Grow weed indoors easily in seven steps

grow weed indoors
Grow weed indoors

To grow top quality weed indoors has never been easier.  Anyone can grow pot indoors quickly and with very little cost. Why buy expensive cannabis when you can grow better quality yourself and enjoy as much as you want for medical or recreational purposes. 

This guide explains how you can get started.  No matter how little experience you have you will find growing cannabis to be far easier than you ever imagined. This guide explains all you need to know in 7 simple steps.

There are lots of different methods of growing cannabis indoors.  We will start with a simple method which guarantees results even for the first time grower.

Step 1 Buy a tent to grow weed indoors

A grow tent will usually be about 1m wide, 1m deep and 2m tall.  Usually they cost around €100 new.  Your grow tent will eventually contain a light, a carbon filter to remove smells, a fan to bring in fresh air and of course your plants.  To keep it simple the plants will be grown in soil.

Grow weed indoors easily in seven steps


Step 2  Buy a light

A low cost starting point is a 400w HPS (high pressure sodium) light.  You can but these from any hydro store in your local city, or you can buy them online.  Your supplier will also be able to sell you some electrical timers, ducting and plant food

Step 3 Buy a fan and carbon filter

Your grow store/online retailer will recommend a fan and filter which will be suitable for the size of your light and tent.  The bigger the light the more pot you will grow, but you will create more heat (which will need extracting by a bigger fan).  

Grow room temperatures should be around 25°C with the lights on, and around 20°C with the lights off.

Step 4  Buy some seeds

We recommend you start with a good quality AutoFem variety such as Dutch Passion AutoMazar, Think Different or StarRyder.  An AutoFem variety spends its entire life under a system of ‘lights on’ for 20 hours, followed by 4 hours of darkness. 

They are the most popular way for new growers to get started.

AutoXtreme Dutch Passion

Step 5 Plant the seeds! 

Many growers will soak the seeds for a day in bottled water and then put the seeds under 5-10mm of damp soil in a pot.  Use a pot size of around 10 litres and water the soil lightly. 

Put some transparent kitchen film over the pot to keep it moist, the film can be removed when the seed germinates. The easiest approach is to buy a pre-mixed soil from your nearest grow shop.

Step 6 Watch them grow!

The light needs to be 50cm+ from the small plants so it doesn’t burn them.  As they get older the plants can get closer to the light.

Step 7 Avoid the 2 most common mistakes

Do not overwater the plants and do not over feed them.  Cannabis roots like to grow in light airy soil, if the soil is too heavy with water the roots do not grow as well and you get a smaller plant with less buds.  In a 10 litre pot you will not need to add any additional nutrients for the first few weeks. 

Numerous specialist plant feeds are available for the second half of the grow.  Most new growers over-feed their pot plants which causes the tips of the leaves to go brown and ‘burn’ .  Introduce plant feed slowly and gradually.  You will be smoking the buds yourself, so use organic nutrients and avoid chemicals/pesticides.

Ready to harvest in week 10/11

And it is as simple as that!  Your plants will be ready to harvest 10-11 weeks after they germinated and will often have 50g++ of good quality cannabis from each plant.  As you get a little bit more experience you will start to understand how to grow bigger plants.  To enjoy the cannabis all you need to do is chop the plant down and remove the leaves.  Remember you will be consuming the buds, not the leaves. 

After 7-10 days the buds will dry and ready to enjoy.  A good way to test whether it is dry is to bend the branches, when they ‘snap’ it is usually a sign that drying has finished.     Good growers often store the buds in glass jars for a few weeks to ‘cure’.  This allows flavour, aroma and taste to develop.

First harvest

The first time a grower harvests their own cannabis they are amazed how much good quality cannabis can be grown so easily and quickly.  You will not want to go back to the days of buying low quality weed from dealers, you will have become a ‘self sufficient’ cannabis grower.  Once you have bought your growroom and equipment the only costs are your electricity and your seeds. 

A 7-pack of Dutch Passion AutoFem seeds is around €50 and will produce hundreds of grams of good quality pot.  Each year thousands of new growers discover how easy it is to grow your own cannabis, try it for yourself and find out!

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