of Dutch Passion’s all time favourite Haze strains. A cannabis cup winner, a repeat best selling photoperiod sativa with very high THC levels and stunningly powerful buds.

Indoor bloom time is around 9-10 weeks. That maybe a couple of weeks longer than some strains. But the top-shelf potency levels, the pungent lemony-Haze aroma and the rock-solid consistency from these stable Haze genetics make that wait more than worthwhile to any quality focussed home grower.

Fonzi grew 4 plants under his high quality 250W SANlight LED and watered them manually in his 80cm x 80cm tent using BioBizz nutrients. It’s a compact grow set-up, but these can still deliver excellent harvests whether growing feminised cannabis seeds or autoflower seeds.

Original Skywalker x Amsterdam Amnesia

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Skywalker Haze grow diary by Fonzi

Fonzi germinated his Skywalker Haze feminised seeds using the damp paper towel method. The seeds were placed in soil with some added perlite. Watering was done manually throughout the grow.

The photoperiod Skywalker Haze plant was given a 7 week veg period using the 250W LED, which was shared between 4 plants (3 different strains). That’s a little longer in veg than some growers would allow, but it does ensure a larger plant when bloom does begin and subsequently heaver harvests afterwards.

At one point during veg Fonzi noticed some odd dark patches on the leaves. Fonzi applied extra Calcium/Magnesium nutrients and the plants developed normally afterwards.

Bloom was the point when these exceptional Skywalker Haze genetics really delivered. Not only did the chunky, greasy blooms look genuinely epic at harvest. But the foliage and general plant colour was exceptional, with a kaleidoscope of autumnal hues. Orange, reds, yellow and chocolate hues were splashed around the plant in a delicious looking cascade of cannabis colour. Alongside the 10/10 potency rating is there anything else a connoisseur could want from their cannabis seeds?

The colour fade in bloom…. one of the best I’ve ever had!

I love that slightly trippy feeling in the stomach and chest area after smoking a bowl. It has a very cerebral effect at first. Very euphoric.. and then slowly after about 20 minutes it goes into the body and completely relaxes. You can even fall asleep with it, but it doesn’t pull you down. Great all-round effect.

I’m really excited and have to grow this variety again. The colours and buds alone look great. The plant also looked great at harvest. And if I didn’t have any Ca Mg problems, there would be even more yield.

The Skywalker dried for 4 days at 18 degrees and 40-50% RH and then went into the jars, where it cured at 62%.

Fonzi gave a maximum 10/10 rating to Skywalker Haze. He harvested 60g of cured weed (2.1oz) from his plant, beautiful looking buds with a rich, sticky resin coating. Skywalker Haze is a particularly pungent strain old-school growers will love the penetrating dankness. Fonzi noted that he is restricted to a maximum of 1-2g on the train due to the Hazy stench.

Got lucky with the Skywalker. She’s among the best I’ve grown in 8 years ….

The plant vitality and growth – everything was great. I had some difficulties with Ca Mg but it performed well. The aroma is incredibly delicious and intense! It goes through my Ikea jars.

The flowers have a great consistency. Not too hard, not too fluffy. Firm chunky buds.

Flavour is hard for me to complain about but it’s very sweet. Hints of pineapple. Especially if you separate the buds. Incredibly delicious! Likewise the taste.

When I smoke bowls, I have the smell in my nose all the time. For people who only smoke weed from time to time, this smells even more intense. I take just 1-2g in my bag or the whole train compartment smells.

Skywalker Haze grow conditions

Cannabis seeds: Skywalker Haze

Grow room: 0.7 m²

Grow medium: Soil & perlite

Nutrients: BioBizz

Grow lights: SANlight EVO 4-80 (250W)

Light cycle: 12/12

Light distance: Around 40cm in bloom

Humidity: ~40%

Grow style: Occasional defoliation and LST in early veg

Skywalker Haze flowering pictures by Fonzi

Skywalker Haze special remarks from Dutch Passion

Auto Skywalker Haze grown in 30 litre airpot of coco/light mix with 110g yield of mind-melting buds

Props to Fonzi on one of the best-looking harvest displays the Dutch Passion team have seen in a long time! Despite limited LED power shared between 4 plants the result was genuinely spectacular.

It’s always great to see a seasoned grower award a maximum 10/10 rating to a Dutch Passion strain. But the combo of genuine plant beauty, deep aroma and the trademark crippling potency meant that top marks had been well earned by Skywalker Haze.

Top-shelf potency runs in the family for these elite Skywalker Haze genetics. The autoflower seed version, Auto Skywalker Haze has seen several independent 25%+ THC measurements.

If you’re on the hunt for some next-level cannabis seeds with completely maxed-out THC levels then either Skywalker Haze or Auto Skywalker Haze should fit the bill perfectly! Or jump straight to the staff-selected highest THC cannabis seeds in the entire collection if you want to see all the top THC heavyweights on one page.

Any indoor growers looking to take their harvests to the next quality level may find the following tips useful:

  • Aerated grow containers such as felt grow sacks or air pots produce great results.
  • Use of slow-release organic nutrients such as BioTabs help massively reduce the need for bottled nutrients. For many this greatly simplifies nutrition, avoiding the pitfalls over over/under feeding and subsequently stunted growth.
  • Try to avoid overwatering and over feeding, two of the most common errors, especially by less experienced growers. Digital soil moisture sensors help some growers.
  • Quality LED grow lights are highly recommended, allowing higher cannabinoid levels to be achieved than other types of grow lights as well as rich cannabis terpene profiles.
  • Supplemental UVA/UVB lights are recommended for the last 2-3 weeks of bloom (2-3 hours per day) to maximise terpene/cannabinoid content.
  • Use our expert guide on harvesting, drying and curing cannabis for the very best cured buds!

Skywalker Haze grow diary by Fonzi

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