Auto White Widow CBD and Auto Mazar

Outdoor grow in Wales

Tough autoflower seeds for demanding conditions

This weeks customer grow review comes from ‘Maffro’ who grew Auto White Widow CBD and Auto Mazar in the Welsh hills during the summer of 2017. The plants were started indoors under 24 hour light and planted outdoors as seedlings when they were a week or two old.

Because the ground is very boggy, with low quality soil Maffro grew the autoflower seeds in containers to maximise the chance of a successful harvest. Growing cannabis outdoors in Northern Europe is difficult, and the summer of 2017 was marked by a hot sunny June, followed by progressively cloudier and colder weather as the summer progressed.

In the Welsh hills the summer can be very wet and windy, meaning that cannabis varieties have to be fairly tough to survive.

 Autoflowering cannabis

The easy way to grow cannabis outdoors

In the northern hemisphere, photoperiod cannabis seeds are often harvested during October. In some climates October can be cold and damp, meaning that photoperiod varieties can struggle to finish and are at threat of bud rot if left out too long.

Autoflower seeds can be a great alternative for growers with short summers, they take around 3 months from germination to harvest. This means that they can be harvested in August (for northern hemisphere growers), before the bad weather arrives.

For many outdoor growers with cool climates autoflowering cannabis varieties are the best bet of a secure harvest. Simply select the 3 best months for summer weather and use that time to grow your autos. In northern Europe, many autoflower growers start their seedlings indoors under 24 hour light during May and plant them outdoors at the start of June after the last frost.

This results in an August harvest. Growers in the southern hemisphere often plant their auto seedlings outside at the start of December and harvest them during February.

Tough, high THC autoflower seeds for indoor or outdoor growing

Auto Mazar is one of the better performing outdoor autos, she is tolerant to cold weather and low light conditions. Indoors she takes around 75 days from seed to harvest, outdoors the cooler weather means she takes around 90-100 days.

Auto Mazar is also pest resistant and able to produce a harvest in conditions that would be too difficult for other varieties. In this weeks grow, Maffro saw his Auto Mazar plants reaching well over a metre tall and producing a decent yield for the cool conditions.

Its a strong variety, with a powerful anti-anxiety THC rich smoke and good yields.

Auto White Widow CBD and Auto Mazar

CBD rich autoflower seeds for indoor and outdoor growing

CBD Auto White Widow is a CBD rich autoflowering cannabis variety. She produces around 10% CBD and around 10% THC in the dry buds. Its a popular variety for medical growers, the smoke/vape produces a very smooth, mellow and pleasing high and a strong body stone.

The high is not as intensely psychoactive as other THC rich Dutch Passion varieties, many medical growers prefer this and enjoy the elevated CBD levels for the strong physical effects. Since CBD-rich autoflower seeds became available many medical growers find it easy to grow their medical marijuana outdoors or in greenhouses.

Of course it is easy to grow CBD rich photoperiod cannabis varieties, but autoflowering versions can be grown in any outdoor climate. In this grow review, CBD Auto White Widow produced slightly smaller plants than Auto Mazar, but they still produced respectable yields given the tough conditions in which they were grown.

Tips and advice for growing autoflower seeds outdoors

  1. Start the seeds indoors under 24 hour light and let them grow for 2-3 weeks if possible. These ‘ideal’ conditions allow the autoflower seedling the best possible start, away from the worst of the weather and pests.
  2. If possible prepare the growing plot, dig in good quality soil/manure to prepare and improve the soil before you put the plants outdoors.
  3. Use plenty of slug pellets around the base of the plant. Slugs and snails, especially in damp climates, can devastate a cannabis crop in just a few days. Many growers re-apply the slug and snail pellets throughout the growing season to maintain protection from pests
  4. Use garden wire (‘chicken wire’ to make a small protective barrier around your plants to keep away animals such as rabbits, goats and deer.
  5. Check your plants, especially if they need extra water during a dry spell of weather.

Growing autoflower seeds outdoors easily

In warm mediterranean climates its possible to get 3 successive outdoor crops during a year. Even if you have very short summers you should be able to find a warm 3 month period to grow yourself a good quality auto crop outdoors.

This weeks grow shows that you can grow autos even in the toughest conditions. Its easy to grow cannabis outdoors with auto seeds, even if you have a cool climate. If you can’t grow your own cannabis indoors, then consider growing yourself a few autos outdoors.

The Dutch Passion autoflower seed collection is one of the best available, with numerous fully proven THC rich and CBD rich autoflower seeds. Try growing a couple outdoors this summer and see how easy it is.

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