Dutch Passion Frisian Dew grow review

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Dutch Passion Frisian Dew

Dutch Passion Frisian Dew has become a favourite strain for many outdoor growers.  It is a hybrid of a Super Skunk female and a Purple Star male which was selectively bred over several years in the ‘Friesland’ district in the north of The Netherlands to produce a stable variety tough enough for the outdoor Northern European climate.

In this weeks blog, Belgian growers grew 16 Frisian Dew plants in a greenhouse in Belgium during the summer of 2013.  The Frisian Dew plants thrived in the expert hands of some highly experienced growers who had provided top quality growing conditions in a large greenhouse.  The Dutch Passion Frisian Dew plants grew to huge proportions, 4 metres tall and 3.5metres wide, with average yields of 2kg per plant of dried cannabis.  It was a staggering result and one of the best Frisian Dew grows we have seen.  The belgian growers showed how well Frisian Dew can yield, even in relatively northern latitudes.

Comments and photographs come from the growing team


epic frisian dew greenhouse grow, totally epic

Above and below, Dutch Passion Frisian Dew.  Massive individual plants.

staggering plants

Our principles

– Organic grown bud (know what you grow/smoke)

– No public nuisance (abide by the law)

– No minors, no hard drugs (duh!)

– Educate the people and lobby for regulation”

“A glasshouse grow combines indoor quality with huge outdoor yields, for a minimal cost. Some connoisseurs even argue the quality of the smoke is better when grown under the sun. While this is fairly subjective, the objective fact is that a fuller spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids can be developed when growing under the sun instead of HPS-lights.

I’ve seen glasshouse grows that rival even the best indoor quality bud (believe me when I say I’ve seen and smoked plenty of excellent quality indoor grown strains over the last couple of years), so why waste a ton of money and energy? Not a lot of growers are aware of the ecological footprint of one gram of indoor produced bud. I can tell you: you really don’t want to know!”

Above, beautiful resin-coated Frisian Dew buds.  Frisian Dew produces both green and purple phenotypes.

Above, Early season photograph of the young Frisian Dew plants

 Dutch Passion Frisian Dew

Above, maturing Frisian Dew plants enjoying the summer sunshine

“A lot of work was needed to clean it. The soil in the glasshouse was made up of lime, clay and sand, with mostly hard clay. It’s a hard soil, but very nutritious. When improved with good organic soil, it will be heaven for the plants.

Used soil

First, we’ll till the soil, scoop away the salty top layer, and mix in some sand (for drainage purposes). Then, we’ll pour in a single layer of organic soil, added with another 2 layers of organic soil, lime, bat guano, mycorrhizae and perlite.

Finally the top layer will be added. In this top layer, clover will be planted as a cover crop. Her nitrogen-fixing properties will provide the plants with nitrogen from the air that is made available for up-take through the roots of the Cannabis plant. Clover roots will form symbiotic relationships with Cannabis roots. When you harvest, you simply till the top layer of the soil and mix it in under a new layer of fresh organic soil. The clover will break down and will serve as nutrient for the next plants (‘green manure’).

Another nice touch of this cover crop is that it will prevent soil dust from spreading in the air on a hot day and prevent the soil from drying out.”

“Mycorrhizal fungi are beneficial to Cannabis roots. They too form symbiotic relationships with the roots, promoting health, nutrient up-take, increased biomass production, improved water management and better protection against diseases, insects and other fungi. Don’t underestimate the power of the smallest creatures! They too will be added to the growing medium.”

plants bowing down with their own weight

Above, Frisian Dew plants bow down under their own weight at harvest.  Plants reached 4m high and 3.5m wide with average yields of around 2Kg. 

To do the next months

– Get rid of all the old, dead plants and old soil

– Recycle used soil and compost dead material for next year

– Take out the trays and rusted iron pipes

– Remove the ground cover and inspect the soil

– Clean out the glasshouse and clean absolutely everything inside

– Disinfect the inside with eco-friendly disinfectant

– Till the soil where the plants will be placed and make bedding

– Make ready for planting, climate check

– Install fans and carbon filters

– Plant companion plants like mint, pepper, thyme, rosemary etc.”

“There were 16 Frisian Dew plants in the garden. Some of them went 4m in height and 3.5m wide. Average yield was approx 2000gram per plant, with the smallest being 765g and the largest 3000g+”.

heavy blooms

Above, plenty of heavy blooms on each Frisian Dew.

huge stem

Above, the stem of a mature Frisian Dew.  In good conditions Frisian Dew can grow to huge proportions

“The reason we had a smaller one (765g harvest) is she was planted all the way at the end of the corridor, and couldn’t take in as much fresh air as the first in line… so I can tell you guys: airflow and fresh air isn’t to be underestimated and is very important to grow good big and healthy plants. It’s a difference of more than 1500g over 30m length of the greenhouse.

I’ll add a smoke report, because the Frisian Dew has some really good and pungent taste!


Very nice strain with a lot of purple in. Phenotypes ranging from all green to all purple to 50-50. It’s that 50-50 phenotype we where looking for. We found her in plant #12 and #11.

Nice compact buds, small but abundant trichomes. Purple resin on some. A real gem for the eye.”


Above, Frisian Dew drying

Dutch Passion Frisian Dew arty


Smells like candy forest fruit, cassis, blackberry, earth, ammonia, spices. Sweet, pungent and dark with a hint of oranges and coffee beans!


Just the way it smells. Powerful taste and aroma. Lingers on your tongue and in  your mouth after you blow out the smoke. Very good expansion in the lungs, smooth and soft. Like tasty silk.

Dutch Passion Frisian Dew
Dutch Passion Frisian Dew huge blooms


Powerful hybrid effect. A great quality high and a nice body stoned. This strain has floored several of my friends who are used to smoke quite potent stuff. All in all very nice, more like one of those very good old-skool highs.


Strain was easy to grow, no mold (botrytis/mildew) what so ever. But prone to spider mites… so be careful there.

Very big stretch, started flowering around 15 august.

Frisian Dew is great for LST, super cropping and pruning. She is very strong so she can handle it.

All the Frisians have been grown without extra nutrients or biological supplements. I just prepared the soil, added some worm-castings and bat guano. I top dressed the soil with 90 litres of the same soil when they made the stretch in to flowering.

All watering and maintenance was done by hand.


It was a slightly longer blog than usual this week, but Frisian Dew fans will be pleased to see the photo’s and comments from such a well organised and professional grow.  Frisian Dew remains one of the best, most robust and bullet-proof outdoor varieties in our collection.  It could be a year to treat yourself to an outdoor/greenhouse crop of Frisian Dew.

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  • Where can I purchase seeds of the strain it will be delivered to the United States

  • Hello, curious if you guys have other strains that finish early or in colder climate?

    • Hey!

      We have a few strains that finish early in the season like Passion #1 and Orange Bud. But we also advice our autoflowers if you are in a colder climate with short summers. With autoflowers you can get the best period of weather for your plants and finish early 🙂

      Dutch Passion

  • battousainewbie
    27/09/2021 08:51

    Fantastic strain genetic! Good Job!!!

  • Geordie5555nufc
    02/10/2021 14:25

    Growing in the earth and in medium size pots f.d .grows well in both this being inside poly tunnel the plants in the earth can grow 12ft in height medium pots just over 6ft with big cones buds are alot bigger grew in pots done this seeds for last 3years from dutch passion all ways a good yield .


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