Dutch Passion Think Different 650g harvest by Tavid

dutch passion think different

Dutch Passion Think Different

This weeks Dutch Passion Think Different grow review comes from legal medical grower Taviddude who cropped a staggering 650g (22.8 ounces) from just 5 Think Different plants grown under 1250W of HPS light in a SCROG (SCReen Of Green) grow system in only his second grow.

The original grow diary is courtesy of Autoflower.net.

Dutch Passion Think Different is a real favourite with medical and recreational growers and we continue to see some spectacular grows with it.   

dutch passion think different

A 1.2m x 1.2.m screen

Tavid built a 1.2m x 1.2m (4 foot x 4foot) screen from wood and wire.  Under this he put 5 Think Different plants, one in each corner and one in the centre.  They grew vertically for 30cm (12 inches) until they reached the screen, and then grew horizontally to fill the screen. 

The result is an even canopy of buds which are at an optimum distance from the lights – forcing the best yields from a growroom.  Tavid grew in a home-made hydro system.  Above the screen were 3 HPS lamps (600W, 400W and 250W), they were close enough to ensure maximum light intensity but not so close that they burned the plants. 

Tavid also used a carbon dioxide (CO2) generator which allows accelerated growth.  Here are Tavid’s comments on the grow.

dutch passion think different

A newbie on growing

“I was blown away with the final harvest for a few reasons. I’m a total newbie when it comes to growing. I only use simple General Hydroponic nutrients. I added a ‘Bloom Booster’ for this grow and it made a huge difference. This was also only my second grow ever and it was in a home built hydro system.”

“I would like to say it’s beginners luck, but I know I could repeat the results. It was also by no means a perfect grow. I fought Root Aphids which I’m sure brought down the yield to some degree. Who knows what would the yield would have been if I never had battled Root Aphids. All things considered, the yield was ridiculous!”

Top quality and potent smoke

“Tavid had grown Think Different before so he knew to expect a top quality and potent smoke.  Here is how he describes it.  “The smoke quality is great! I purposely ran this grow as far as I could to try to push some couchlock into it. It’s a soaring sativa high with enough indica hints to wreck you if you don’t respect it.”

“Potency is top notch. A bowl rarely gets finished even with a few people and when it does it’s time to laugh as it seems to turn any situation into a giggle-fest.”

dutch passion think different

“Tavid gives the following advice to future Think Different growers.  “I think there are just a couple things to keep in mind when growing Think Different. I think the most important thing is to give it what it wants –lots of light and a ‘Bloom Booster’ during flower.”Think Different will reward you for every watt of light you give her.”

“Next, I think it’s important to let Think Different grow until it’s truly ready to be harvested as the potency really comes on in the last 3 weeks. Good things come to those who wait. Another thing I’ve noticed with Think Different is that it LOVES hydro and REALLY shows off her skill when grown outside of soil.”

“When growing in hydroponics keep the EC below 1.25, use Calcium-Magnesium supplement all the way through and you should really have no problems at all. It’s really an EASY strain to grow.”

dutch passion think different

After such an epic grow we leave the final summary to Tavid himself. 

“My impression of Think Different is this:   It brought Auto-Flowering cannabis to another level. I think it shows us a glimpse into the near future of what autoflowering strains are going to look like. I personally don’t care to waste my time on a plant that’s only going to get a foot tall and produce a quarter ounce of usable material.”

“I believe that if Dutch Passion continues to create and stabilize large, potent, high-yielding strains of autoflowering cannabis they will continue to lead strains like Think Different into the future. Think Different has changed A LOT of minds about auto flowering strains.”

“It really is a game changer for the future of auto’s.  It’s easy to grow, it yields A LOT, it is very potent, and from seed to harvest is only 80 days. It’s perfect for medical growing when you’re limited to the number of plants you can have.”

“Think Different will pull it’s weight in the yield department while older auto strains would leave a patient without their medicine. As a Legal Medical patient I can say that I won’t be going to a dispensary ANY time soon. I may have enough to donate.”

Dutch Joe

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dutch passion think different

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