Frisian Duck outdoor grow review

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Frisian Duck outdoor grow review

Frisian Duck has a naturally occurring leaf mutation which gives it a stealthy natural disguise. You could walk straight past this variety and not realise it is cannabis.  The weeks Frisian Duck grow review comes from ‘The Joker’ who is normally an indoor grower. The Joker wanted to grow some cannabis plants on his roof terrace but didn’t want his neighbours to know, so he planted some Frisian Duck seeds in May 2015 and harvested them in October.  

Camouflaged shape of duck foots

The Frisian Duck leaf has the camouflaged shape of a ducks foot.  Its a natural feature which Dutch Passion have stabilised and combined with prize-winning proven outdoor genetics from our best selling Frisian Dew.  The result is a feminized, tough outdoor cannabis variety which looks unlike anything you have grown outdoors before.  The leaves look more like nettle or mint.  And the smell of Frisian Duck is not as strong as other cannabis varieties, which is another major bonus for urban growers.

frisian duck
Frisian Duck

Most people grow outdoors

Frisian Duck can be grown indoors like any other photoperiod cannabis variety, requiring a 12/12 light cycle to start blooming.  But most people grow Frisian Duck outdoors where the natural camouflage means she will not be recognised.  

The Joker planted his Frisian Duck seeds in ‘air pots’ of soil.  Air pots are a new style of plant container with lots of air holes which encourage a healthier oxygenated root mass.  The Joker used an organic soil mix and left the plants outdoors all summer.  The 2015 summer in Northern Europe was one of the wettest in recent memory so conditions were not ideal but Frisian Duck continued growing steadily throughout the summer.  

frisian duck

Incognito leaf shape

The weird duck leaf shape was present throughout the grow and The Joker had no concerns that his neighbours would recognise it as cannabis.  The Joker explained how pleased he was with the incognito leaf shape.  “Even my wife didn’t believe it was cannabis and she has seen me growing it for many years indoors.  So I wasn’t worried what the neighbours would think of the rooftop plants. To be honest I have never seen a cannabis variety like it so I also didn’t realise that cannabis could look like this”

Frisian Duck
frisian duck

Experience with Frisian Duck

The Joker explained his experience with Frisian Duck;

“I wouldn’t risk growing traditional cannabis outdoors, but when I heard about Frisian Duck it sounded too good to be true. Until I saw it with my own eyes I didn’t really believe it.”

The Frisian Duck plants reached around a metre tall and started to form purple buds during August.  The buds started to get fatter in September.  The Joker explained more about the final stages of the grow.  

Frisian Duck

Deep purple color

“The buds were a deep purple color, it made the plants look more like ornamental garden plants than cannabis. Even in bloom the aroma was light, you had to have your nose close to the buds to get the distinctive cannabis smell. There is no way the neighbours would have any idea what I was growing. This is the ideal cannabis variety for anyone wanting to grow in their garden, terrace, patio or greenhouse. Its a strong smoke too, a light aroma but potent effects and ideal for relaxing with. It gets me very nicely stoned just like any other good variety. I will be growing this again on my roof terrace, and I will also plant a few seeds in the countryside next year as an experiment to see how they grow”

frisian duck

“The Duck seemed to enjoy it’s south facing spot and survived rainy periods very well, without any mold at all. Yield was 240g of dry beautiful dark purple buds which give a nice stone, perfect for long Sunday afternoons, socialising, playing a board game or reading a book.”

The soil

The soil was cheap budget potting compost from the local garden centre.  The Joker didn’t bother with expensive specialist nutrients, instead he used low cost general purpose plant food which he also used for his tomatoes and zucchinis.

frisian duck leaves

Some advice

“The only advice I would give to future growers is to consider planting them directly into the ground since an unrestricted root system will allow the plants to reach their 3 metre full size. On my roof terrace I am restricted to using containers. If I had a private garden because I would get a few of them planted, I would grow them full size and get a massive harvest. My plan for the coming summer is to find a safe and sunny place in the countryside and grow some monster plants. And I will have a few more on the roof as well!”

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