How to grow Auto Blackberry Kush

Auto Blackberry Illustration

With minimum effort and maximum yields

THC rich Kush strain

Auto Blackberry Kush is one of the strongest Kush autoflower seeds that you can grow. This variety has lots of repeat growers, and recently took 2nd Prize in the 2018 Highlife Cup in the ‘Autoflower Category’.

The judges loved the powerful Kush smoke and the long lasting feel good effects. It’s an autoflowering seed variety that grows easily indoors under 20 hours of daily light, taking around 75 days from seed to harvest.

Many of the plants produce exquisite results with great looking blue/purple buds. The buds are bursting with a sweet aroma of dark fruit, blueberries and blackberries, alongside a distinctive hash-plant aroma.

It’s a special genetic line which produces highly potent harvests, with a deeply relaxing anti-anxiety effect and a bright euphoric high. If you are looking for a top quality autoflower variety to grow which is a little bit different to the rest then this is definitely worthy of a place in your grow tent.

Auto Blackberry Kush plant

How to grow Auto Blackberry Kush

Many of the indica varieties with Afghan Kush genetics are tough and robust, easy to grow even for first time cannabis growers. And Auto Blackberry Kush is no exception, even a new cannabis grower will find this autoflowering seed variety easy to grow in any grow medium or grow system.

In this weeks grow the Auto Blackberry Kush was germinated and grown in supermarket compost under a 150W HPS grow-light. The pictures show the plant approaching harvest, with beautifully colours on the buds and leaves.

Auto Blackberry Kush zoom out

Tips for indoor growing

The Dutch Passion cannabis seed germination guide gives advice on starting your cannabis seeds. For the largest yields we recommend using large containers, 10-15 litre (or larger) containers of soil or other grow medium will encourage a healthy root system which can support a large and heavy yielding plant.

High powered grow lights are also a great way to bring out the full potential of this autoflowering seed variety, home growers lucky enough to have several hundred watts of modern LED grow light will bring the best possible yields. Under optimum environmental conditions this variety will routinely deliver several hundred grams of buds.

The 2018 Highlife Cup judges loved the raw potency and the enjoyable high, this variety combines quality and quantity into a high class feminized autoflowering seed variety. You can check a grow review of this strain here.

Purple buds & great Afghan Kush fruity aroma

Close up Auto BlackBerry Kush

Premium strength cannabis buds are guaranteed with these proven genetics, but it’s the unusual combination of blue/purple buds together with the great aroma which many repeat growers really find irresistible.

The aroma is unmistakably cannabis, but with a sweet fruity scent that reminds you of a concentrated fruit juice with a hint of fresh fuel. It’s a great all round combination that gives your buds exceptional bag appeal.

The judges at the Highlife Cup 2018 awarded the 2nd Prize to this variety based on the combined properties of potency, yield, aroma and taste. It can’t have been far away from winning 1st Prize!

Auto Blackberry Kush – one of the best autoflower seeds

Auto Blackberry Kush usually reaches around, or below, a metre tall. Like many indica autoflower seed varieties this variety tends to stay small and is reluctant to stretch too much during growth. She is especially suitable to indoor cannabis growers that have smaller grow tents with lower ceilings.

During the first 25 days of life this variety tends to remain short as she builds a root network, she only really starts to stretch around 25-50 days after germination. Usually you see the central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller side blooms. The side blooms will yield heavily in grow rooms with high light intensity.

From day 50 onwards Auto Blackberry Kush tends to stop stretching, and instead starts to produce long and heavy blooms. THC and terpene production is at it’s highest in the last few weeks.

Three Auto BlackBerry Kush plants

You can get these autoflower seeds online

Auto Blackberry Kush feminized autoflower seeds can be bought online here. It’s a variety which you will love to grow almost as much as you will enjoying consuming.

It’s an easy variety to cultivate indoors or outdoors. Outdoor growers will find the grow cycle takes an additional 2-3 weeks compared to indoor growers. Whichever way you grow this variety you are assured of some of the best prize winning autoflower genetics currently available.

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  • David Brady
    14/08/2020 00:59

    One of the best autos ive grown great kush great quality stone,it’s got it all

  • Any suggestions on growing these

    • Hey Hector,

      I would say go for it! 🙂 Auto Blackberry Kush is a relative easy strain to grow with beautiful purple buds. This strain will result in nice tasting Blackberry buds with a couch lock effect.

      Follow the tips in this article.

      Dutch Passion

  • I just harvested this one. Grown Indoors, under 1300 watts LED in the ‘just add water’ method = compost 1/3 bottom, the rest organic soil. I haven’t tested it yet, its curing, but mine is jet black. No purple edges, total charcoal BLACK. In fact, the only part that’s green were a few fan leaves. Stunning.
    Grown in colder (USA south) temps Nov-Jan, yet indoors. So yes, cold effects the color.

  • Daniel Holmes
    26/02/2021 09:09

    I got some of these seeds and some Critical Cure, they both sound grate. Can’t wait to compare the effects. I have ditched drinking 4 pints per day and swapped it for 1 spliff per week and feel so much better. It was


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