AutoMazar & Think Different 800g harvest

think different & AutoMazar

Dutch Passion AutoMazar and Think Different

This week we see Dutch Passion AutoMazar and Think Different grown in coco fibre in an indoor HPS grow system by ‘Couchslouch’.

Six AutoMazar plants produced 495g of dry buds and 4 Think Differents gave 305g, here is the story of Couchslouch’s adventure with two of Dutch Passion’s best selling AutoFem’s.

The original grow diary is here on the popular UK420 growers forum.

think different & automazar

A beautiful SCROG canopy of Dutch Passion AutoMazar and Think Different.

24h light for seedlings

Couch grew his plants in coco fibre using 11 litre pots. He began the seedlings under 24 hour light from a metal halide 400w light. As the Seedlings grew stronger and bigger some went under a 1000w HPS and the remainder went into a separate tent with a 600w HPS where they had 20 hours of daily light.

Plants were fed daily with a standard ‘House& Garden’ coco nutrient.  After 11 weeks the plants were chopped down and dried.  Couchslouch enjoyed a harvest of 800g (28 ounces) of top quality cannabis.  Here are the comments and advice from Couchslouch himself.

think different

Think Different – lots of heavy blooms, a top quality ‘up’ high.

think different

Think Different – a home growers delight, strong weed and lots of it.

SCROG net to level out the buds

Q.  How would you compare AutoMazar and Think Different? Do you have any comments or preferences?

A. They were both pretty straight forward to grow. The Think Different is possibly a bit more sensitive, I managed to shock my plants (nutrient burn) early on and the AutoMazar bounced back quicker than the Think Different.

I trained my plants into a SCROG net to level out all the buds, which worked well giving very even dense buds with no popcorn. There was a fair bit of variation in the size and stretch of the plants with both strains so training in a net evened the canopy out.

I grew these using coco in 11 litre pots and the roots had circled the pots but had not fully penetrated the middle. next time I’d use 6 litre pots. I had 7 plants in a 1.2 m² tent – next time I’d put 9 plants in, maybe even 12


AutoMazar – old fashioned heavy yield & heavy hitting.

Strong indica ‘stone’

Q. What about the smoke. How would you compare AutoMazar and Think Different ?

A.  They are both lovely smokes with good taste and smell. I like them both but the Think Different is a bit more an everyday functional smoke and the AutoMazar more for chilling on the sofa.

The AutoMazar is a strong indica ‘stone’, a little hit gives a nice functional high but it doesn’t take much to glue you to the sofa. I like in a vaporizer as it’s a lighter hit. I don’t smoke it in the week as I find it a bit heavy next morning.

The Think Different is a much more uplifting smooth hybrid high, not too heavy and without a hangover next day. There’s some lovely fruity smells and tastes.


AutoMazar – buds and more. Lots of repeat growers love her

An amazing year for AutoFem’s

Q. What was the most interesting thing that you learned about auto’s during your grow?

A. That they produce proper weed and give reasonably good yields, they’ve come of age after some years of breeding. I think they’re a great way to get quality bud in just 10 weeks or so using a single grow space.

2012 has been an amazing year for AutoFem’s.  The best quality varieties really are a solid alternative to traditional varieties these days, but be careful which seedbanks you buy from since there are still lots of poor AutoFem’s being produced by the lower quality breeders.

It has taken Dutch Passion several years of intensive breeding to get performance levels to the current standards.  As you can see from this weeks blog, the best auto’s yield well and deliver great quality weed as well.

Congratulations go to Couchslouch for a very special grow!  We hope it has inspired other growers to see what they can achieve with AutoFem’s.

Dutch Joe

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couchslouch data table

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