Mazar and Blueberry organic Dutch Passion

Mazar and Blueberry organic Dutch Passion home grown cannabis review

Home grown cannabis review

Mazar and Blueberry are two classic 1980’s varieties from Dutch Passion.  Both are strong, easy growing and produce good quantities of top quality cannabis.  This weeks customer review comes from Alex, an experienced European self-sufficient cannabis home grower.

Grow details

Alex specialises in organic growing methods and a strong focus on the final quality of the cannabis. He grows in a soil preparation with 6 weeks of organic nutrients already blended into the soil that will cover the germination phase, the growing and stretching of the plant.

Alex allowed a week for germination and then used 9 litres containers for the first 25 days vegetative growth under a 400W metal halide light rich in blue spectrum light.

A simple and proactive approach is used with regards to illness and potential fungus diseases: 2.5ml/litre of Calcium (Bio Canna) is used once a week during the grow phase only (in order to strength the plant cells against odium and other potential fungus during the blooming phase)

Blueberry Dutch Passion
Mazar Dutch Passion
Blueberry Dutch Passion

Re-potted into 11L containers

The following 1-10 days allowed for sex identification with the lighting switched to a 600W HPS which was on for 12 hours each day: 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness.

Once the female plants had been identified they were re-potted into 11 litre containers and allowed to continue blooming until 30% of the trichomes showed amber colorations

A thorough check/quality check was done using multiple samples collected on the plant, and checked with a USB Microscope

At this point they were harvested, water-cured for few minutes to remove any dust, and finally slowly dried in the dark at 19 degrees and 35% humidity).  Then they were cured for about 1 to 2 months, opening the jar every 2 days for about 1 hour.

Mazar Dutch Passion

Cannabinoid levels

Using the Alpha CAT home test kit Alex then measured the cannabinoid levels to determine the quality of the cannabis he had produced. Alex always keeps cuttings from each variety he has grown, this allows him to identify and keep the very best genetics that he comes across.

Its a technique which more and more home growers are starting to use now that THC home-testing kits are affordable enough to be used.

Analysis Dutch Passion
Mazar analysis Dutch Passion

Smoke test

Mazar (Green phenotype)

  • The smell is very strong at first, when grinding the buds. Really quickly a spicy, floral and “muddy” fragrance  – bit like a good Scottish whisky if you see what I mean – will fulfil the space where ever you will be.
  • The first blows are sweet with nice citrus notes – followed by a heavy and sweet  and warm smoke, very far from the (spicy and muddy) first impression l
  • After the 3rd blow, you start to slowly feel the THC pumping.
  • The “high” is pretty good, and definitely one of the strongest I grew this season. Not for daily use 🙂 you may forget your keys somewhere.
Mazar Dutch Passion


– The first contact with the blueberry is when you open the pot: this specific nice floral and fruity flavor hits you

– This fruity smell will be amplified by the grinding process.

– The first blows are very much fruity and citrus mixed together, after flew blows, the blueberry / fruity flavor appears and stays on the throat – but disappears too fast 🙂

– the High is not too strong, but peaceful. Good for smoking  during the day, the relax effect is potent and lasts few hours

Blueberry Dutch Passion


Unusual & interesting grow review

One thing that made this an unusual and interesting grow review is the way Alex measured the THC levels using the Alpha CAT home test kit.  This is a simple system that uses a technique called Thin Layer Chromatography to allow a fast and easy way to accurately quantify the cannabinoid levels in home grown cannabis.  Its simple enough for anyone to use.  The Mazar grown by Alex Murphy had a 22% THC content, and Blueberry at 18% THC was not far behind.

With accurate THC readings from each plant he grows Alex is able to build a collection of elite mother plants with a known cannabinoid profile.  Its the ideal position for any grower and we can appreciate why serious home growers are starting to use home analysis kits.

Blueberry Dutch Passion

Analytical techniques

Companies such as Dutch Passion, and the other original premium quality seed companies, have been guided by the scientific analytical equipment for many years.  And some areas of breeding, such as CBD-rich medical varieties, are absolutely impossible without access to analytical techniques.

Its always rewarding to see reviews of our old-school genetics.  Mazar and Blueberry remain two proven customer favourites that can be relied on for consistently strong harvests and stable, predictable performance.  Seeds are also available in auto or regular versions.

Blueberry Dutch Passion
Mazar Dutch Passion

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