Blue Auto Mazar autoflower seeds

Grown in coco fibre with HPS light

In this weeks customer grow review Blue Auto Mazar was grown under a 600W HPS in a coco fibre substrate. It was an impressive display of home growing, and shows how well the best autoflowering cannabis seed varieties perform.

It’s a feminized autoflower seed, she grows from seed to harvest in around 75 days indoors with a 20/4 light schedule. This means that the autoflower seed grows under 20 hours of daily light followed by four hours of darkness.

Genetics come from crossing two heavyweights, Auto Mazar and Auto Blueberry. Because the parent genetics are very stable prizewinning varieties, the resulting seeds are also stable, THC rich and heavy yielding.

Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds

Easily in 15 litre airpots of coco fibre

The plant was grown by ‘Vova’ with his own custom blend of coco fibre made up of the following ingredients:

  • 60% coco
  • 20% fine perlite
  • 10% worm castings
  • 5% Guano
  • 5% Calcium/Magnesium supplement

Nutrients came from Plagron, Cocos A & B. In addition, Germination and rooting additives were used, along with Enzymes (to recycle dead root material), PK boost for bloom, pH controllers and Yield/Taste additives.

Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds in air pots of coco fibre is becoming a very popular way to grow large cannabis plants quickly and easily.

HPS and MH lighting

Options for growing autoflower seeds

Once the seed had germinated the lighting came from a 600W MH Cool Deluxe 195 PAR light. The blue dominant light spectrum is ideally suited for the mostly vegetive growth during the first month of an autoflower life cycle.

Many people that grow feminized photoperiod seeds also use a metal halide light for vegetive growth. Then a 600W Super HPS Deluxe 358 PAR light was used for subsequent bloom. This provided a red dominant light which is better suited to bloom.

Thought the grow, the plants received 20 hours of daily light. Grow room temperatures varied from 18ºC – 28ºC, humidity was 40-70% RH. Often growers of Dutch Passion autoflower seeds try to minimise RH (relative humidity) towards the end of bloom, this minimises the possibility of mold in heavy yielding plants. Nutrient pH was set at 5.5, and nutrient EC was 1.5-2.5.

Indoor cultivation

Blue Auto Mazar autoflower seeds

The Blue Auto Mazar reached around 1.4m tall, taller than average thanks to the optimised grow room conditions. The light coco fibre based grow medium provided an open and well oxygenated root environment. In turn, this allowed rapid growth of the cannabis root network which is essential to support a large and heavy yielding plant above ground.

During bloom the Blue Auto Mazar produced lots of cannabis buds on all the branches, its an XL yielding variety with lots of THC rich resin coating the sticky buds.

Life cycle of Blue Auto Mazar

From autoflower seed to harvest

The 75 day average growth cycle can be split into 3 roughly equivalent stages of growth. In the first 25 days the auto seedling produces roots, branches and leaves. During this early veg growth the plant tends to stay relatively small and short. From days 25-50, approx, the Blue Auto Mazar genetics can start showing a pre-flower stretch, often the plant will achieve much of its vertical height during this stage of growth and the first buds will emerge.

As many growers already know, Dutch Passion autoflower seeds continue to stretch as they bloom, this allows the plants to reach a larger size than many of the competitive ‘dwarf auto’ varieties. The large Dutch Passion auto structure often has a large central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller blooms.

During days 50-75 approx Blue Auto Mazar tends to swell and completes much of her bud mass and resin production. Maximum bud production is achieved under high intensity light. Occasionally you will find heavy yielding phenotypes of Blue Auto Mazar which may take an extra couple of weeks in bloom. These plants will always reward the grower with extra heavy yields.

Blue Auto Mazar

easy home grown cannabis from autoflower seeds

With genetics from the acclaimed Auto Mazar and Auto Blueberry you can expect a very easy and straightforward cannabis grow. The genetics are fully proven and stable, even first time cannabis growers will find this an easy autoflower seed variety to grow. She also grows well outdoors, taking around 95-100 days from seed to harvest.

Growing your own cannabis

Blue Auto Mazar autoflower seeds

Blue Auto Mazar has a rich taste and aroma of forest fruit, dark berries and a deep hashy taste, you will find yourself admiring the aroma of this variety long after harvest. The high is euphoric, with a very pleasant and appealing feel-good high which lasts longer than average.

Many repeat growers appreciate the ease of growth and uncomplicated growing experience. The XL yields and consistently powerful smoke quality are great bonuses for the home cannabis grower. You can buy your feminized autoflowering Blue Auto Mazar seeds online here.

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