SolarSystem 550 LED review

Grown in hydroponics

SolarSystem 550 LED review from LED By Passion remains the best selling LED grow light to grow cannabis. The SolarSystem 550 uses 400W of energy on full power with a performance close to that of a 600W HPS. But unlike an HPS the SolarSystem 550 LED has adjustable power and adjustable spectrum.

The light is supplied from top quality Osram LEDs, and the spectrum has been fine tuned specifically for cannabis growing over several years. In this weeks grow diary the SolarSystem 550 was used for an indoor grow of Dutch Passion Orange Hill Special by Seymour Buds. The original diary is here on the auto flower network.

Orange Hill Special is a photoperiod Skunk selection chosen for a fresh citrus aroma, an orange skunky taste and a strong THC rich smoke. Seeds are available in regular or feminized. Like most skunk lines its easy to grow and has above average yields.

Regular Orange Hill Special seeds were germinated and placed in small net pots of clay pebbles to allow roots to establish in the deep water culture (‘DWC’) hydroponics system.

Quality cannabis seeds

The Orange Hill Special grew steadily, she has an mix of indica and sativa genetics and tends to produce medium hight bushy plants with multiple blooms. Its also an easy variety to clone.

Orange Hill Special is often grow vegatively (under 18-24 hours of daily light). Seymour uses one SolarSystem 550 for vegetive growth of seedlings, using a blue light on 70% power and red light on 30% power. On the SolarSystem 550 there are three separate spectrum controls, for red, blue and white LED light.

VEG growth

During vegetive growth the plants produce roots, leaves and branches but no buds under a blue dominant spectrum. When daily light hours are reduced to 12 hours per day,  a photoperiod cannabis variety starts to bloom and produce THC rich buds.

During this stage of growth the plant grows better with a red dominant spectrum containing plenty of red and deep red light, alongside some blue/deep blue wavelengths.

SolarSystem 550 from Crazy LEDs

Professional LED grow light for cannabis cultivation

One great feature of the SolarSystem 550 is the inclusion of powerful white light Osram LEDs.  These are great to use in both vegetive growth and bloom, the light is easily used by the plants.  And by using just the white LEDs when you are inspecting your plants you can see them under natural sunlight conditions. This makes it easier to see mineral or nutrient deficiencies.

In the plant inspection mode, red and blue LEDs are switched off leaving just natural white light on your plants for you to inspect their health. When you have finished looking at your plants, simply press a button and the SolarSystem 550 switches back to your chosen growth spectrum.

SolarSystem 550 LED review

Modular, powerful cannabis grow lights

The SolarSystem 550 is a modular grow system. As you expand your grow room you simply daisy  chain more SolarSystem lights using supplied cables. As well as the 400W (actual power draw) SolarSystem 550, Crazy LEDs also offer the SolarSystem 1100 (800W power draw) and SolarSystem 275 (200W power draw).

All the LED grow lights have adjustable power, adjustable spectrum and can be daisy chained together. Once several SolarSystem LEDs are daisy chained together they can all have the power/spectrum setting via a single controller. This can control up to 1000 LED growlights.

The SolarSystem LED grow lights will work without the optional hand controller, but power is set at 100% on red, blue and white channels and can’t be adjusted without a hand controller.

The SolarSystem LED grow lights won the Spannabis 2017 award for ‘Best Growroom Product’ beating off some strong competition from some of the best HPS and LED grow lights.

SolarSystem LED grow light videos

The following video from California Lightworks show how the SolarSystem LED grow lights are designed and manufactured in the USA.

SolarSystem 550

Spectrum strategies LED

This video explains how to use the controller to adjust power and spectrum.  One controller can simultaneously control up to 1000 lights which are all connected together with supplied cables.

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