Auto Blackberry Kush indoor grow report by The Artist

Auto Blackberry Kush grown in a tent with 200W LED in 30l air-pot

This grow review of Dutch Passion Auto Blackberry Kush seeds grow comes from ‘The Artist’, who enjoys cannabis and photography. He has shared other autoflower grow reports with amazing cannabis plant pictures in the past, starting with Auto Orange Bud (indoor) and Frisian Duck (outdoor).

Auto Blackberry Kush (Blue Family) is a fruity Kush variety which often shows dark purple/blue colours. THC levels are sufficiently high enough to qualify her as a member of the special Very High THC cannabis seed collection. These stunning genetics were created by crossing the multiple cannabis cup winning Blueberry with a dark hash plant. Auto Blackberry Kush took 2nd Prize at the 2018 Highlife cannabis cup.

Three Auto Blackberry Kush seeds were germinated. From these, one seedling was selected for onward growth. It was grown under a California Lightworks SolarSystem 275 grow light under 20 hours of daily light from autoflower seed to harvest. This grow light has a maximum power draw of 200W and is roughly equivalent to a 250W HPS.

How to grow cannabis indoors

Auto Blackberry Kush can produce some fast phenotypes that can be finished as early as 9 weeks after seed germination. The Artist had one of the faster phenotypes which grew into a beautifully coloured and heavy yielding plant. The grow cycle was remarkably fast, the plant was  eventually harvested after just 10 weeks.

It was one of The Artist’s most pleasing, beautiful and rewarding grows with a harvest of 150 grams of dried THC rich buds. This is quite an achievement from a single plant in just 10 weeks with only a 200W light. It’s a result of the extremely high quality parent genetics and patient breeding. No wonder Auto Blackberry Kush is one of Dutch Passion’s best selling autoflowering cannabis seeds.

The dark purple colours, fast grow cycle and deeply satisfying effects make this autoflowering seed variety quite unique. The resinous Kush genetics, a fruity, earthy/piney aroma and rich hashy taste make it one of the best selling autoflowers in Dutch Passions collection. The entire grow was monitored and captured in this time-lapse video, which gives a very nice indication of what to expect when growing this variety.

Auto Blackberry Kush® – Time Lapse from Dutch Passion on Vimeo.

Auto Blackberry Kush grown in a tent with 200W LED

Auto Blackberry Kush eye candy

The Artist, like many serious home growers, finds that autoflower seeds produce great results in large air pots with organic grow conditions and a high quality LED grow light. Increasing numbers of home growers are finding that LED offers noticeable quality improvements over HPS grown crops.

The superior LED light spectrum and reduced heat levels ensure inherently higher cannabinoid levels compared to ageing HPS light technology. That’s the main reason people don’t mind spending the extra money on the initial LED grow light investment. The reduced ongoing running costs means LED usually pays for itself in the medium term, especially when replacement HPS bulb costs are considered. LED grow lights should last for around 10 years for most hobby growers before any significant power drop is seen.

Type of grow roomIndoor grow tent with LED lighting, carbon filter, fan and extraction
Size of grow room90 x 90cm
Number of plants1 (Auto Blackberry Kush)
Type / size of pots30 litre Airpot
Type of soil/mediumLight mix soil combined with coco fibre in a 50/50 blend
NutrientsRoot stimulator and BAC grow (early week and veg).
BAC Bloom, and BAC PK booster during flowering.
In the final 1-2 weeks only water was given.
BioTabs were used along with Mycotrex, and Startrex.
Grow technique(s)The Auto Blackberry Kush was allowed to grow naturally under the LED grow light with no training or special grow techniques.
Avg. temperature20ºC – 25ºC generally. Minimum lights-out temperature was 17ºC
Average humidity 55% relative humidity
LightingCalifornia Lightworks Solar System 275. 200W Power draw with a blend of red, blue and white LEDs
Light distanceAround 40cm in bloom

Auto Blackberry Kush nutrient feeding schedule

The Auto Blackberry Kush received gradually stronger nutrients as the grow progressed. The Artist enjoys organically grown cannabis so he used BioTabs slow release organic nutrients during the grow. Root stimulator and BAC grow were used in early veg growth. BAC Bloom, and BAC PK booster were used during bloom. In the last week only water was given as the plants were ‘flushed’. BioTabs were used along with Mycotrex, and Startrex.

Auto Blackberry Kush frosty purple cannabis buds

Auto Blackberry Kush week to week grow pictures

The Artist has not seen an autoflower grow as fast as this Auto Blackberry Kush did. In just a few weeks (especially weeks 4 and 5) you can see the side branches shooting up and growing with great vigour.

They were not far behind the main stem and bud! Often flowering will be visible around week 6 or 7 in most autoflowers. But the Auto Blackberry Kush showed buds forming as early as week 5.

The plant had very few indica-looking small leaves and a very nice internode space between the buds. This made harvesting the plant particularly easy and pleasant. A convenient bonus after such a rapid grow cycle and heavy harvest!

Auto Blackberry Kush week by week grow pictures

During the grow only a few leaves and lower branches from the bottom of the plant were removed.  This allows the plant to focus all its energy on growing heavy top blooms rather than lower ‘popcorn buds’. Other than that, ‘The Artist’ allowed his Auto Blackberry Kush to grow as naturally as possible.

During week 6 you could already see the vivid dark purple colours coming through and contrasting wonderfully with the snow white pistils (hairs) sprouting from the buds. This purple colour was not only visible in the buds, but also under the leaves and on the stems. The bottom of the leaves had a beautiful purple/pink colour, just as you see in other Blue Family varieties such as Blueberry, which was a parent variety used to create this autoflower.

Auto Blackberry Kush resin covered buds

This autoflower is like pure eye candy, with purple buds and leaves developing as early as 5-6 weeks.”

Around weeks 7-8 the autoflower had already finished growing and had reached a height of 1 metre. All the focus and energy now went towards fattening up the buds and producing the characteristic white resin which gives a sticky feel and a silvery appearance to the buds. The buds became larger and denser during the final weeks.

Eventually some branches bowed down under the weight of their own buds. This strain can need supporting at the end of bloom to prevent complete collapse of the heaviest branches. Trichomes covered the entire buds very nicely and added to the weight of the blooms.

Auto Blackberry Kush harvest and smoke report

Auto Blackberry Kush amazing cannabis seeds bag appeal

This plant could have been harvested around week 9, but The Artist decided to push it a bit longer to increase yield and terpenes. Many patient autoflower growers allow an extra week or two at the end of bloom to maximise harvests and create a heavy, powerful effect. This extra week resulted in some fox tailing in the main bud.

Harvesting was a very easy, fast and satisfying process. There were mostly large big buds with a few smaller lower buds. There were very few leaves in the blooms. This made the entire harvest process very easy.

If you’re searching for an easy autoflower seed which is fast to grow and quick to harvest with very high THC levels and unbeatable bag-appeal then look no further. Auto Blackberry Kush seeds are exactly what you are looking for. 

Purple cannabis buds of Auto Blackberry Kush

This was the fastest and biggest yielding autoflower grown by “The Artist” so far, harvesting 150g in just 10 weeks.”

One of the best features of this variety is the amazing connoisseur bag appeal. Your friends will want to stop and savour the remarkable appearance and experience the rich fruity Kush scent.

Unlike most cannabis varieties, the dried buds have a captivating purple/pinkish colour. This smells and looks amazing, pure cannabis eye candy at its finest. It was put in 2 glass jars to cure under under optimised conditions. This allowed the delicious scent to amplify even further over the following weeks.

Buy Auto Blackberry Kush cannabis seeds

Purple coloured buds and leaves on Auto Blackberry Kush

After seeing the speed and quality of the grow it’s easy why this is one of Dutch Passion’s best selling autoflower seeds. Auto Blackberry Kush simply offers so many unique characteristics and is a real pleasure to grow.

THC levels are officially rated as very high. This means that THC levels will vary between 15% and 20%. Growers with optimised conditions such as LED and perhaps UVA/UVB supplemental lights will see THC levels around 20%.

Very few other varieties can boast about the same unique appearance and bag appeal. Auto Blackberry Kush may have taken a long time to breed and stabilise. But the rare qualities on offer make her a one-of-a-kind and she comes with Dutch Passion’s highest recommendations. This indica dominant autoflower strain produces a euphoric high followed by a blissfully relaxing and soothing Kush effect.

Top 5 most popular Kush strains

She is popular with many medical growers as well as recreational users. Expect a hugely enjoyable strong body stone that will last quite some time – great for a late evening on the couch! You will sleep very well afterwards!

Auto Blackberry Kush seeds could be perfect for your next grow. You can buy your seeds online at Dutch Passion.

Auto Blackberry Kush buds curing in a jar

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