Desfrán grow review destroyer genetics


Desfrán grow review – Destroyer genetics

Desfrán is a new pure sativa variety based on the award winning ‘Destroyer’ genetics which have been so popular in South America in recent years.  The Dutch Passion version is a specially selected cross of Destroyer x Destroyer, this is one of the most resinous varieties we have seen and will be highly appreciated by the sativa lovers.

Desfrán is a stretchy variety which may try to outgrow the space in your grow room, watch out if you have limited space, or consider growing this in a SCROG system to keep the stretch under control.  The word and pictures in this weeks Desfrán grow review comes from Automaster, his original grow diary is here.

frosty buds like no other

Above and below, Desfrán buds showing extreme resin coverage. Expand the images to see the full extent of the trichome production.

more frosty glory

Desfrán grow review

Automasters’ basics about Desfrán grow

“I grow in seedling soil with added lime-free sand perlite & vermiculite and a small amount of coco fibre to aid drainage. My main light is Photon 189 (567W), on average there was 350-400W of LED over each plant. I used Greenair genesis 3 part nutrients, air extraction gave 15-20 changes of air in my grow room each hour.”

“The Desfrán is truly a light feeder, by that i mean, she also drinks low volumes and does not need high nutrient levels. I watered every day discrete amounts up to 500-600ml per day. She makes the best of a small amount of nutrient, she does not need a great deal to get full bud production going. High sativa’s such as this strain are light feeders and drinkers, and the Desfrán especially so.”

Wide heat tolerance

“Desfrán has a wide heat tolerance – I noticed that the stoma on the leaves did not close even at 31-33c…….in fact she thrived. My ‘lights-out’ temp averaged at 21-22ºC, the same as the soil temperature. You will need to support the Desfrán with at least 4 long canes per 15 litre pot because the blooms are long and heavy.”


Above and below, the long heavy resinous blooms make Desfrán a good yielder.  Growers should note that this variety can easily reach 2 metres+ and needs a tall growroom.  Watch out for stretch.

long cola

Tips voor future growers

“Do not let the Desfrán sit in soil which is too wet, she will not like it because it blocks oxygen and gases getting in and out. I used ‘RootGrow’ Mychorrhizal root fungi beneficiary granules at root base, this helps healthy root formation with rhizotonic fed separately from reservoir. The starting pH was 6.2 rising to pH 6.8 at the end of bloom. Water was RO (reverse osmosis) which was allowed to stand for 36-48hr before use.”

Automaster has two main tips to future growers.  Use tall canes to support the long blooms and use minimum amounts of water and nutrients.  

“To future growers I recommend you use 2.5m canes, I used around 10-15 ties per plant (using string) to keep it as upright as possible. On the lower part of the plant, cut off any small branches, this redirects the energy into the main plant. Controlling stretch is important, I tried every trick I know to control stretch, including low nitrogen in veg, and even nitrogen lower in flower. I managed to limit the stretch to the 6 to 6.8 feet (2-2.5 meters) at end of flower.

super long blossom
long slinky blooms
surprisingly long blooms
resin and yield in one

Closing remarks

“I had a first smoke test after 8 day’s in air tight cure at RH 62.5% at 8 day’s it is the strongest delta 9 I have ever had. I could not finish the first few smokes of a 0.5g joint. As it hits the chest a delicate envelope of euphoria envelopes you, like a warm late Autumn breeze, animated, exhilarated, elated.”

“All whilst trying to remember to breathe……… think i put to much in the joint !! Desfrán is everything a good sativa should be,euphoric, moving to utopia and then the CBD & Bichromenes kick in and your gone. Great quality sleep follows with a feeling of well being in the morning.”

“The aroma is complex to say the least, but, a cross between a super crystal hashish and a Tropicana refresher candy chew. The deepest, fruitiest, soothing floral, thickest, richest, most intriguing, rewarding bouquet of a sativa i have yet to cultivate…………. goes into my top 5. “

Dutch Joe

(ps Find Dutch Passion on Facebook)

last frosty photo

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