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OutLaw has really impressed one of the first test growers, Mr Sparkles.  He got seeds in June 2012, before public release, and rates it as one of his best varieties for both yield and potency.  You can see his full grow here on the popular growers forum UK420 (you will need to register to view this diary but it is worth it!)

Mr Sparkles grew 4 mature females in soil using the Hesi nutrient package under a 600W HPS in a 90cmx90cm indoor tent and harvested 360g of very fine cannabis at the end of the grow.  Here is his story, his photo’s and his opinion of OutLaw

lovely close up photo of OutLaw yum


a) What was the best part of OutLaw?

Answer (by Mr Sparkles).  Definitely the smoke, the most rewarding part is the pure strength of the buds! A very attractive plant too, very obvious trichome development make this variety rewarding to grow.

OutLaw 1: The first tastes are of black pepper with a touch of floral over-tones.

OutLaw 2: The second was very similar, Woody with a Black Pepper tone.

OutLaw 3: Peppery with a woody, walnut tones (My friends favourite)

OutLaw 4: The Sativa Phenotype was again Peppery but lighter overtones of Pine/Berry

Interestingly the high was the same for all 4 plants, Very cloudy head high and can really make you VERY forgetful, can be a bit rushy with strong dose for 5 minutes or so after you smoke. The body stone is very sleepy for some reason, can couchlock you or just make the muscles feel really tired or weakened. Can knock you out for sure.

In a vaporizer the main difference to tell is very strong flavours of Sage, Rosemary or lavender. We think in a spliff at higher temps those flavours are coming across as peppery.  After 1 month curing the OutLaw has softened considerably and we now only cough from pure spliffs. The high is very mental and still puts that cloud over your head. If you’ve had a hard day and want to escape this is the stuff for you.

The taste has started to come out more as the smoke has mellowed, reminds me of pine and sweetness under the floral favours.  Its nothing but the biggest hit with all my friends
more resinous photo's of OutLaw

b) what was OutLaw like from a self-sufficient home growers perspective?

The yield was sufficient at 360g of dried/cured bud. Plus 20g of air bud for BHO (‘butane honey oil’) and 6g of bubblehash from the trimmings, but the best part of this is that it will last twice as long as most of the other strains. The harvest will last a good 2-3 months plenty of time for the next saplings to flourish…

a room with 4 outlaws

c) What would you say to future growers of OutLaw? any tips or advice?

Potentially a really good hash plant. I could get 2-3 Oz’s of hash if all 380g was put to work!

The yield was good, just as much as The Ultimate’s I have grown previously. 360g from a 90×90 cm grow tent is my best so far and I know it will be tough to beat.I used the SCROG method and tied down over 40 tops in 3 sessions over 10 days before 12/12. In future I would have tied less down and let the grow taller. I have another meter of height available and I could only imagine an even bigger yield could have been obtained.

more delicioous outlaw

d) How would you summarise this variety? What are the main benefits that would suit the home grower

I would say that the OutLaw is the most resinous and productive plant I have ever seen. The flavours are actually overwhelmed by the resin if you dry her to quickly so be careful of this!

For the home grower it has to be a 4.5/5, it suffers from being too good as the flavors are often over powered by the thick smoke. A stronger flavor would have been unbeatable. Thanks Dutch Passion


It’s great to see another of our pre-release test diaries deliver good results for a customer.  OutLaw is a top quality variety and the price is also affordable with 10 feminized seeds for €40 or 3 fem seeds for €15.  A great variety to add to your seed collection, and at these prices you can afford to.

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!….https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

summary of grow conditions

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