AutoBlackberry Kush grow review

AutoBlackberry Kush grow review

Grown in coco fibre under LED grow light

This weeks blog is about an AutoBlackberry Kush grow review. Its an indica dominant feminized auto that can produce bushy, productive plants thanks to the numerous long blooms.  The variety has a strong penetrating aroma, and often comes with purple red colorations.  The original grow diary is here

AutoBlackberry Kush responds to high light levels by producing large numbers of side blooms, the number of blooms can surprise growers, especially in optimum environmental conditions.  This previous AutoBlackberry Kush grow review shows the extreme potential for high yields, especially with good levels of side lighting.

Coco fibre – a great way to grow THC-rich autos

Coco fibre is becoming increasingly popular as a growing medium for home growers.  Lots of Dutch Passion customers get great results using coco fibre.  For many growers coco means better yields and speed than soil.   But for many growers coco seems less complicated and demanding than some forms of hydroponics, such as deep water culture (DWC) and nutrient film technique (NFT).

Coco fibre is also a great option for auto growers, the open fibrous structure of the coco allows rapid growth.  AutoBlackberry Kush grows well under 20 (or even 24 hours) of daily light, the rapid rates of growth above ground have to be supported by an extensive root network below ground.

The grower, ‘icewater 421’ filled the bottom of his plant container with a layer of perlite at the bottom and some clay pebbles on the surface.  The perlite lower layer is a technique used by some growers to maximise root aeration.

The idea is to prevent the lowest roots sitting in damp coco fibre and to maximise the amount of oxygen uptake from the lowest roots.  Some growers put an airstone at the bottom of their container of coco fibre, this supplies the roots with extra oxygen from an external air pump.  Use of an air-stone can turbo-charge an already fast coco grow system.

The clay pebbles on the surface of the coco is a technique which can help retain moisture levels within the coco, and prevent the top layer of coco drying out.  Many coco lovers find that a layer of clay pebbles on the surface allows the roots to use all the available coco fibre, even the upper layers which are often dry.

Heavy cannabis harvests

Icewater421 grew a very healthy looking green phenotype of AutoBlackberry Kush.  This may not have quite the dramatic appearance of the red/purple phenotype, but some growers feel that this is compensated for by extra potency on the green phenotype.

The growing tip of the plant was cut, although this is an unusual technique it can create extremely bushy autos.  The normal Dutch Passion autoflower development is with a dominant central bloom surrounded by ring of smaller blooms.  When the main growing tip is removed the growth is instead focussed on the side blooms, which grow larger than normal.

This seems especially true for the more vigorous growing auto lines such as AutoBlackberry Kush.  The plant took 78 days from seed to harvest, and was grown under a 400W HPS and a 220W LED.  Many HPS growers report impressive results when mixing LED alongside HPS.  Nutrition came from Advanced Nutrients and Sensei Line nutrients..

Comments from Icewater

“The smoke is a very pungent floral smell herb has nice colour through out the buds .I can smell it in next room when I open the jar, lol. High is pretty strong very relaxed and great for the end of day unwinding feel good herb.

“Nugs are nice and dense beautiful hues through out them. That was my last seed too from a pack of seven. The store I buy seeds from is now closed too. So I really had the intention to make this last seed really count”.

Any grower looking for a productive indica dominant auto should give AutoBlackberry Kush a try.  She is one of Dutch Passions fastest growing autos and can deliver XL harvests even in the hands of new growers.  Whats more, she has a great taste, strong rich aroma, and a powerful high.

The Kush genetics are a little tougher and more forgiving than most, this variety is easy to grow under a range of conditions but she will really excel in the hands of an experienced grower that can deliver ideal conditions.

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