Pamir Gold 450g harvest at 2100m above sea level!

Pamir Gold 450g harvest at 2100m above sea level!

Pamir Gold is one of only two high-altitude cannabis strains developed by Dutch Passion for those that need specialist genetics for high-altitude growing (Snow Bud is the other). In this grow review Pamir Gold was grown in the high-altitude Western Colorado plains by @High_Desert_Outdoor 6900ft/2100m above sea level!

At such altitudes there are extra demands placed on cannabis plants. Weather patterns are tough, air is noticeably thinner and day/night temperature fluctuations can be too demanding for traditional cannabis strains. That’s why Dutch Passion created Pamir Gold and Snow Bud (The High Altitude cannabis seed collection), selectively bred at altitude over several years in the Swiss Alps to create cannabis strains that are naturally acclimatised for mountain growers. These strains will grow in places where lesser strains would be simply unable to survive.

Pamir Gold grown in the high-altitude Western Colorado plains by @High_Desert_Outdoor

If you grow in harsh, high-altitude outdoor conditions you may want to check out this great, multi-bloomed Pamir Gold grown by High_Desert_Outdoor!

Pamir Gold cannabis seeds, created for high altitude life

High_Desert_Outdoor faces specific challenges trying to grow cannabis outdoors at such altitudes. The harsh climate, thin air and trying conditions make it difficult for non-adapted strains to thrive at such altitudes. Pamir Gold was selectively bred for these conditions making her a natural choice for growers in mountainous regions all around the world. Comments are from @High_Desert_Outdoor.

Pamir Gold was selectively bred at altitude over several years in the Swiss Alps

I started this grow of Pamir Gold by Dutch Passion on May 8th. The seeds were germinated using the paper towel method. After germination, they were placed in a cloning chamber on the windowsill.

Pamir Gold young cannabis seedlings grown indoors

From there they grew inside for a couple weeks, until temperatures heated up enough outside.

Pamir Gold seedling transplanted into 25-gallon fabric pots filled with an organic living soil

I’m growing at 6900 ft in the high desert of Western Colorado. In mid-May I transplanted the seedlings into 25-gallon fabric pots filled with an organic living soil, comprised of about 1/3 compost, 1/3 coco coir, and 1/3 perlite with a good amount of my own earthworm castings, and a dash of Mycorrhiza for good measure.

Pamir Gold seedling thriving despite temperatures dropping below freezing for about a week

After transplanting, we had a major cold spell with temperatures dropping below freezing for about a week. I covered the plants with buckets overnight to keep them warm.

Cold overnight temperatures are an unfortunate challenge faced by many high-altitude cannabis growers. It’s one of the several reasons why traditional cannabis strains struggle to manage the difficulties of life in the rarefied atmosphere of high-altitude outdoor cultivation. Even when day temperatures are warm, night time minimum temperatures may still remain worryingly cool.

Pamir Gold was able to breeze through the temperature swings and had in-built natural adaptation allowing her to cope well with life 6900ft/2100m above sea level.

Pamir Gold grown under temperatures of around 30°C in the day and 14°C at night

I had my first freeze/snow on October 21 this year. The days were pretty long in the summer with about 15 hours of sunlight. Temperatures are around 85°F (30°C) in the day and around 55-60°F (14°C) at night.

Pamir Gold bloomed at altitude outdoors in Colorado

The Pamir Gold plants germinated and grew well. Even as summer arrived, the night time temperatures were still far from ideal. @High_Desert_Outdoor continues the story.

Pamir Gold outdoor topping and low stress training on week 8

By mid-June everything started to really grow as temperatures started reaching 85°F in the day and around 50°F (10°C) at night. On week 8, I low stress trained one of the Pamir Golds and by week 10 she was doing great with a nice bushy, even canopy.

Pamir Gold nice bushy, even cannabis canopy by week 12

During week 10 I topped my other Pamir gold, and I started top dressing with Roots Organics Uprising dry amendments. By week 12, the plants were starting to get big, growing noticeably every day. I released some lady bugs (ladybird insects) and green lacewings to deal with a small thrip issue.

Pamir Gold reached 1.5m tall by week 13 just before flowering

By week 13, the plants are almost 5ft tall (1.5m)! I gave them a really nice top dressing of earthworm castings and some bloom nutrients seeing as they are about to start flowering.

The Pamir Gold plant that was low-stress-trained was about 6ft (1.8m) by week 14

At the end of week 14, the Pamir Gold plant that was low-stress-trained was about 6ft (1.8m) tall and started to pre-flower. The other Pamir Gold plant that was topped was only about 4ft (1.2m) tall and is about 2 weeks ahead.

The Pamir Gold plants continued to grow steadily with several heavy blooms in development. Once again, as autumn/fall approached the cold evening temperatures returned. One bonus for the outdoor grower is the beautiful autumnal colour display provided as the leaves produce striking red, purple, orange and yellow hues.

Pamir Gold fat outdoor buds almost ready to harvest by week 20

Week 20, Mid-September. The topped Pamir Gold is about ready to come down! The nugs are extremely fat with a very nice even canopy. Temperatures are starting to drop below 50°F (10°C) at night.

Pamir Golds outdoor harvest by week 23 after 9 weeks of flowering

By week 23, late September, both Pamir Golds have been harvested! They took about 9 weeks to finish flowering. Even though both plants had different training they both did fabulous.

Pamir Gold even canopy and extremely large dense nugs after topping

Next time I run these I think I will top both plants since the topped plant had a more even (flat, level) canopy and extremely large dense nugs. My Pamir Gold #1 plant is coming down in the next couple days. I’m starting to get amber trichomes. Just waiting on the hairs to turn a bit more orange.

Overall, I got 1 lb (450g) from each plant, grown in 25-gallon pots… Getting some fat colas and she is doing amazing – I can’t wait to harvest this beauty.

Pamir Golds withstanding the harsh Western Colorado plains climate at 2100m above sea level

Thanks for providing me with a strain to withstand my climate and short growing season!

Pamir Gold aroma/effects and impressions

@High_Desert_Outdoor enjoyed a bumper 1lb (450g) dry harvest from each Pamir Gold. Here are his thoughts on the final harvest.

Pamir Gold outdoor trimmed bud very pleasant uplifting high

Pamir Gold smells like fruity wine. When smoking the taste starts with a fruity pear taste that transforms into a chocolatey peppery after taste. It is definitely a funky unique flavor.

She leaves you with a very pleasant uplifting high that is not too overbearing. I think it is a great daytime get-shit-done smoke! After about two hours the high starts to fade and becomes a little more relaxing.

Pamir Gold did great at withstanding the brutal winds and monsoon rains of Colorado

Pamir Gold is a great strain for harsh environments with shorter seasons. My plants were grown at 6900 feet or 2100 meters above sea level in the high desert of Colorado. Pamir Gold did great at withstanding the brutal winds and monsoon rains that we experienced this year. Pamir Gold has excellent disease resistance and bug resistance. I had a small case of thrips but released some green lacewings and ladybugs and the thrips were gone in no time.

Pamir Gold trimmed cannabis bud with a beautiful colour-fade from red to purple

She can handle low temps too! During the end of the grow, temperatures were dipping into the high-30s (below 5°C) but she kept going just fine. Overall, they took about 23 weeks from cannabis seed to harvest with a 9-week flowering period.

She required some good support for her extremely fat resinous colas. The colour-fade towards the end was very beautiful to witness, going from red to purple. Yielding 1 lb (450g) of dry flower per plant.

Pamir Gold selectively bred cannabis seeds for high altitude growers

The second plant that had the crazy senescence (colour fade) smokes a little bit better. It has a fruity almost spicy taste, but the structure of the smaller plant with the fatter buds was very nice. 

If I grow these again next year I will probably top instead of LST (Low Stress Training). But overall, I love them both! Unique tasty strain with a funky flavor.

I am planning on having a nice outdoor garden again next year but with 50-gallon fabric pots instead of 25 gallons. I have a relatively short growing season, so I need some faster varieties good for outdoor!

Pamir Gold: professional, selectively bred cannabis seeds for high altitude outdoor cannabis growers

Pamir Gold's fast life cycle (80-100 days) is ideal for growers with shorter, more demanding climates

Getting the best results in demanding high-altitude outdoor growing conditions isn’t easy. Using cannabis seeds created specifically for the job is the smart choice and could be the difference that allows your harvest to succeed. Other options for high altitude cannabis growers includes autoflowering cannabis seeds.

These have a fast life cycle, typically around 80-100 days for many strains. This makes them ideal for growers with shorter, more demanding climates.

Congratulations to @High_Desert_Outdoor on two heavy yielding Pamir Gold plants, harvesting successfully at such altitudes can be tough but he made it look easy!

Growdiaries: Pamir Gold outdoor grow journal by @High_Desert_Outdoor

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