Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar Grow Review

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar is the automatic hybrid created from AutoBlueberry and AutoMazar. It’s fast becoming a customer favourite, delivering an uncomplicated blend of her two established parent varieties, offering good yields of resin-frosted pot. 

Some regular Dutch Passion customers even feel that Blue AutoMazar is our best auto variety in terms of resin production, and the images from this grow give a clear idea of how much THC-rich resin is produced by the Blue AutoMazar genetics. 

Review from NW

This weeks blog review comes from NW, a skilled European grower who specialises in soil-grown auto’s grown under LED using airpots. Airpots have become very popular with soil growers, they encourage strong root growth.

One feature of airpots is that they make it difficult to ‘waterlog’ the plant roots by over-watering – one of the more common mistakes made by less experienced homegrowers. 

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar

Yield of 244g

NW grew 3 Blue AutoMazar’s under a 190W Grow Northern LED, which is technically identical to the Dutch Passion HighLite LED. The final yield was an impressive 244g, in excess of 1 gram-per-watt, often a benchmark used by home growers to indicate the highest levels of growroom efficiency. 

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar

Above, Blue AutoMazar close-up, could this be the most resinous Dutch Passion auto yet?

New high-performance

Blue AutoMazar is one of the new high-performance modern auto’s which has the benefit of some really unique parent genetics. AutoMazar and AutoBlueberry are both stable automatic varieties with reputations for top quality results. 

Both varieties, especially AutoMazar, have the potential to grow into XXL bushes under optimum conditions. AutoBlueberry has become a preferred variety for connoisseur auto-growers who demand a classy vaping/smoking experience with the original Blueberry flavour and aromas. 

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar

Satisfying highs

Both AutoMazar and AutoBlueberry offer very satisfying ‘highs’ on a par with quality traditional varieties.  In previous Dutch Passion breeding projects we have always found that a new hybrid of existing elite genetics is a proven way to provide our customers with consistent and reliable results. 

Blue AutoMazar continues that trend and we are pleased to see so many reports of aromatic buds covered with a silvery trichome coating.  Sticky, deeply-scented buds is the goal for all home growers and Blue AutoMazar delivers them in abundance.

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar

NW’s comments on the Blue Automazar

The original grow diary is courtesy of Autoflower.net.

“I would have to say that my overall all impression is that Blue AutoMazar is an easy, vigorous plant to grow. All 3 of my Blue AutoMazar were grown under one of those awesome GrowNorthern MS006 LED’s using 10L airpots. The airpots were filled with Multi compost (from a standard garden centre) with 30% added perlite.”

“They were watered with GreatWhite (mycorrhizal fungi), Biobizz Grow and Biobizz Bloom. Additives used in the grow were BioHeaven, Algamic, BudBlood, BigBud, Overdrive, CalMag and Sensizyme as and when required. I don’t think i could have done anything else to improve the yield except use a second LED, which wasn’t possible at that time. I got 244g from 3 plants…. Near 3oz per plant average and an average I’m always happy with.”

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar
Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar

Smoke report

“Blue AutoMazar #1 smoke report. This was the first to harvest at day84. After a nice long cure I’m left with some nice frosty buds smelling of a mix of Mazar and Blueberry. Smoke is not as heavy as you would expect from an Indica strain… No lack of motivation often linked to indica strains.”

“Blue AutoMazar #2 went 104 days. There is a strong smell of Mazar to this one. After a long cure, when I say long I’m talking about 6 weeks+, this bud is a true knock-you-on-your-butt-Indica.
Not a day time smoke at all, but a great night-time chill-out smoke. But don’t over do it….lol.”

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar

My favourite

“Blue AutoMazar #3. H’mmm. My favourite. Very, very pleasant smell of Blueberry with a hint of Mazar(once you smell Mazar you will always smell it lol) after long cure, the Blueberry smell and taste are still there as strong as the day it was harvested. I did cut this plant a couple of weeks early, which has left me with an almost perfect blend of day/night time smoke…. I adore this pheno.”

“Blue AutoMazar would make an awesome SCROG (screen of green) variety, with its fast vigorous grow I could see it being easy to train….”

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar


Three Blue AutoMazars 244g

Congratulations to NW for producing 244g from three Blue AutoMazar’s from his 190w Grow Northern LED.  We hope it shows other home growers that great harvests can be produced by a small number of plants grown under good conditions.

Dutch Joe

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