Dutch Passion Night Queen Review by Organic Jim

night queen by organic jim

Dutch Passion Night Queen

Dutch Passion Night Queen is a classy, un-hybridised pure Afghani indica and one which Dutch Passion are very proud of. She was one of our original varieties from the 1980’s and was withdrawn from commercial sales as the home-grown market began to switch to more exotic indoor varieties in the 1990’s.

But after a lot of requests to bring her back we have.  Night Queen once again is filling customer grow-rooms with her sweet aroma and dense, fat and frosty buds.

Night Queen review

This weeks Night Queen review comes from Organic Jim, his original grow diary is here on the UK420 forum.  Jim uses a 400W HPS with a parabolic reflector and grows in coco.  He is one of those growers that seems to have optimised every aspect of his grow-room and produces beautiful looking plants.

Some of you will recall he is the grower that produced the spectacular 271g Think Different which we featured on a previous blog.

night queen review

5 Week veg time

Jim grew Night Queen with a 5 week veg time and flowered her for around 8 weeks.  3 plants were harvested at under 8 weeks, and one plant was left for 8 ½ weeks.  As you can see from the photo’s the Night Queens are compact plants with several good sized blooms. 

The plants produce fairly long cola’s and like our other quality Afghani (Mazar) the yields are generous.  Night Queen does produce a lot of resin which helps give a very strong indica stone and a fast-hitting high.  Our team of smoke testers commented that they were stoned even before they had finished smoking a joint of Night Queen. 

Many of our re-sellers are telling us that they are getting lots of repeat orders for Night Queen, and we are also getting the same feedback from some of our regular customers. 

Jim’s opinion

“Night Queen was really easy to grow and flower, my pH meter broke and I managed to keep them healthy by sticking to the same measured feed each day and not adjusting pH at all.”

“She also survived 2 weeks of temperatures of over 38°C (100°F) every day when the heatwave struck in summer. Night Queen would appear to be fairly forgiving to mistakes by the grower and weather extremes.”

night queen review

“The amount of bud I got from 4 plants was very good, over 200g well dried. The smell of the dried bud is slightly floral but mostly dusty, musty funk with a kind of pungent, nearly (but not quite) skunky citrus undertones.”

“The smoke taste is that lovely rich classic Indica cannabis taste. Dry, earthy, slightly sweet, pungent with a lemon-cleaning-product after-taste on the back of the throat. Smoke is thick and smooth, large hits give you a big cough.”

Relaxing high

“The high is really relaxing, sleepy and mellow. There have been moments of feeling extremely heavy and weightless at the same time. Maybe what you’d feel like in a flotation tank?”

“No trouble getting back to sleep at 3am with 2 bowls or a small neat spliff, so it’s pretty good for sleep problems.”

night queen review

The only downside to varieties that produce such thick, large and dense blooms is the risk of bud-rot near the end of flowering.  This can happen even to the best of growers.  Organic Jim offers the following advice:

“The only downside is that she seems to get budrot easily. Keep an eye on the massive buds from week 7 onwards, all 4 plants got a little budrot near the end, but it was spotted early due to the one yellow leaf among the dark green and damage was minimal.”

Final words on Night Queen by Jim

“A pleasure to grow and a delight to smoke, really stony and satisfying.  If you’re planning a Night Queen grow, my advice is to bump the feed up until you get signs to back off, this girl can take it.”

“The plants grow well in Veg, and the stretch is about 3 times, nodes are good and tight with very little spacing along the branches.”

“The buds are huge fat colas with large individual flowers which look very ‘bubbly’ on the buds. The dry colour is sparkling Olive green buds, with deep red pistils and emerald leaflets. Resin coverage is very good with amber heads showing on the 7.5 week buds.”

“It has a fantastic ‘Old School’ Dutch indica flavour which brings back great memories of old coffeeshops long gone. I’m going to re-veg the Lemon scented one for a second run, it has a very special smell and huge buds.”

Congratulations to Organic Jim on a great harvest, we hope he grows some more Dutch Passion varieties in the future!

Dutch Joe

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night queen review

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