Dutch Passion Think Different legal medical grow

Dutch Passion Think Different medical grow

Dutch Passion Think Different

This week we feature another incredible Dutch Passion Think Different grow, this time it is from a medical grower called ‘Medicine-Forme’ who is allowed to legally grow cannabis as a ‘caregiver’ for his patients.  Medicine-Forme used two x 1000w HPS lights to produce an amazing 2.2Kg of top-quality Think Different medicinal cannabis from just 7 plants. 

Five of the Think Different plants were grown hydroponically on a SCROG table and two others were grown in separate DWC (deep water culture ‘bubbler’) buckets. 

Medical feedback

Dutch Passion Think Different got some very good medical feedback from this grow, this is a very potent variety and she is as popular with medical growers as she is with those that grow her for recreational purposes.  But one thing which all growers agree on is the huge yields of super-strong pot that Think Different routinely delivers. 

Yields of a gram-per-watt are not unusual with Think Different and she is now a best seller with lots of repeat growers.


Dutch Passion Think Different
Dutch Passion Think Different

Comments from Medicine-Forme

“I am very very happy with Think Different. It really took me by surprise honestly. I have grown many different varieties and I was not expecting the rapid growth. The plants responded very well to high levels of nutrients, normally wanting more and more.”

“The only plant that I was not a big fan of was the taller phenotype. I am glad that it was on the outside of the flood table. If it happened to be in the centre it would have really messed up the light for the others. There was still a significant harvest from that plant just different bud structure.”

Above: YouTube video of this great Think Different crop.  Essential viewing!

Very little smell during grow

“During the grow there was very little smell. There was a hint towards the end, which was a very nice citrus smell. The smell of citrus is radical during harvest. Almost to the point that my eyes are burning after a while of trimming.”

“I am also amazed at the nutrient and water uptake of these plants. They were using well over 1 US gallon (over 5 litres) of nutrient solution in the end of the grow per plant per day.”

“I am going to be growing many more Think Different’s, in fact I just purchased 35 more Dutch Passion Think Different seeds. For ease of use I am going to lean more towards flood tables with large reservoirs. I used a 65 gallon tank (300 litre) for one 4′ x 4′ table (1.2m x 1.2m). With 5 plants. Definitely no more than 5 plants per table.”

Dutch Passion Think Different
Dutch Passion Think Different

Scrog was effective

“Scrog was very very effective on these plants and helped greatly with bud production. I would tell anyone to give SCROG a try, soil or hydro. But if they are comfortable with hydro and the process, definitely go hydro. I just get tremendous control and results with hydro plants.

So for my time and effort i want the most out of each plant I am growing, and for me it is in hydro. I have drip watering systems for soil, drip watering with recapture for hydro, DWC, and flood tables.”

“My water is from a drilled well, and is naturally high in Calcium. I find that even though my nutrients are high in NPK ratios I still needed to add supplemental N during veg in the form of UREA which I use in other grows to kick up N. And certain plants were low in Magnesium so I supplemented with epsom salts.“

Dutch Passion Think Different

Strong uplifting high

“Feedback has been very uniform. A very strong uplifting high, which is long lasting. A very smooth smoke. Great bag appeal, super dense buds. I have been drying / curing for several weeks. Initially during harvest it was an overwhelming citrus aroma.”

“To the point that when I opened up the trimmer it was like someone squeezed a lemon in my eyes. The smell from the bags is very light/ subtle. Some people think pot needs to smell like a skunk to work, but certainly this is not the case with Think Different. The punch is there for sure. Patients have also mentioned everything from great sleep aid to clearing migraines, good daytime high with motivation.”

“One patient was telling me that she’s gone some 20 years without any meds and recently tried some of the Think Different and was blown away. Now she has just one puff, since that is all she said she can handle, before bed and sleeps like a baby!”

Dutch Passion Think Different

Yield is excellent

“Yield is excellent. Think Different is easy to grow and forgiving. She is definitely recommended for a new grower, even if it is their first attempt.
Don’t skimp on lights and don’t underestimate scrog technique for lots of huge colas. I got just under 5 pounds from 7 plants (2.2 kg). From seed to harvest took just over 100 days.”

“I believe the extra time was worth it because yield was increased. Nutrient uptake and water consumption of these Think Different’s is incredible, the maximum was just shy of 2 gallons (10 litres) of nutrient solution per plant in a 24 hour period. Light schedule was 20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of darkness for the entire grow. I used metal-halide lights for veg and 2x1000W Super HPS for flower after vertical plant growth stopped.”

High levels of nutrients

“In my opinion Think Different is capable of handling high levels of nutrients, including high nitrogen levels in their explosive veg period.”

“I’m already starting my new grow, which will be 20-25 TD Plants on identical flood trays 5 per tray. Good things to come in about 100 days! Thank you Dutch Passion for this very rewarding strain, I hope to do more of your seeds justice in the near future.”

Dutch Passion Think Different


What more can we add to yet another epic Think Different grow diary?   A 7-pack of Think Different can be bought from our webshop for just €60.  If you are on a budget then get a 3-pack for just €29.  Add some to your seed collection before they sell out!

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