AutoXtreme review by JTang

AutoXtreme review by JTang

AutoXtreme is Dutch Passion’s latest high-performance AutoFem variety.  It grows from seed to harvest in around 85 days producing huge quantities of very strong cannabis. 

Before the seeds were released to the public JTang from Autoflower network grew and harvested a staggering 303g of dry bud from a single plant grown in soil. 

This is the story of that epic grow diary and the story of Dutch Passion’s latest AutoFem.  The full grow diary has only just finished and already has over 10,000 internet views and is courtesy of

AutoXtreme was a venture into the unknown for Dutch Passion.  It was our first 12 week (~85 day) auto, designed to grow larger and yield more than the average auto.  It was also a ‘joint venture’ with Dinafem seeds of Spain, a talented team of Spanish breeders who share the same quality focus that we do. 

AutoXtreme review by JTang

AutoXtreme at harvest.  Branches are tied to the main stem to prevent collapse

Internet grow diaries

Internet grow diaries are becoming a regular and popular part of Dutch Passion’s new transparent style and they are a sign of our confidence in the quality of the new varieties we are producing. 

Anyone that has seen Dutch Passion’s other AutoFem’s will understand why we are so confident.  A good modern auto produces cannabis that is just as potent as a quality traditional variety, and often with yields that can be substantially higher than growers might expect from a traditional variety.

AutoXtreme uses very strong parent genetics from OutLaw, a cross of Super Haze with an elite Amnesia Haze specimen.  The 85 day life cycle allows for the development of a top quality high and seriously heavy yields.

AutoXtreme review by JTang

AutoXtreme central bloom, heavy with resin and buds.


JTang grew AutoXtreme in a 14 litre soil container called an airpot.  Airpots are similar to conventional plant pots but with numerous air-holes in the side to allow for better root aeration and growth. 

JTang  grew a single plant under two LED panels from Grow Northern LED which used 180W each.  The AutoXtreme grew into a beautiful Christmas tree structure with a huge central bloom surrounded by a ring of large and heavy side blooms. 

JTang had to tie each side bloom to the central stem to prevent them collapsing under their own weight.  The weight of the dried bud was 303g, a fantastic achievement which shows that soil-growers, as well as hydro growers, can achieve spectacular results with a good quality modern auto. 

nice nug of AutoXtreme

A tasty nugget of AutoXtreme ready to be enjoyed.

Comments from JTang

“My overall impression of AutoXtreme, she was a joy to grow from start to finish she gave me zero problems apart from the buds being heavy and needing support… but that’s not really a problem. The aroma is quite unique and took me a while realise what it smells of it’s kind of like a well known menthol vapour rub (called ‘Vicks’) and coconut milk….delicious”

“My advice would be If you want to grow her to full potential use a big (15 -20L) Airpot and get some string (to support the branches) because the buds get heavy and she is quite tall. She would do well with ScrOG and I’m watching a grow now where she is taking well to LST. She was thirsty when in full bloom too drinking 3L a day. I feed daily and at the highest the EC (nutrient concentration) was 2.0 “

Taste test

“I have had a little taste test in the vaporizer and it packs a punch already. I’ve recently grown Outlaw which is the photoperiod parent strain and the buzz is very similar with an initial heavy head hit mellowing into a soaring sativa high…just lovely. The pre cure taste is a hazy lime, 3 or 4 weeks she will taste amazing I’m sure.”

“Dutch Passion have done it again with this strain. there collaboration with Dinafem is an Autofem groundbreaker as Think Different was before her. I’m really looking forward to seeing people grow this strain in different mediums and outdoors.”

AutoXtreme under LED

AutoXtreme under the Grow Northern LED system


High resin & very productive

AutoXtreme is highly resinous and very productive, she will grow well in any grow environment and has the potential to deliver the heaviest yields of top quality pot.  She can reach around 1.5m tall and the branches will need supporting towards the end of the life cycle due to the extreme levels of bud production. 

She will suit experienced auto growers looking for XXL yields and is easy enough to suit new growers too.  She will perform well indoors or outdoors, this is a top quality new addition to Dutch Passions range of AutoFem’s and she comes with our highest recommendations.  This is an auto that you really should not miss! 

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