Grow review of The Ultimate

the ultimate a variety by Dutch Passion

Grow review of The Ultimate

The Ultimate is one of Dutch Passions heaviest yielding photoperiod varieties on a par with varieties such as Power Plant and OutLaw.  It’s also one of the strongest and most potent varieties in our collection. 

Not surprisingly it’s an established customer favourite with many repeat growers and a solid reputation amongst home growers.

heavy blooms on this baby

Above and below Ultimate from Dutch Passion. We recommend that this variety is supported to prevent the plants collapsing under the weight of their own blooms.

blooms as thick as your forearm

Grow review of The Ultimate

The Ultimate: 50% indica, 50% sativa variety

The Ultimate is a balanced 50% indica, 50% sativa variety.  It gives a fast hitting high thanks to the indica component.  Those that do not have a high tolerance to cannabis should note that this is a strong high which continues to climb in intensity.  Even experienced smokers have been caught out by the strength of this variety, this is definitely not a day time smoke. 

It has a strong cerebral and physical effect, its a great variety for relaxing or for medical use.  The variety was discovered by Dutch Passion several years ago after we came across a unique phenotype that delivered special quality levels combined with great production, taste, aroma and resin levels. 

The original parent genetics were never disclosed, partly because we wanted The Ultimate to be recognised as a variety in her own right.

sticky buds as standard
Above and below heavy Dutch Passion blooms. Even on the lower branches, causing the branches to bow down as harvest approaches
branches bow down

Grow your own

If you want to grow your own cannabis easily then this is a variety which comes with our best recommendations.  Not only is ‘The Ultimate’ one of our best yielding varieties but it is also an easy variety to grow and produces exceptionally strong cannabis with a long lasting high. 

The pictures and comments of The Ultimate this week come from LEDbud, a European home-grower who specialises in growing under LED, he uses lights from Quantum LED.

bulging blooms

Grow review of The Ultimate

Comments from LEDbud

Here are a few comments from LEDbud, who has also grown our AutoMazar with great results.

“This variety is fast growing for both veg and flower.  During flowering this variety initially didn’t seem too fast, but within a couple of weeks she was producing large amounts of flowers all over.  The buds kept filling out and didn’t know when to stop, this was the only time I have seen a variety behave in this way. 

In the end I chopped the plants down, but I could have just left them to see how big they could have got.  However the plants were already collapsing under their own weight and I didn’t want to risk leaving them to fall over”

blooms everywhere
large colas on all main branches

Canna Nutrients

 “I used  Canna Terra Vega & Flores from Canna Nutrients.  Atami Bloombastic helped maximise harvest weight.  I used Budlink Silica to help with plant growth as well as a Calcium/Magnesium supplement and Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients. 

In the end I averaged over 130g per plant without any real problems or difficulty.  The buds were great looking, a combination of heavy trichome production and red hairs reminded me of some old school skunk that blew my head off in a Dutch coffeeshop back in the 90’s.”

rich resin layers
a home growers dream

Smoke quality

“The smell is sweet and fruity, however it’s a very strong aroma in the last 4 weeks, anyone thinking of growing this variety should make sure that their carbon filter is working well.  The taste is similar to the aroma, very skunky but sweet as well. 

The best part of this variety is the high – POTENT!  It’s strong and powerful in the head, watch out.  For me its an energising and creative ‘up’ buzz.  The plants were grown under 2x Quantum Photon 189 and 2x Photon 84 which produced uniform and dense nugs.”

final bloom shots
plant ready to collapse


A favourite variety of Dutch Passion

The Ultimate is something of a favourite variety of ours, so we are biased, but this is a really special photoperiod variety which generates a lot of great feedback from very happy customers. 

If you want to grow your own weed easily, if you want quality without compromising quality then The Ultimate is one variety which you should definitely try yourself.

Dutch Joe

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last nuggets
The Ultimate.  Your seed collection deserves to contain this variety
this is one variety you should not miss

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