Dutch Passion AutoNight Queen grow review

Dutch Passion AutoNight Queen is the autofem version of the original award winning photoperiod variety.  Its one of the frostiest original Afghani Kush genetic lines in the Dutch Passion genebank, and dates back to the 1970’s.

AutoNight Queen

Dutch Passion AutoNight Queen grow review

AutoNight Queen will be popular with indica fans that want a sticky, potent auto kush variety which with a knockout indica stone.  The indica genetics produce some of the highest levels of resin production that we have ever seen, this is a strong variety with a heavy effect which is great for relaxation and has a great anti-stress effect. 

Smoke too much and you will have a strong appetite and may want to find chill out for a few hours of serious relaxation.  The strong indica heritage makes this one of our shorter and bushier autofems, plants are often only 50-70cm and will often finish in 10 weeks with top quality harvests.  The words and pictures in this weeks blog comes from ‘Tang’, the original grow diary is here.  

frosty leaf
extreme frost

Comments from Tang

“I’ve recently grown the photoperiod Night Queen and it was one of the frostiest strains I’ve grown so I couldn’t wait to start the Autofem version.”

“I started two Auto Night Queens in my usual 15L Airpots filled with Plagron light but used the new ‘easy auto’ feeding schedule I’ve developed, it’s still Advanced Nutrients but uses way less ingredients than my older schedule.”

fat blooms

“The two Auto Night Queens were grown with a light schedule of 20/4 under a single HS1 for the first 40 days then moved under a HS1 each for bloom,this has proven to be a very efficient way to grow Autos in my 1.2 x1.2m room. The Auto Night Queens didn’t get quite as big as I had hoped through the vegetative stage but still a reasonable final size for Autoflowers at around 50 and 70cm tall.”

beautiful buds
autonight queen

Quality and speed of the flowers

“My slight disappointment on size was short lived when I saw the quality and speed of the flowers coming through,it was obvious early on these were going to be very frosty plants.”

“Bloom took very little time and the first of the plants was harvested at 70 days,the second a week later. I had two different phenotypes and subsequently slightly different flowers…..the first to be harvested is one of the sweetest tasting plants I’ve ever grown, it tastes and smells amazingly like strawberry candy floss and is very more-ish. The buds are round and dense and just dripping with trichomes.”

more resin

Sweet bux mixed with pine and spices

“The second plant to be harvested and the bigger of the two is exactly like the photoperiod Night Queen I grew, quite sweet but mixed with pine and spices, nice tight and frosty buds with a bit of foxtailing on the buds.”

“The buzz off both plants is very similar and very very strong, don’t have any of this if you have much planned because it’s a heavy buzz. I would love to be in a position where I could get the THC levels tested because I would put money on it being close to the photoperiod parent. Overall a nice easy strain to grow which can stay short if you have restricted space. Amazing top shelf quality weed in 10-11 weeks.”

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