Auto Daiquiri Lime grow review

Grown in 20L airpots of coco under LED grow lights

In this weeks grow TeeHee grew a 13 ounce / 380g Auto Daiquiri Lime plant indoors, producing a spectacular result. TeeHee specialises in growing large plants under intense LED grow lights. Here is one of his previous grows with Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, featuring a 500g Auto Daiquiri Lime.  

Auto Daiquiri Lime feminized autoflower seeds

Auto Daiquiri Lime is one of Dutch Passion’s heaviest yielding autoflowering cannabis seed varieties. In this weeks grow she was given 24 hour daylight from seed to harvest, finishing on day 96. Normally this variety is available to harvest from day 75, but some growers like to leave her for an extra 2-3 weeks to get maximum harvest quantity.

The genetics came from a special high potency Californian Orange mother plant which was crossed with a heavy yielding clone only Sour Diesel breeders cutting. The autoflowering hybrid is Auto Daiquiri Lime, she has rich and deep aromas with string scents of fuel and citrus lime. Its a high THC variety with plenty of resin on the buds, great for producing cannabis oil.

Autoflower seed cultivation in coco fibre and airpots

TeeHee planted the autoflower seeds and they grew steadily in the coco fibre grow medium. Coco fibre combined with air pots offer a highly oxygenated root medium which allows rapid growth and a large root ball. TeeHee removed some of the large fan leaves during early bloom around day 30. Although some cannabis growers dislike leaf removal, it does allow direct light to reach lower bud points allowing lower blooms to grow and swell. TeeHee grows under 24 hour light with no dark periods, this is the fastest way to grow autoflowering cannabis varieties but it can’t be done with low quality autoflower marijuana seeds.  

Autoflower seeds grown under LED grow lights

As the Auto Daiquiri Lime stretched vertically during early bloom she also started to grow horizontally with plenty of side blooms. One characteristic of Dutch Passion autoflower seed genetics is the dominant central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller side blooms. Under good conditions each side bloom can contribute 10-20g+ of dry buds to the final harvest. The grow light came from LED Hydroponics. This is one reason why growers with high intensity grow lights such as LED prefer to grow with premium quality autoflower seeds. The extra work that goes into the breeding allows for XXL results at harvest as well as superior quality levels.

The original grow diary is here on UK420. TeeHee used LED grow lights from Quantum LED. Throughout the grow the Auto Daiquiri Lime plant grew steadily vertically and horizontally. Nutrient concentrations are increased steadily throughout the grow, the secret to growing monster autoflower plants is to avoid overfeeding and under-feeding the plants. Other important considerations are to use intense light without high temperatures, which is why so many home growers are switching to LED. And of course you need to select the best quality autoflower seeds that you can buy. You can read hundreds of customer grow reviews from happy Dutch Passion customers online in the searchable Dutch Passion blog section. No other seed company has as many grow reviews for you to refer to before you buy your seeds. 

Easy cannabis growing with Dutch Passion autoflowering cannabis seeds

By the end of the grow the Auto Daiquiri Lime had multiple blooms, all were heavy and covered in trichomes. The early defoliation had allowed good growth and development of the blooms and a heavy harvest. The 380g final harvest is a great result, especially when you consider that this grow was simply coco fibre in an airpot rather than a complicated hydroponic system. It’s another very successful grow with Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, coco fibre, LED grow lights and airpot containers. Lots of autoflower growers use this combination and achieve great quality results.

If you are looking to grow a small number of autoflower seeds and want to get XXL results with high THC levels then Auto Daiquiri Lime is an excellent choice. It’s one of the highest quality and highest yielding autoflower seeds in the Dutch Passion collection. Its also very easy to grow in any grow medium, with any grow system with great results. 

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  • How would this daiquiri lime perform outdoors? I got some in my dutch passion fruity mix pack. Tempted to go outdoors with this one

    • The Auto Daiquiri Lime performs quite well outdoors. Even in the Netherlands if you grow them at the right time in the summer she will deliver some nice and tasty buds 🙂

      Dutch Joe


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