Auto Kerosene Krash 20%+ THC indoor grow report

Auto Kerosene Krash 20%+ THC indoor grow report

Auto Kerosene Krash made an impressive debut in 2021 when it registered consistent 20%+ THC levels. That report is here, alongside some equally impressive THC levels from Auto Skywalker Haze.

Auto Kerosene Krash is a perfect strain for those that love a complex terpene profile that tickles your throat as you savour the rich chemical flavours in the sticky buds. As part of the USA Special cannabis seed collection, heavy harvests come as standard alongside the extremely high THC levels. Auto Kerosene Krash seeds are easy to grow, taking around 12 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest. The genetics are a hybrid blend of indica and sativa. This Auto Kerosene Krash grow review comes from the Urban Growers Collective, pictures by Antonio.

Auto Kerosene Krash grow report

VarietyAuto Kerosene Krash
Cannabis seed typeAutoflowering cannabis seeds
Number of seeds 5
Date of germinationLate Nov 2020
Germination rate100%
Days required for germination3-4 days
Length of grow cycle12 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest
Light cycle20 hours of daily light
Stretch during bloomCompact, medium sized autoflower. Minimal stretch
Auto Kerosene Krash organic indoor dense compact rock hard cannabis

Basic grow information

Grow room type Homebox R120
Grow room size 120cm x 90cm
Plant containers 5 plants in a 12 litre root pouches
Grow medium Coco fibre:Light mix soil in a 1:4 ratio
Grow systemWatered by hand
Grow techniqueNatural grow
Grow lightSolarSystem 275 LED grow light (200W max power draw)
Light distance to canopyAbout 45-50cm
Auto Kerosene Krash germination seedling seedshell

Auto Kerosene Krash, uncomplicated during germination and early growth

Remarks during germination :

All 5 seeds germinated as expected within 3 to 4 days. They were transplanted into their 0.25L containers after just 4 days. All seedlings seemed to be healthy, and we did not experience any issues during the germination phase nor during their pre-growth phase.

Out of the 5 seedlings one seemed just a little slower but besides that there was hardly any difference between the plants.

Remarks during vegetative phase :

During their first few weeks the plants grew evenly. 4 of them had pretty broad Indica leaves and the last one expressed a more hybrid leaf pattern. Especially the first 3 bladed leaves seemed to express the thicker Indica style leaves. As with the Auto Skywalker Haze plants, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to keep these plants a little longer in their 0.25L containers than we had planned (and normally do). They were pre-grown in these pots for about 3.5 weeks in total. After that all 5 of them were transplanted into a 12L (or 3 gallon) Rootpouches.

Auto Kerosene Krash autoflower seedlings vigorous green leaves

They were growing next to 8 Auto Skywalker Haze plants that were also transplanted into 12L Rootpouches. The lights used for this grow was the SolarSystem 275 by California Lightworks (200W at full power).

The light was put on a 20/4 light schedule for the entire cycle. Most of the Auto Kerosene Krash plants grew into compact bush type structures with mostly hybrid traits. The leaf structure and plant structure leaned towards a hybrid autoflowering plant, with a few of them showing a little more Indica traits in the leaves.

We really liked the way they were looking at the end of the vegetative period.

Furthermore, they all had a beautiful vivid green colour (mostly dark green) and only one phenotype was a bit lighter green, the one with the more hybrid leaf pattern from the start. We noticed the plants were picking up speed as soon as we transplanted them into the bigger containers. They probably loved the extra rootspace!

Auto Kerosene Krash early resin development flowering plants trichomes dutch-passion

Auto Kerosene Krash in bloom, rich aroma and great trichome production

Once flowering started the plants were still quite compact and it seemed they did not stretch a lot during this phase. Autoflower plants often show massive growth at the end of their vegetative period.

During this last part of growth, they are growing vertically and producing flowers at the same time. Auto Kerosene Krash seemed to stay fairly compact. Most plants finished between 45-60cm in height.

I think they would have become a bit bigger if we didn’t keep them so long in the small 0.25L pots. It wouldn’t surprise us if they would normally become around 75-90cm if grown directly in their big container/pot from the start.

Auto Kerosene Krash bushy autoflower indoor ledgrown early flowering

One thing that we noticed was that all of the plants had early resin development. With only white-haired flowers covering the plants the inner leaves and stems were already showing some good trichome development. Alongside that, the plants also developed a pungent aroma. What also caught our attention early on was that most of the plants showed round-shaped flowers, looking like miniature golfballs. Even though the plants stayed small and compact we had a feeling the yield could become pretty good considering the development of the flowers.

A few weeks later the development of the buds really took off. They were starting to get fatter by the day. Also, the development of the trichomes was really showing some pace. You could see that the sugar leaves were getting coated in resin. One phenotype had a lot of trichomes on the stems of the leaves too.

This looked amazing. All the plants were given strictly organic nutrients, by Biotabs. For those that haven’t tried this organic nutrient line yet, it’s really super easy.

You mix in all the ingredients into the soil and after that you can give clean (tap) water until the end of the cycle. You could even use their liquid Pk Booster or PK Tea as an extra addition, from the moment flowering has started. This will help the development of the flowers and possibly giving you an even better yield.

Auto Kerosene Krash middle of flowering autoflowering strain compact vigorous cannabis plant

Two of the plants had a perfect bushy stature, these were our favorites. Two others had a more open structure, they had a hybrid structure with a slightly bigger internodal distance. One was a solid combination of Indica and Sativa genes and the buds of this plant tend to be the biggest and heaviest.

Resin development was very good on all plants and at the end of the flowering period they were pretty sticky and pungent. Most of them leaned towards a more earthy/gassy/piney aroma.

During this period, it was best to not touch them because your fingers/arms would get stinky and you had to use oil and good soap to get rid of the aroma.

Auto Kerosene Krash indoor grow cannabis plant bushy auto resin compact buds easy to trim high thc

All of the plants had pretty strong and sturdy stems. They absolutely had no trouble keeping the buds upright. A very solid structure which makes her a great candidate for a SOG grow. We thought it was a shame there were only 5 of them in the grow room because the Auto Skywalker Haze plants seemed a bit more stretchy and less homogenous.

We believe if we would have had a full tent with 12 of these compact Auto Kerosene Krash plants the results could have been massive! The buds didn’t become the biggest in size, but the density was very good. Rock-hard for some of the more compact phenotypes.

The buds were so compact that you could not easily squeeze them. A very solid organically grown auto flower, just beautiful!

Auto Kerosene Krash hybrid indica potent resinous trichomes sticky weed budshots

Harvest report for Auto Kerosene Krash

Final Height in cm :

All 5 plants averaged around 50 to 60cm. Some of them had a perfect bushy structure with a central head cola surrounded by many side blooms. These side blooms became very dense and compact, even the lower buds were not fluffy at all.

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no) :

Auto Kerosene Krash has a favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio, her blooms are compact and don’t have many leaves in them. This makes the manicuring phase pretty quick and straightforward.

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

The quality of these autoflower buds is again very high, there is nothing that shows that these flowers are lower in quality compared to buds from photoperiod feminised or regular cannabis seeds or even buds coming from clones. These new autoflowers mark a new period for cannabis growers that are looking for quick auto harvest but don’t want to miss out on high cannabinoid levels and a complex terpene profile. The high of this strain is both physical and mental and leaves you stoned for a long period.

Auto Kerosene Krash budshot 420 weed ganja ripe cannabisbud ledgrown dense flowers

The level of resin on these flowers is also outstanding, and they look absolutely stunning. Medium green coloured buds with light orange pistils and a thick layer of trichomes, who can say no to that?

Her aroma is pretty unique, ranging from gassy, chemical and herbal to more piney, woody and earthy tones. Its aroma is definitely very powerful and pungent!

It is something to take in consideration if you don’t want your neighbours to find out your growing marijuana. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any fruity phenotypes amongst these 5 plants, but we were still very happy with the end-result.

Grower opinions of Auto Kerosene Krash

Yield :

The yield of these 5 plants ended up at 145g of dried buds. The biggest plant yielded just under 50 grams and the second best was 40. The other three which were a bit smaller yielded around 20g per plant on average.

Knowing these 5 plants had been growing alongside 8 other Auto Skywalker Haze plants the average yield of almost 30 grams per plant was pretty high. If we do some quick math, we could have had around 13x 30 = 390g in 1m2 tent with only 200w of light, that’s actually pretty damn good!

Auto Kerosene Krash autoflowering compact tree ready-to-harvest

Remarks after curing :

The buds were smelling great after a few weeks of curing. Of the 5 plants we seemed to have a few different phenotypes. Our 2 favourite plants were #1 and #3, these had a gassier character, with some earthy/chemical and herbal notes. These were all the most pungent plants. The other 3 leaned towards a more piney, earthy, woody aroma and after a few weeks of curing these piney notes became most dominant. The buds of the two favourite plants remained very gassy and earthy even after a few weeks of cure.

Auto Kerosene Krash 23 percent THC dried cannabis flower
Aroma★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Taste★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Effect★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Bag appeal★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Overall rating★★★★½ (4,5 stars)

Overall rating (5 star rating):  4.5 star. We think the pungent aroma and the high resin levels make these flowers really stand out. And best of all these buds definitely pack a punch!

Auto Kerosene Krash flower resinous trichomes high thc cannabinoid terpenes

Special Remarks

Auto Kerosene Krash was really easy to grow. All the plants were strong self-supporting bushes with thick and compact flowers. The flowers were covered in a sticky, dense layer of trichomes.

Working with the full Biotabs line made this grow a walk in the park. New growers that are looking for an organic nutrient line which is simple yet very effective should definitely give this a go.

It is super easy to set up and once you have put all the important ingredients into the soil you can lean back (and don’t worry about nutrient deficiencies or excesses) and just make sure they receive enough water each day. It gives great results, quality, and quantity wise. And organically grown bud really has the best and most complex taste!

Auto Kerosene Krash dutch passion budshot resinous flower cannabisbud

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