Think Different greenhouse grow review

think different, try it and love it baby

Think Different greenhouse grow review

By the TUP cannabis social club

This weeks blog is a Think Different greenhouse grow review from Belgium the cannabis social club ‘TUP’.  TUP is short for ‘trekt uw plant’ or ‘pull your plant’. They are a legal social club allowed to grow 1 plant per member in their own greenhouse. 

In 2013 they have grown several Dutch Passion varieties under fully organic conditions.  This is their report on Dutch Passion Think Different, an autoflowering variety.  Later this year we hope to bring you their reports on some of our other automatics and our Frisian Dew.  The words and pictures this week are kindly supplied by TUP themselves.



In spring of this year, One of our growers decided to buy and renovate an old greenhouse to provide the members of CSC Trekt uw Plant (TUP) with top quality Cannabis.

As every successful grow starts with good and stable genetics, we were very happy Dutch Passion gave us the support we needed and provided some outstanding genetics for us to grow for the TUP-club. We received 4 of their new super autoflower strains. We grew Think Different, AutoXtreme, Auto Blueberry and Auto Mazar.

The Think Different and AutoXtreme were grown in sub-optimal conditions in the big greenhouse, while the Auto Blueberry and Auto Mazar were grown in smaller greenhouse with different climate settings. This was done to give them a real test in different conditions.

We saw firsthand why these autoflower strains are getting the nickname ‘super autofems’. They really amazed us and did what they promised. No commercial bullshit, just superb genetics.

baby plants


Think Different greenhouse grow review

The first autoflower we tested was the Think Different (AK420 x ruderalis).

The seeds were very fresh and had a 100% germination rate. On the 8th of April, we planted the seeds directly into the full soil beds we had constructed specially for the autoflowers. We planted one seed per m², so every single plant could develop properly.

However, due to unforeseeable circumstances, we had to dug out the young seedlings at one week old. We transplanted them carefully into 6 liter pots and had to move them outside the greenhouse. Here they survived for the next 4 weeks in quite cold temperatures (even just above freezing point at night). Because of the low temperatures and the lack of sunshine, the Think Different were slowed down quite a bit.

plants in the greenhouse

Veg phase

When they were at week 5 (still vegging), we transplanted them again to the full soil beds in the greenhouse. This was done just in time, because they were –despite the low temperatures- getting rootbound in their containers. As we knew some autoflowers start flowering immediately after they become rootbound, we had to move fast to transplant them. That way they could grow on for a couple of weeks. And, they did.

 After 2 more weeks, the first buds were visible. The final height after the stretch was about 80 – 100 cm. We knew they weren’t as large as we would like them to become, but we’ll see even the smaller super autofems are remarkably good yielders. Fresh citrus smells with apricot, melon and a touch of hazelnuts and chocolate when they are in flower.

frosty think differents

Flowering phase

They flowered very very fast. At 5 weeks of flowering, we could harvest them already. We let them go on for a couple of weeks while we checked for budrot and mold every day. Despite what we’ve heard about the super autofems not being immune to botrytis, there was not a single bud found that had a botrytis infection. We kept humidity around 30% to eliminate the chances of getting mold. It worked like a charm. In different conditions the super autofems will get mold. But that is only because their flowers grow so big and dense, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t rot. So quality comes with a price. But for those growers who keep their climate in check, they get an amazing reward afterwards.

fat plants !


We’ve harvest them at 7 weeks of flowering, after the second flowering was coming to an end. The Think Different can be harvested as early as 5 weeks of flowering. But leaving her out just a bit longer really helps develop flavor and smell.

Harvesting and drying was done by cutting the plants at the base, remove the biggest fan leaves and hang them upside down. This way the small leaves will form around the buds and cola’s and the resin gets protected. This will leave you with the best smell and taste in your harvested buds. We manicured them carefully and gave all the buds a second organoleptic inspection. The Think Different didn’t have any so called ‘fluffy’ buds. All flowers were big, round and dense, even the smallest ones at the base of the plant.

large nuggets, as big as your hand

In general we could find only 2 different phenotypes in the Think Different.

One had very sativa buds, but with thick and dense indica calyx formation. Buds formed in a tower structure and where oozing with resin. The other phenotype was more of a hybrid constellation: very compact and thick fat voluminous nuggets.

nice harvest shots, stacks of buds


The average yield from the Think Different was 100g per plant after a flowering time of 7 weeks, and after 15 weeks from seed. Notice they had a delay when they were in the vegetative period. The most important aspect you must pay attention to when growing these super autofems is the vegging circumstances. They must receive full on attention and the best care starting from day one. When not obstructed or delayed, Think Different can yield a lot!

But even with all the problems we had, all the setbacks and troubles, Think Different came through and delivered as promised: a top quality smoke for the members of the TUP-club!

Think Different greenhouse grow review

Smoke report


  • Looks very white with orange hues.
  • Crystals are abundant and medium size
  • Very high calyx-leaf ratio and round, big buds
  • Zero ‘fluffy’ popcorn buds
  • More dense and compact than you’d expect on a first glance


  • Frist there is the smell of blood orange and melon followed by a skunky, and hazelnut – chocolate aroma.
  • When cured, there is a scent of blood oranges, a hint of citrus, chocolate, hazelnuts and pine.
  • Very pleasant smell, but tingles and lingers in your nose. A smell that skunk-lovers might not be used to, as it isn’t ‘dank’ but rather subtle and complex.


  • Taste of blood oranges, spices and hazelnuts when you blow out the soft soft smoke. You can taste the citrus on the tongue when inhaling.


  • The effect is really nice. No rush, just a very good quality high. More old skool than ‘new skool’ . Cotton mouth, red eyes, laughter, and a buzzing head. When left a bit longer, a more stoney feeling creeps up on your eyes. 
more delicious nuggets of very potent think different


Great germination rates!

Easy to grow strain and very forgiving. Think Different will yield big, very big for an autofem and leave you with nice quality buds. The only downside of this strain is that if humidity reaches over 50-60%, bud will develop mold. This strain, as with almost all the super autofems from DP, had no hermaphrodite plants in them.

Congratulations to the growing team and members of TUP.  We hope they hit their harvest targets and we wish them a happy time enjoying their herbs!

Dutch Joe

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