CBD SkunkHaze Medical Grow Review

CBD SkunkHaze Medical Grow Review

CBD SkunkHaze Medical Grow Review

This weeks blog is a CBD SkunkHaze medical grow review from medical grower (‘Flamenco’)  who uses cannabis for his ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia and multiple degenerative injuries. Flamenco finds cannabis to be the most effective way to treat his conditions and restore a reasonable quality of life.

Flamenco explains more 

“I was only able to walk very short distances before I began with cannabis oil, either with crutches or with an aid of some kind. If I wanted to go out anywhere I would be in a wheelchair and have to be pushed. This is slowly improving daily, I am more mobile than before and I have not had a single stomach issue or colitis symptom since starting the oil.”

long bloom with good frost

Above, freshly harvested CBD SkunkHaze. It looks and smells similar to traditional cannabis, but produces a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. Very popular with medical growers and also increasingly popular with recreational growers.

Less pain for Flamenco

“I am still in pain … But much less and I am able to cope and deal with it better now. I am able to take much larger amounts of the 1:1 THC:CBD oil than the usual high THC oil I was taking and function much better during the day.  When I take it at night my sleep is longer and less broken than before. I am sleeping for nearly 6 hours continuously now which is fantastic for me.”

“I was in agony from colitis and constant stomach issues for over 15 years. Approximately two weeks after taking CBD rich oil the pain disappeared and with my daily maintenance dose it doesn’t return.   I am fully sold on CBD and CBD rich varieties and will ALWAYS have some CBD rich strains in my garden from now on.”

making oil CBD SkunkHaze Dutch Passion

Above, extracting oil from CBD SkunkHaze. Dry buds are soaked in e.g. IPA for a few minutes and the liquid is filtered and removed.

Below, once the solvent has been SAFELY evaporated the remaining dark brown cannabis oil is left.  This is often eaten/used in cooking

oil baby oil with the solvent evaporated

CBD SkunkHaze Medical Grow Review continues

“All 5 seeds germinated inside a day, the CBD SkunkHaze was grown in 15litre air pots of coco fibre. I used Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur, Bud candy, Big bud and some Hygrozyme.”

“Plants were topped twice at least and cuttings were taken from the tops. Cuttings rooted within a week.  The growth in veg was reasonably fast and uneventful. The majority grew straight up .. hence the topping (I like multiple bloom heads).  I didn’t encounter any issues except for my own small mistakes throughout. The grow was very smooth and this strain is one of the easiest I have grown so far. I received 5 seeds and got six girls from them (one seed produced twins)”

2 plants from one seed, twins CBD SkunkHaze Medical Grow Review

Above, 2 seedlings ‘Schwazenegger’ and ‘Danny Devito” emerged from one seed.  This is unusual but it does happen occasionally.  With care both seedlings can be seperated and will grow into adult female plants.

Below, a bud of CBD SkunkHaze, ready to be enjoyed.
beautiful bud shot

Growing conditions

“Two were flowered quickly as a test under fluorescents and four were put into the main mixed strain room under 600w HPS.”

“During bloom the bud formation was fast and steady, all plants were fairly uniform during the first half of the grow and some very nice grapefruit aromas filled the room from around week 3/4. At harvest the crystal production was much greater than I expected and under the microscope looked almost perfectly ready.”

“The smell wasn’t the strongest in the room but was nice, steady and seemed to stay at approximately the same level throughout.”

bud shot

Above and below CBD SkunkHaze near harvest. Lots of resin (trichome) glands cover the buds just like a good quality traditional variety

CBD SkunkHaze more buds

Some final comments from Flamenco

“Buds at harvest were very big, very heavy and extremely hard… I don’t sell any so I don’t weigh it unfortunately but an above-average yielder for sure!! I was worried about drying and mould but had no issues at all.”

“The final look of the buds was nice, a little darker than I’d have liked but that was more my impatience with the time and the flush more than anything….. could have done with a few more days of each at least.”

“I enjoyed the flavour of the smoke, sour grapefruit with a hint of petrol; it doesn’t sound nice but it works… A very mellow high effecting the body more than the head allowing you to relax and think clearly at the same time making it a very good day time smoke. I made oil from most of the plants and trim and kept some buds for smoking/vaporising.”

Frost CBD SkunkHaze Medical Grow Review
Frosty bud CBD SkunkHaze Medical Grow Review


Thanks to Flamenco

Many thanks to Flamenco for the review. 2014 has been a year when Dutch Passion fully appreciated the massive importance of cannabis varieties rich in CBD (cannabidiol).  A CBD-rich variety is one with 4% (or more) CBD in the dry buds.  Normally CBD is only present at around 0.1% in most ‘street weed’, to create CBD-rich pot the varieties have to be selectively bred with great care, often over several years.  

Our initial expectations were that CBD would be of moderate benefit to some medical users.  However after several years working with CBD varieties we can safely say that they have been a major breakthrough for a large number of medical cannabis users.  We encourage users of medical cannabis to speak to their Doctor about the use of medical cannabis for their symptoms, and we know many people do just that. 

Another dimension

The CBD adds another dimension to the pain-busting qualities of cannabis, it also allows people to consume more of the buds/oil whilst still retaining some mental clarity.  And those that have tried CBD-rich cannabis know it is an extremely pleasant, relaxing, anxiety-busting and enjoyable experience whether it is being enjoyed for recreational reasons or medical.  

We have a variety of CBD-rich varieties and more in the pipeline.  CBD SkunkHaze and CBD Kush both offer a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD, CBD Kush contains slightly more indica than the CBD SkunkHaze.  ComPassion offers a 2:1 THC:CBD ratio, it is a slightly more mentally powerful experience which suits some people more.  

Oil Dutch Passion

Above, a final image of the CBD SkunkHaze along with a syringe of oil.  Storing cannabis oil in syringes allows the medical user to precisely measure the oil to ensure consistent and predictable results.

Dutch Joe

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