Power Plant grow review in soil/coco mix under HPS grow light

Power Plant grown by TheCannaProphet in a 35 litre fabric container.

Power Plant grow report by “TheCannaProphet”

Power Plant has been a legendary and iconic cannabis strain ever since she was introduced in the 1990’s. The sativa genetics come from South Africa and instantly impressed growers with their heavy yields, remarkable ease-of-growth and the immensely powerful buds. Power Plant has remained a best seller over several decades since her introduction with literally thousands and thousands of repeat buyers who have yet to find a strain which is as easy to grow with the same combination of yield and potency.

The following grow review comes from The Canna Prophet. The original Power Plant seeds grow is here on the Grow Diaries forums. The following words and pictures come from TheCannaProphet.

Growing feminised Power Plant seeds was easy

Growing the Dutch Passion Power Plant was an absolute dream! I grew her in a 7 gallon (35 litre) fabric pot from seed in a 100% organic mix of Mother Earth CoCo/Perlite mix with organic dry amendments added initially to the soil and then fed on a schedule via top dressing throughout the run.

She was a thirsty girl throughout flower, drinking 1.5 – 2 gallons (6-9 litres) of water, pH adjusted to 6.2-6.5 daily. She was in veg for 40 days with an 18/6 light schedule, I topped her five times which she responded well to, with no issues. She was super tolerant of temperatures, RH (humidity), feeding/watering, training and is super disease and pest resistant. I also did some super-cropping on a couple of her stubborn branches without issues. Because she’s so easy to cultivate I’d recommend new growers to make this lady their ‘Go To’ strain! 

Power Plant grown buy TheCannaProphet approaching harvest
Power Plant grown buy TheCannaProphet approaching harvest.

Power Plant in bloom

Once flipped to 12/12, she was in flower for 59 days and then put in the dark for 48 hours to enhance trichome production. I hung her on the branch for 9 days @ 66ºF and 58-60% RH in total darkness with a fan to keep the air moving lightly. After her 9 day drying I trimmed this beauty up and was super excited that she provided 270 grams of trimmed, dry flowers!

Power Plant side bloom with a couple of weeks still to go until harvest
Power Plant side bloom with a couple of weeks still to go until harvest.

Curing and drying Power Plant buds

I jarred all the flowers in 4-pint glass mason jars, stored @ 68ºF and burped them twice daily for the first week while monitoring the RH in the jars with hygrometers. The second week they got burped daily and were maintaining a RH of between 58-62%. The third week they got burped every 3rd day. The 4th week I added 62% Boveda packs into the jars and burped them once weekly.

Power Plant buds in the jars.
Power Plant buds in the jars.

Power Plant smoke review and aroma

A bowl full of power plant goodness.
A bowl full of power plant goodness.

This strain has such ROCK HARD tightly stacked buds that have a very flowery, almost lilac-like aroma scent to it. That flowery aroma carries over to your palate when smoked with an almost vanilla taste that pleasantly lingers for a good while on your tongue.

Her effects hit fast and hard! You feel it first right behind your eyes as it spreads over you with a euphoric, energised high. Continue to ingest her and she’ll reward you with several trips to the kitchen to concoct something delicious, keep going and you’ll be finding a comfy spot (which by this point the floor will feel comfortable! lol) to melt into with some favourite music.

I so enjoyed cultivating this Dutch Passion Power Plant and will be planning another run with this SUPER strain!

Feminised Power Plant seeds for bumper yields of highly potent weed

Feminised Power Plant seeds for bumper yields of highly potent weed
A bud from the original Dutch Passion Power Plant.

Many thanks to The Canna Prophet for growing the Power Plant feminised seeds and his grow/smoke review. Power Plant is a member of the Dutch Passion Classic Seed Collection. THC levels are high on this variety, it’s a powerful sativa smoke that has a creative vibe and a highly relaxing, anti-anxiety effect which lasts several hours.

Perhaps the one feature of Power Plant which continues to impress growers is how easy it is to get unexpectedly large yields. With lesser strains, you need to ensure full optimisation of various grow parameters to ensure above average yields. With Power Plant, XL yields come as standard. Power Plant grows across a wide range of grow conditions/mediums/systems and consistently delivers the predictably heavy yields of highly potent cannabis which she is so well known for.

Power Plant can be grown straight from seed under 12/12 light if required. These are robust genetics that have stood the test of time and have been grown successfully in a wide range of conditions.

Power Plant grown from seed under 12/12 LED light

Power Plant genetics, combining yield and quality in an easy to grow feminised seed

It’s unusual to find that a 1990’s cannabis strain remains as popular today as when she was first released. This is a fast sativa variety to grow. She is usually ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks of 12/12 bloom with outstanding yields. Power Plant remains one of the finest classic cannabis strains ever released by Dutch Passion. Try her for yourself and see how irresistibly easy it is to grow such a fast blooming sativa with these levels of potency. Also available in regular seeds and autoflower seeds. Don’t miss out!

Power Plant® sativa feminised seeds

Type: Feminised seeds

Genetics: Original South African Power Plant

Family: Classics

Plant type: Sativa

THC: High

Flowering: 8 weeks

Yield: XXL

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