AutoUltimate Grow Review by Tang

auto ultimate new from ducth passion

AutoUltimate Grow Review by Tang

Dutch Passion AutoUltimate is one of the heaviest yielding automatics to come from Dutch Passion.  This is a new release we are really excited about.  The genetics come from our original photoperiod variety called The Ultimate. The Ultimate became a best-seller shortly after launch when news spread about the crazy yields and the long-lasting potent high.

Dutch Passion AutoUltimate carries on that tradition into our auto collection. This variety will be available from April 2014, and if you want to see how good it is then please read on.  This weeks grow review came from Tang, a skilled European grower specialising in growing monster auto’s using LED, 15 litre airpots and Plagron Light compost.

auto ultimate next to a vacuum cleaner, which would you prefer
Above, Dutch Passion AutoUltimate.  Try smoking this and the vacuuming will never get done
epic sized harvest
blooms as big as your arm

AutoUltimate produced 274g

Tang grew a beautiful AutoUltimate which produced 274g of quality cannabis 82 days after germination. Tang used LED’s from Grow Northern, who are Dutch Passions technology partner in LED grow light technology. The original grow diary is courtesy of the Autoflower Network, and the following pictures and words come from Tang himself.

resinous and heavy cola

AutoUltimate Grow Review by Tang

Tang’s comments about the AutoUltimate

“The Auto Ultimate burst out of the blocks with rapid growth from the start,she did suffer with variegation in the first few weeks,it’s a discolouration to zones on the leaves but it didn’t slow her down in the slightest. When she was established in the 15L Airpot filled with soil (Plagron light) her appetite was huge, she was drinking 3L per day with quite a high strength of Advanced Nutrients.

I think new growers would do well with this strain because she can take a high feed and heavy watering.  During flowering the AutoUltimate really showed her potential with huge blooms and lots of resin,the smell was quite skunky to start with but by the end she was sweet and citrusy.”

close up of a bud, gold, brown and frosty
tall 1m plants with 20 blooms

240W LED grow light Grow Northern

“I only used 240w of LED light for this grow from 2 Grownorthern MS0004 with 4 Rebel upgrades in each.  The Rebel LED’s are the latest LED technology, despite using the same amount of electricity the Rebels LED’s have almost twice brightness of some existing LED’s.  I used the standard Grow Northern units for many grows and they perform brilliantly with 1 gram per watt at least from autos.  But the Rebel LED’s are on a different level for energy efficiency, in 82 days using a 1.2m² grow-room I managed to grow the 274g Auto Ultimate and a 110g Auto Blueberry (65days) and veg up 2 other plants for 4 weeks”

“I was over the moon with the yield from the Auto Ultimate as it’s my second highest yielder,almost as big as my AutoXtreme but not quite,I would actually say the AutoXtreme is the closest strain in growth (both time and yield) and strength to the Auto Ultimate out of the Dutch Passion autos I’ve grown.”

nearly ready for harvest
large buds as big as your hand
photo with the leaves still on

AutoUltimate Grow Review by Tang

Citrus smell

“After a short cure the citrus smell has intensified and it’s very lemony with a musky hint. The taste through the vaporiser is beautifully clean and fresh and it has and old school Lemon Haze to it,a couple of my friends said it smells and tastes of Amsterdam. The buzz is long strong and steady,it won’t knock you out if you take it easy but will if you don’t lol.”

chunky blooms

Congratulations to Tang on producing such a special AutoUltimate in one of the first public grow diaries.  Regular Dutch Passion blog readers will have noticed we often have grow diaries of new varieties before the seeds are publicly available. This is our way of showing the incredible belief we have in the quality of our latest genetics.

We don’t think we can be any more transparent and confident than that. Our goal is to maintain the best quality collection of automatics, and assure the home-grower that they can buy from us with full confidence that they are buying the very best genetics possible.

macro of the resin, beautiful
even side blooms are really heavy
a sticky mass of big blooms, perfect

Perfect growing conditions

AutoUltimate is a perfect choice for the home-grower looking for a care-free, robust auto which is capable of producing 15-20+ very heavy blooms.  AutoUltimate is bred to the same standards as the rest of our AutoFem collection.  Therefore you can expect to grow your own stash to the same high quality levels you would expect from a proven photoperiod variety.  AutoUltimate can be harvested around 11 weeks after germination and the most experienced growers will be able to get seriously heavy harvests.

Regular blog readers will have noticed that there are 3 key factors which will allow auto’s to deliver extreme harvests, these are the seed genetics, the amount of light and the amount of root space.  In this grow Tang offered perfect growing conditions for the AutoUltimate and he was repaid with a heavy harvest.   Dutch Passion AutoUltimate seeds will be available from April 2014.

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