Dutch Passion autoflower seeds in a greenhouse

Auto Colorado Cookies, Auto Daiquiri Lime and Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

Growing Dutch Passion autoflower seeds in a greenhouse is an easy way to get a fast crop of home grown cannabis. In this weeks northern European greenhouse grow, ‘Budwiser’ grew some of Dutch Passion’s Auto Colorado Cookies, Auto Brooklyn Sunrise and Auto Daiquiri Lime. The original grow diary is here.

These are high THC feminised Dutch Passion autoflower seeds with genetics from the USA, indoors they grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days under 20 hours of daily light. In a greenhouse, they take around 90 days, the slightly longer growth time is because of reduced sunlight hours and cooler evening temperatures which slow plant development.

Some of the plants were grown in airpots inside the greenhouse, and some were planted directly into the ground.

 Preparing the greenhouse for cannabis

The most experienced greenhouse growers know the value of preparing before the seeds are germinated. ‘Budwiser’ improved the quality of the soil by adding organic additives made from Fish, Blood and Bone.

Old, composted horse manure was also added to the soil. Growers should note that too much fresh manure can burn the roots of cannabis plants, its always best to add the manure to the soil a few months before you plant the seeds (or use composted manure).

Germinating cannabis seeds for the greenhouse

Experienced outdoor/greenhouse cannabis growers know that the best way to start the grow is to germinate cannabis seeds indoors, and keep the plants indoors for a few weeks until they are strong enough to cope with the outdoor/greenhouse temperatures.

Budwiser germinated the seeds by soaking them in water for a day and then putting the seeds into small containers of seed compost, all the seeds germinated within 24 hours. Here is a useful cannabis seed germination guide.

When outdoor conditions were poor, and when sun light was in short supply, Budwiser took the plants indoors to his shed where they could enjoy some artificial light. Some outdoor/greenhouse growers cultivate their cannabis seedlings indoors for the first 2-3 weeks to give them the best start, and the largest eventual harvests.

Growing in a greenhouse, easy and fast results

The autoflower seeds grew well, for the first few weeks they grew in size producing plenty of branches and increasing steadily in vertical hight. Buds began to appear after 25-30 days and became gradually bigger as the weeks progressed. Plants grew well whether they were rooted directly into the ground or whether they were grown in airpots.

The grower commented that the Auto Colorado Cookies didn’t respond well to being trained, whereas the Auto Brooklyn Sunrise were easier to train, producing slightly better results and improved lateral growth from side blooms.

The grower also commented that the plants grown in air-pots were ready to harvest slightly before the plants which were grown directly in the earth. Many outdoor/greenhouse growers comment that they tend to get the larger harvests from plants which were planted directly in the ground compared to plants grown in containers.

These heavier plants may also take an extra week to finish simply due to the larger size of the plant.

Easy to grow even in short summers

Autoflowering cannabis tends to reach around waist-high, the plants are easier to hide in your garden, greenhouse or outdoor grow location than larger photoperiod plants. And for people that grow in cooler climates with short summers, autoflowering marijuana varieties can be the best option.

An autoflowering cannabis variety started in May can be ready to harvest in August, this guarantees a mid-summer cannabis harvest. For many cannabis growers at extreme northern/southern latitudes with unpredictable weather auto’s are easier to grow.

This is because the poor weather at the start/end of the season is completely avoided.

Harvesting the greenhouse autoflower crop

The Dutch Passion autos produced some great looking plants. Plants grown in containers will benefit from some additional fertiliser in the last half of the grow when the soil is depleted of its natural mineral content.

But plants grown directly in the ground need no extra fertiliser, growing cannabis couldn’t be any easier. Just remember to water the plants occasionally.

The Auto Brooklyn Sunrise showed a good frosty appearance with some blue/purple shades to the blooms. Its a variety that produces good, fast results outdoors.

Autflower for fast and easy harvest

The Auto Colorado Cookies produced plants with the more typical green buds and heavy yields.  And the favourite was Auto Daiquiri Lime, another heavy yielding and strong variety with a natural Lime flavour and a strong high.

If you have a greenhouse, private garden, polytunnel or simply a good outdoor grow location near your home then think about growing a few autoflower seeds for a fast and easy harvest.

Growing your own cannabis with auto seeds really is easy and fast.

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