Legendary cannabis classics Mazar & White Widow

Legendary cannabis classics review

Our legendary cannabis classics

Dutch Passion Mazar and White Widow are two of our legendary  cannabis classics which have been best-sellers for decades. They are both traditional photoperiod varieties which are ready to harvest after around 9 weeks of flowering under 12/12 light. 

Both varieties are also available in regular seeds as well as feminized, and both varieties are also available in auto-versions. 

Dutch Passion Dark Delight was introduced more recently but it has already gained a reputation as one of our strongest varieties with a deep and rich narcotic indica-dominant effect.

Legendary cannabis classics dutch passion

Mazar, White Widow and Dark Delight grow

This weeks diary features a grow of Dark Delight and the legendary cannabis classics White Widow and Mazar.  The diary and images comes from ‘Shire’ and the original grow diary is here

Shire seemed to really appreciate all 3 varieties, and of them all he considered Mazar to be the best….just! Shire is typical of many Dutch Passion growers, he aims to be self-sufficient in his own recreational/medical cannabis requirements. 

Growing your own pot at home has never been easier, the quality you can achieve is often far better (and always lower cost!) than cannabis bought on the streets. 

Mazar nugget

Above, Dutch Passion Mazar, a time-honoured classic and customer favourite.  

Dark Delight, a new customer favourite of Dutch Passion

Above, Dutch Passion Dark Delight. Deeply rich and satisfying.  Resinous and strong.

Dutch Passion White Widow, Legendary cannabis classics

Above, Dutch Passion White Widow. Seriously strong pot for the connoisseur grower

Started under 110W lights

Shire started his seedlings under 110w Fluorescent lights, and when the plants were strong enough he transferred them to a 1.2m x 1.2m tent. The tent had a 600w dual-spectrum HPS bulb, the plants were grown in coco/pebble mix and hand watered with Canna nutrients.

The plants were grown vegatively for just over 4 weeks with lights on for 18 hours per day.  Temperatures in the tent were 28ºC (lights on) and 20ºC (lights off).  Shire also took some cuttings from his favourite plants.  Blooming was initiated by reducing the daily light to 12 hours.

White Widow Dutch Passion

Above, White Widow approaching harvest

Legendary cannabis classics dutch passion

Above, Dark Delight, Mazar and White Widow in late bloom

Medical cannabis oil

Shire finished blooming the plants without any major issues, the whole grow was uncomplicated and straightforward. There were no significant problems and the three Dutch Passion varieties produced 9 well proportioned plants with plenty of buds and a rich coating of resin.

As well as enjoying his cannabis, Shire also made himself some medicinal cannabis oil using IsoPropyl Alcohol (‘IPA’).  There are many different methods for making cannabis oil, here Shire mixed his herbs with IPA for a few minutes.  The IPA dissolved the cannabinoids  from the cannabis, and was then filtered and evaporated resulting in the sticky brown liquid cannabis oil. 

The oil is highly valued by medical users.  The oil can be made into creams/ointments, or edible treats, or simply smoked/vapourised.

Comments come from Shire

“The Mazar is definitely as good as it looks, very strong and so full of piney flavour on the inhale and exhale then the limbs get a bit limp with heavy  eyelids, a stunning smoke, high and body effect,  one I will be doing in the future for sure 100%.”

“When you break a bud open there are hints of citrus orange too.  The relaxed stone reminds me of a hash I managed to get years ago called Kasmir twist, very more-ish indeed.”

dark delight nugget

Above, a nugget of Dark Delight

“The Dark Delight really is a delight to smoke, puts a grin on my face every time, lovely head and body stone.  Taking a bud out the jar and smelling it seems to clear my airways, so nice,  pungent and light.  A really nice high”

cannabis oil dutch passion

Above, cannabis oil. Highly valued by medical users of cannabis

Bag of pot dutch passion

 Best medicine ever

“The Oil is a godsend, I love taking a rice-size blob before bed and I sleep well indeed and all my little aches and niggles have gone. For me best it’s medicine ever and I would recommend it to all…big time.

All in I have enjoyed this grow from start to finish and will definitely be doing these again, in fact I will be flowering some clones soon, which have been topped 3 times. I think I do have a favourite of the three varieties, but it is a close run thing……Mazar gets it, I just love the relaxing effect.”


white widow nugget

Above, a nugget of Dutch Passion White Widow sparkles with all the resin glands.

more mazar

Above, and below Mazar. Old school genetics which produce top quality cannabis with a blissful relaxation effect

Mazar, Legendary cannabis classics

 Congratulations to Shire on a successful harvest of three of our most-appreciated varieties. If you are thinking of trying to grow your own pot this year then we highly recommend you take a look at our Mazar, Dark Delight and White Widow.  They are proven, easy to grow and produce top quality cannabis.

Dutch Joe

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