Amazing first-time cannabis grow by Billy Wu ‘Think Different’.

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AutoFem varieties continue to attract more and more growers.  They are harvested around 10-11 weeks after germinating the seed whether they are grown indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses.  Some growers prefer them simply because it is such as fast way to grow good quantities of quality weed indoors.  Some growers like them as an outdoor crop which is ready to harvest much earlier than traditional outdoor varieties.

Dutch Passion have also noticed a new trend with AutoFems.  We have seen a surprising number of people that have never grown cannabis before that have decided to start growing using AutoFem seeds.  When we ask these new growers why they chose to start growing with AutoFems the answer is very clear.  New growers feel that AutoFems are simply the easiest way to start growing weed.  The seed is planted and left under a continuous indoor light cycle of 20 hours lights-on followed by 4 hours of darkness.  It is as simple as that.  Around 70 days after germination the plant is cut down and the bud is dried for a week.  The weed they produce is top quality.

Many first time AutoFem growers keep life as simple as possible, they grow in soil and don’t change the plant pot.  So the seed stays in the same plant pot which it was originally planted in.

One first-time grow on the Autoflower Network really impressed us.  A completely new grower called Billy Wu produced a very special Think Different which produced 157g of dry bud.  Billy planted a single seed in soil and left it to grow under his 250W HPS light.  Billy watered the plant and added a few extra nutrients and ended up with a stunning result.  The full grow diary is courtesy of

Extra nutrients are not essential if you are growing in a good sized container, say 15-20, litres you will produce a decent result simply by watering the plant once or twice a week.  The soil will contain enough nutrients.  If you want to keep life simple buy a pre-mixed soil for cannabis growing from one of the many grow-shops or an online supplier.  Or just get a bag of quality compost from the garden centre and if you can add 30% of perlite to the soil to keep it light and aerated.

If you are confident enough to use additional nutrients you may only need to add a ‘bloom’ nutrient during the last half of the grow.  Many of the other additives will help but are not absolutely essential.

Here is first time grower Billy Wu’s summary.

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“The plant was really easy to care for. Not once did I get nutrient burn. There were times where I fed it twice a week and it just soaked it all up. One thing I can say for sure is when grown well, this strain can take a whole lot of nutrients and water to support it’s rapid growth.

Despite not having anything else to compare my experience to in terms of prior grows, I am still able to say that this strain is absolutely fantastic. The smell towards the end of the grow was amazing. It smelt very sweet. It grows very easily under 20/4 HPS with the right conditions and is a brilliant choice for both new growers and experienced growers. I couldn’t be happier with my first grow and I highly recommend this strain

Ease to grow: 10/10 (really, it couldn’t be easier! If I managed to get as much as I did from my first grow ever, how much will I get with my next one?)

Value for seed price: 10/10 (honestly, what more could you ask for? A potent, fast growing, extremely easy to grow and high yielding strain really can’t be topped!)”

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I had a good smoke of it last night, here’s a brief smoke report.  I used it in the vaporizer, it was still quite wet (or incredibly sticky) so grinding it was a pain. After that though, the vape took any remaining moisture out (I use the Volcano classic) which left me with pure THC. Whacked it on heat 9 and had a nice heavy bag of THC 
It was brilliant! Incredibly smooth, actually tasted quite nice and left me with a really heavy high. I was blazed outta my head, it was awesome. The giggling fits part used to describe this strain’s effect are definitely right on! I felt both a head and body high, more head high though. 

Think Different Billy Wu Picture 3Overall, not just saying it because it’s my weed, but this is one the smoothest, best tasting (and smelling) and most potent weed strains I’ve smoked yet. I have normal AK47 to compare it to and the Think Different is definitely an improvement :] It’s smoother, smells and tastes nicer and is very strong. I really, really like it “

The grow from Billy shows how easy it is for the first time grower to get a sizable yield of great quality marijuana by growing AutoFem’s.  If you have never grown your own cannabis before and have been worried that it is too complicated then now is the time to Think Different.

Even with no growing experience at all, AutoFem’s make it easier to grow your own weed than you ever thought possible.  Not only is growing your own weed fun and easy, it is also (more or less) a free way to get a supply of recreational or medical marijuana.  Dutch Passion AutoFem seeds are not that expensive, the 3-seed packets start at €24 and the 7-seed packets start at €50.  And you have just seen how much quality marijuana can be produced from a single seed.  What are you waiting for?  These days anyone can grow their own weed easily.  In fact it is easier than you imagine!

Dutch Joe

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