Auto Orange Bud delivers 265g dry haul in 85 days!

Auto Orange Bud delivers 265g dry haul 85 days from autoflower seed to harvest 14

In this week’s Dutch Passion customer grow review, we bring you some hugely impressive pictures of Auto Orange Bud pushed to her glorious limits by TeeHee. TeeHee is a quality focussed indoor cannabis grower who routinely pulls 200g+ harvests from Dutch Passion autoflower seeds. His technique uses powerful LEDs combined with the excellent combination of Airpots (highly aerated grow containers) and coco fibre grow medium.

The 265g (9.3 ounces) haul of dry buds required 85 days of indoor growth in TeeHee’s 1.2 x 1.2 (4 ft x 4 ft) tent. Auto Orange Bud uses cannabis cup winning genetics from Dutch Passion’s original Orange Bud and delivers 20%+ THC levels alongside a mouthwatering sweet, rich citrus taste. She is one of Dutch Passion’s premium quality autoflower seeds and one of the few autoflowering strains which combines genuine connoisseur quality with outrageous XXL yields. Enjoy the grow!

Auto Orange Bud indoor grow diary by TeeHee

Cannabis seeds

Auto Orange Bud (autoflower)


25 litre Airpot (from ~day 14 onwards)

Grow type

Indoor grow tent (1.2m x 1.2m x 2m)

Grow medium

Coco fibre

Grow cycle

85 days with 20 hours of daily light

Grow lights

4x Skyline 400 LEDs (200W each, 800W total power draw)

Dry yield

265 grams (9.3 ounces)

Seed germination

Canna Coco Professional Plus, soaked with an EC 0.7 mix of House and Garden’s Cocos A&B. Along with some Roots Excellurator, some Cal Mag and a dash of Nitrogen Boost.

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion autoflowering auto flower bud shot highthc cannabis smoke grow review

Auto Orange Bud seeds germinated in hot Aussie conditions

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion seedling veg growth cannabis plant indoor

TeeHee gets great results combining large Airpots with coco fibre. Coco fibre is a highly aerated grow medium that allows rapid root growth. Many find that growing cannabis in coco fibre is also easy, often requiring just a simple 2-part nutrient blend for much of the grow.

Like all serious indoor cannabis growers TeeHee is a committed fan of LED grow lights. Growing in the often-hot Australian climate means that LED’s (with their reduced heat output compared to HPS) are also a smart option for many indoor growers.

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion vegetative phase indoor growing weed marijuana

All getting off to a good start, despite it being 31°C in the tent. While the rest of the east coast has been enjoying offshore cyclones, torrential rain and flash flooding for a couple of months, we have just been ROASTING.

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion seedling veg growth cannabis plant indoor

Although TeeHee couldn’t identify a specific cause, he felt that his Auto Orange Bud didn’t appear entirely happy during the first few weeks. After some defoliation and a few days additional growth & feed, the Auto Orange Bud began to look better.

Sometimes this happens to younger plants, but it’s always good advice to persevere even if your plant appears to be going through a difficult stage. In just a few weeks, the Auto Orange Bud would boast numerous heavy blooms!

The Orange Bud has always been a bit moody. Even on day 13 she was looking a little droopy at the tips. On day 21, she was looking a bit bigger, but maybe a little moodier than before. So once again, I cut off a few lower fans and a couple from the top to let the new shoots get some light… I think you’ll agree she looks a bit happier today.

Temperature concerns…but Auto Orange Bud continues strong growth

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion preflower indoor airpot led grown coco grow weed pictures

Auto Orange Bud is known for her toughness and resilience. These features also make her a popular cannabis seed choice with outdoor growers. In this indoor grow, TeeHee noted some possible concerns over temperatures getting a few degrees above optimum.

Probably the only issue at the moment is a bit of early heat stress as indicated by the upturned serrated edges of the leaves… Having that floor fan is not enough now, so I put a couple of smaller clip fans up above the canopy. Although it’s ‘winter’ here, it’s still 25°C plus! She was growing OK before, just her leaves looked a bit strange last time. I changed nothing, apart from her position in the tent, I just carried on giving the same mix I’ve been giving for the last few weeks.

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion grow review blog report by teehee uk420 monster autoflower seeds early flowering

Auto Orange Bud grows in the classic Dutch Passion autoflower style, with a dominant large central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller side blooms. Growers that deliver consistently high PPFD light levels across the canopy, with minimal shading, achieve the heaviest yields.

In the high-light conditions supplied by TeeHee, Auto Orange Bud grew rapidly with the trademark vigour producing numerous leaves and shoots. Eventually, TeeHee was obliged to defoliate his plant, allowing better light penetration to lower bud points.

Lots of nice stems forming, but she needs a good defoliation lower down. She’s certainly stretching a bit and the bud sites are forming nicely. Again, lots of stringy undergrowth removed, and she’s all set for flowering now.

Yesterday I finally received a bottle of H&G Top Booster… Basically PK13/14, so I got on with feeding them some immediately and will continue on the PK for another 5-6 days, then hopefully 3-4 weeks on normal feeds to finish off.

Auto Orange Bud autoflower genetics middle flowering phase buds cannabis pictures

Auto Orange Bud exceeds expectations with a 265g (9.3 oz) harvest!

Despite some temperature worries and the need to defoliate, the Auto Orange Bud produced a superb looking final plant with numerous heavy blooms. The buds were sticky and sparkled with copious resin production. This was an impressive grow and a dream result for most home growers, though for TeeHee this huge Auto Orange Bud was a typical Dutch Passion result.

The final words go to TeeHee, congratulations on a stunning grow!

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion autoflower genetics orange family weed ganja budshot frosty cannabis

That Auto Orange Bud is HUGE… If only she had a tent to herself, I think she would have filled it. The pictures don’t do her justice – she’s got quite a few nice long colas developing. Really looking forward to the next few weeks when these buds really start to pack some weight and more trichomes!

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion flower pics budshot indoor grown weed thc strong cannabis potent

On the 26th of June (day 85) I chopped the Auto Orange Bud. She was really smelly, and I managed to fill 3 boxes with her long stems. All very sticky and nice hard buds.

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion macro photography frosty buds cannabis pictures blog review by teehee uk420

Because I stripped away any stringy shit during the grow, it was pretty much all solid bud. I only kept grade A for weighing and jarring for 4 weeks cure, anything not passing quality control was saved to make coconut oil with at some stage.

Starting with Orange Bud. Here’s the complete haul after 2 weeks of hanging on stems….That’s 9.4oz or 265.5g ready to jar up! Here’s a couple of shots after 2 weeks in jars…. They’re not wrong about it being ‘Orange’ bud…

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion nugs buds dried flowers autoflower harvest indoor grown led

Other grow reports from TeeHee

Auto Orange Bud Dutch Passion nugshots dried buds weed ganja marijuana cannabis pictures

Other grow reports from TeeHee

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