OutLaw grow review indoor grown Haze

OutLaw grow review

OutLaw grow review

This weeks OutLaw grow review comes from Antonio, a self-sufficient European home grower with an emphasis on growing the highest quality organic cannabis. He grew two Dutch Passion OutLaw plants in 41 litre sacks of soil under a 600W HPS with a harvest of around 400g using a SCROG (screen of green) growing method.

OutLaw is Dutch Passions version of a top quality Haze, she is a feminized photoperiod variety which takes up to 12 weeks to flower.  But the wait is worth it.  OutLaw is a real customer favourite, ideal for those sativa-connoisseurs looking for an easy-to-grow Haze variety with a proven track record.

OutLaw grow review
 OutLaw grow review


Words and pictures come from Antonio

Growing Outlaw has really been an absolute pleasure. Outlaw is a very robust variety, it is an easy-to-grow Sativa that can take a lot of nutrients and isn’t easily stressed. A few plants will fill up a grow room in no time. Personally I’m a huge fan of growing Sativa dominant varieties because of their growth pattern,  the thin leaves and long stems, and because of the ‘high’ they provide. I always grow them with the SCROG method in which they truly excel, Outlaw was again a perfect example of this.

Grow info

600W HPS light,  2 OutLaw plants, 41L Smart-pots, Lightmix/Coco fibre mix 4:1

Nutrients : Bio Sannie (Buffer tablets, Mycorrhiza, batch, Perfect Start and Yucca) and B.A.C (Bio grow, Bio bloom and Bio Pk booster)

OutLaw grow review
outLaw filling the scrog


During the pre-growth period the plants loved to be bent and trimmed, I used some LST (low stress training, tying down branches etc)  to open them up to the light at an early stage.  After 4 weeks they were put into their final container, – a 41L Smart-pot. I grew 2 Outlaws under a 600watt HPS along with one Jack Herer. I gave the Jack Herer the spot in the middle, which is normally the best spot, both Outlaw females were grown on the sides of the net. Both Outlaws yielded double as much as the Jack Herer.

Growth period

Slim sativa leaves, a strong grower with a little bit of stretch – it is a beautiful SCROG variety because of the plant structure. Both Outlaws were fimmed (growing tip was cut off while young), this encourages a lot of side branches which is ideal if you are using the SCROG method. The goal is to get as many buds as possible  evenly spread across the net.  All buds should be roughly similar in height and thickness, so they will receive the same amount of light and develop homogeneously. The Outlaw has a medium to large inter-nodal distance.

 OutLaw grow review
outlaw Dutch

Flower period

During the first three weeks of flowering Outlaw grows very fast with a lot of side branches, the growth literally explodes. It can take some time before flowers form. This variety kept on stretching until the 4th week of flowering so I think it is also very suitable for people that grow larger numbers of plants in a SOG (sea of green). A week of pre-growth will be enough to get very decent sized plants in small pots (4-7L).

I think both plants could have been harvested at 9-10 weeks but I gave them the full 12 weeks which they deserve. In the end it was really worth it, flowers kept on growing, there was some fox tailing in the buds but not a lot. Some buds had the appearance of a golf ball. Very tight and compact nuggets. I think there is exactly the right amount of Indica genes in this variety, flowers get very dense and compact without comprising the distinctive Haze odor and flavor.

Buds are very frosty and covered in resin and have an amazing smell. Pistils (hairs) turned to warm orange colours. In the end of flowering the buds tend to get really heavy and it is recommended to use some sticks and ropes to prevent them from falling down and breaking.


Smell during flowering

Very intense and strong, sharp, peppery with some floral undertones and little bit of citrus, nice resin from the start of flowering.

OutLaw grow review details


Easy to trim – good calyx leaf ratio – biggest bud was 20 grams dry.

Outlaw #1 : 199.32 grams dry

Outlaw #2 : 205, 32 grams dry


spicy, hazy, pepper with sometimes a little bit of wood.


Like a true Haze, reminds me of the old days, when we were only smoking Sativa dominant strains like Mexican haze, Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze and Haze. The last one was a Haze x Northern Light mix and Outlaw seems to have a similar taste to this variety mixed with an Amnesia Haze. It is a little bit less citrus than Amnesia Haze, I taste hints of pepper and some floral undertones and it really has a thick smoke.


Strong head high with a punch. Mild body stone – good overall smoke. You will feel an up high with a slightly heavy feeling on the eyes, the body high is very mild, this variety can definitely stimulate appetite. A nice variety for the evening smoke.

Bag appeal 4.5 stars (out of 5) , overall score is 4.5 (out of 5) stars, a top variety!

Special remarks

“I smoke a lot with friends, everybody grows his own and we share a lot. On most evenings that we meet and chill you can smell and taste maybe 3-4 different varieties.”

“No matter how many people were smoking in one room, as soon as I lit an Outlaw joint everybody was sniffing around the room like a dog and asked, dude are you smoking Outlaw again? Can I have some hits? Amongst friends and connoisseurs Outlaw seems to have it all, a beautiful smell, a thick smoke and a strong effect. And it really reminds us of the good old days when it wasn’t that hard to buy a classic Haze Sativa strain.”


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