Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By ‘TUP’

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme

This weeks blog features a greenhouse grow review of Dutch Passion ’s AutoXtreme by Belgium’s legal cannabis social club ‘TUP’.  The TUP club got a good result from AutoXtreme, a generous 160g average harvest just 11 ½ weeks after the seeds were planted. 

The heaviest plant produced 250g of cannabis and the TUP members seemed happy with the result.  TUP themselves provided the words and pictures for this weeks blog.  We think it is a great demonstration of quality organic growing from the TUP team, and we hope it shows other growers just how productive and effective the best quality automatics can be in a greenhouse grow. 

And all in under 3 months.  Enjoy the read.


Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'

AutoXtreme biggest yielder

After a successful grow of the Think Different super autofem from Dutch Passion, we chose as next variety their biggest yielder amongst their super autofems: the AutoXtreme.

We notice that in our club, there’s a certain demand for ‘haze’ varieties. In a sense, that is what we are looking for with this strain. Beautiful, slender ‘haze’ nuggets with hard and compact calyxes is what those members want, grown organically of course. The effect that we’re looking for is a clear, yet powerful high that stays for hours.

Climate conditions

Most climate conditions were the same as the previous grow, except for the fact we were in full summertime. So temperatures rose almost to the point of cracking our mercury thermometers. This was a very exciting grow with some staggering results!

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'

The Autoflowers

AutoXtreme Grow report

 The AutoXtreme were planted as the Think Different went into the flowering stage. The AutoXtreme is a Hazy super autofem, comprised of the best Haze genetics Dutch Passion has to offer.  

The seeds where planted directly into the soil. After a few days we saw 8 little seedlings popping up. After a week, one showed a leaf mutation and was terminated. We kept 7 AutoXtremes to flower with. AutoXtreme was planted the 21st of May. Each plant was spaced 1m from the other.

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'

AutoXtreme grew vigorously from the start. The first 5 weeks they vegged along nicely. However, due to the prolonged growing time of the Think Differents, the AutoXtreme didn’t receive the ventilation (wind) they should’ve gotten to grow the biggest as we could get them.

So the stems were a little bit on the thin side of the spectrum, but nevertheless they would grow out the way Dutch Passion informed us: big, strong, plentiful and resinous. 


 The genetics of this super autofem are strong to say the least. They had to endure several weeks of ongoing Xtreme high temperatures. It became clear they are very resistant to these high temperatures (because of its sativa background), sometimes even exceeding 45 °C. Once we took the Think Different down, the fans were adjusted to suit the AutoXtremes. Boy did they love it!

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'

The internode spacing was very good in this strain. They grew big, long cola’s that got completely filled with sticky buds. When they were done stretching, the average height was about 130 cm.

With the smallest being a good 85cm high. At this point we could clearly distinguish 3 phenotypes: a hazy one, a true AutoXtreme and a more ruderalis-type pheno.

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'

Resin production

All of the types of AutoXtreme had very lush resin production. It was clear this was a strain that will get you high, believe me! They flowered for a good 6 weeks, so a bit shorter than the ‘extended’ Think Different. Total time from seed to harvest was about 11 weeks.

Because of the intense sunshine, the long daytime hours, they – believe it or not- finished very fast. And because of the low humidity, we had zero mold in this strains. The cola’s were big, long, pointy and Xtremely white! We let them have their second flowering before we cut them down.

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'

Spider mites

 At the beginning of the grow, the AutoXtreme were invaded by spider mites. *RED ALERT!* … or so you would think. Even though the conditions were excellent for the spider mites to thrive in (hot and dry), the AutoXtreme just scared them away with her vigorous growth. I’m saying they outgrew the invaders and were simply too fast and too big for them to handle. 

The scent of the AutoXtreme buds in the flowering stage was that of fresh mint and citrus fruit. It developed into a musky, skunky, sweet & spicy floral scent. This smell may certainly qualify as DANK!

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'


We harvested them the 15th of August; 11½ weeks after sowing on the 21st of May. They were fully ripe and ready to go. We chopped them down, cut off the branches and hung them upside down with the leaves still on the plant. They ended up on the members’ plate one month later, after a cure of almost 3 weeks. The members who received this strain were very satisfied. AutoXtreme has such an amazing bag appeal! 

The average yield from the 7 AutoXtremes was a very decent 160g. The biggest one produced a generous 250g! Not bad for 11 weeks. Very easy to grow strain, great results and amazing smoke!

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'
Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review By 'TUP'

Smoke report


– Very sativa, except for the ruderalis-pheno. That one has very compact thick and dense buds.

– Crystals are small, but not too small as you would see with a landrace sativa. Very high resin production.

– Very high calyx-leaf ratio

– Again, almost zero ‘fluffy’ popcorn buds. All buds, even the smaller ones at the bottom were completely covered in resin.

– If you find the right pheno, it will deliver you very nice buds with amazing bag appeal.


– Very DANK, strong sweet and spicy smell. Hints of lemon and fine (unripe) pepper.

– Overall smell is more Skunky-White, Floral, sweet, with Hazelnuts and spices 

– The ‘AutoXtreme’-pheno (the right mix between the ruderalis and the Outlaw) has a very dank, deep and complex scent.   Worth searching for!


– Tastes like it smells. Not really Haze in the taste. More like an exceptional Skunk, with hints of sweet flowers. Very smooth and complex.


– The effect is really really really good! Heady and up, but when left to ripen fully, it is a powerful high that sits behind your eyes and can leave you sitting on the couch, staring at infinity for hours. A little rushy feeling at first, but mounts out in a stable high. Very good for people who are used to good quality coffeeshop Cannabis. Red eyes, and a buzzing head and if you smoke too much, you WILL fall asleep very, very fast.


Very easy strain to grow.  We’ve harvested around day 80, when 2nd flowering was coming to an end and I felt maybe she could have gone on for about one week. However, as this strain is also one that molds easily in a humid climate, you should be careful and check every day for mold. We didn’t get any mold in the buds, not even the densest ones. With the RH in check (

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Summary of grow Dutch Passion

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